It made my blood boil when I read in the Daily Mail of two teenage girls who beat up a 78-year-old elderly woman when she got off a New York subway train after asking one of the girls to move her feet so she could sit down. Reportedly the two girls followed the woman when she got off the train in a neighborhood in Brooklyn where they savagely attacked her, leaving the elderly woman hospitalized. The girls have been apprehended but there is one bright takeaway to this tragic story. Momma saw her daughter’s face on the surveillance footage and turned her in!

I would die of absolute shame had one of my children treated anyone in this manner let alone one of the most vulnerable class of people in society. Preying on individuals who cannot possibly physically defend themselves is reprehensible. My hat is off to this mother who turned in her own daughter after viewing the photos authorities released.

As the U.S. population ages and our nation of youths become more savage, I am afraid we will be seeing a lot more of this type of behavior.