Behold the Power of Makeup

I go by the mantra that less is more in the makeup department, that is until I seen this article in the Daily Mail featuring Anar Agakishiev’s jaw dropping transformations of older women. All I can say is, “Yes, please.” Agakishiev has posted some pretty fabulous before and after snaps on his Instagram account, where he has more than 121,000 followers.

According to the article, Agakishiev features women over 45 and uses the power of makeup and hair extensions to shave decades off of a woman’s appearance. Now this is the type of magic makeover that gets my attention.  It’s great to use makeup to enhance natural beauty when you are young, but when you really want to stun as an older women, you want makeup to work hard, and this talented celebrity makeup artists has got what it takes.

Before and After 2

Who doesn’t want to believe in a little magic? The next time I need some inspiration, I’ll run over to Agakishiev’s Instagram and get a heaping serving of hope. But be warned ladies. I dare say this look can probably only be achieved by experts such as Agakishiev. We’ve all seen the sixtish matron who thinks she looks stunning but rather looks like she was attacked by a clown in a dark alley. Still, here’s to those makeup artists who see the beauty in these older faces and dare to create a masterpiece on wrinkled canvasses.