Objectifying Kimee

Have I gone mad or is it a reality that the newly married Kim has forgotten how to put her clothes on? Just when it seems I cannot be shocked anew by her lack of prudence, I am assaulted by photos of Mrs. West wearing jackets sans shirt or even bra. Call me old-fashioned, but have we reached such lows that being practically naked in public is considered chic. And what of Mr. West? Not only has he encouraged his wife to dress like a Jezebel, but appears to have made over her entire public persona into a naked nymph. So the question that begs asking is, what’s in it for him?  Never mind that this humorless, overreaching, and highly self-inflated man married one of the world’s most arguably beautiful women, he wants every sophomoric male on the globe to know it. He is objectifying his wife into a cartoon porn star for his own self-worth. Completely shameless and classless, Mr. West. And Kim, “Snap out of it!”  I for one am embarrassed for you.