Go On with Your Bad Self

It’s embarrassing, but true. The simple act of cleaning my car this weekend has changed my life, and I was reminded of a very simple lesson this Saturday—that is, just shut up and do it.

I had avoided cleaning my car for months, which wasn’t difficult seeing that it has rained almost every weekend this winter and it is cold outside. But this weekend, I got over myself and my excuses and, as Nike says, I just did it.

Don’t judge me, but this one simple act has pulled me back from the brink of a major January depression and slovenliness. Sometimes, it isn’t the cosmos, demons or the world keeping you from reaching your goals, it’s just you.

And as I rolled out my driveway this morning, I felt clean people. Clean! And I publicly admit, the depression of winter and the season I am in in this life has been burying me. Deep. But deliberate physical activity can and will work a miracle in your life.

I got out the vacuum and the long extension cord from storage. I bent, moved, cleaned and got it done. Whew!  But what I didn’t expect was how light my spirit felt. Self-discipline is hard, but it is worth it.  When I finally reached the end of myself, it was this simple act of cleaning up in life that made me feel better.

I have been a regular walker for a few years now but I have allowed myself to give it up since it turned cold and dark. I won’t tick off the excuses for you, but this simple act of just washing my car has given me a new lease on life. And tomorrow, that is Monday, I am going to go for that walk on my lunch hour.

Go ahead and clean the carpet, do the dishes or whatever it is you have been putting off. You will feel better. Girlfriend, just get the hell off the couch!

I have been fortunate enough to have had two beautiful women in my life to show me how it is done. First, my grandmother, who always had a plan of action for every day and was always doing something. Second, my girlfriend, Laura, who is in her eighties. These women never slow down, never take too many breaks, and are young at heart. I could learn a thing or two from them. And I hope that one day when I am grown, I’ll be a lot like them.