Five Things the Media Isn’t Telling You about the Trump-Clinton Debate

The façade of control over the game of the presidential race has disintegrated and a huge majority of people won’t even be tuning into to watch the first dog fight between presidential contenders. But for those of us who plan to watch and are under 60, we won’t be watching ABC, CBS, CNBC, Fox, MSN, or CNN, we will be live streaming over the internet with hosts and political talking heads we actually trust. The awake have simply tired of listening to the leftist talking heads telling us what happened when it really didn’t happen. That being said, I feel like it’s Christmas Eve or the Super Bowl!

That being said, the debate is projected to have more television viewers tune in than ever before, just not for the reasons the mainstream media wants people to believe.

1.     People are Tuning in to Watch Hillary Get Trounced

Regardless of the fact that the media has been complicit in its coverage of The Donald or that the RNC has screamed at the top of their whiny voices, “Never Trump!,” most Americans already know it is a foregone conclusion. No, we sweaty, deplorable masses are tuning into the first presidential race not to see who will win, but to watch Hillary loose. To Trump supporters, The Donald isn’t going to blow this. He’s going to build us our damn wall. He’s going to stop the wholesale immigration of Muslims. He is going to cut better trade deals. By God, he is going to, “Make America Great Again!”


2.     Trump Doesn’t Care What Pundits Think

Trump has never, ever cared what the political pundits and spin masters think of his speeches or his ideas. In fact, he is a master at trolling the media. Even his outrageous remarks are calculated to get heads spinning in “news” rooms around the nation. But those of us who no longer follow the prescribed talking points of the media have taken note. None of the hand wringing, disbelief, and social justice war cries from the media have fazed us deplorables. Call us racists, call us homophobic, call us misogynist, call us whatever. We don’t care, Someone is listening to us. Yes, The Donald won our hearts the first time he called Hillary Clinton, “crooked Hillary.”talking-head

3.     Lester Is Shaking in His Expensive Shoes

I almost feel sorry for Lester Holt, but then no. This is what I am popping the popcorn for. It’s going to be fun, fun, fun! If Lester doesn’t “fact check” on the fly like a living computer, censor, or strike the right reproving tone, the media will eat him alive just as they ate Matt Lauer when he was perceived to not have been tough enough on Trump.  If we are really lucky, we are also going to see Trump embarrass the media at its own game. Love him or hate him, he has caught the media flat footed time and time again.


4.     People Are Taking Bets on Hill’s Stamina

No one really believes that Hillary is going to be able to stand at that podium for an hour and dish it out without her eyes crossing, having a coughing fit, or a seizure. No one except the media ever believed the lie that Hillary had pneumonia. No one. She routinely doesn’t show to her own rallies, needs assistance walking, and appears to be ill in her staged “press releases.”

Hillary Clinton delivers the keynote address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University, in New York, April 29, 2015. AFP PHOTO/TREVOR COLLENS (Photo credit should read TREVOR COLLENS/AFP/Getty Images)

5.     PC Speak Is a Huge Bore

To those of us who want to see our country returned to us, it doesn’t matter whether Trump says the “wrong” thing or even whether we like him. And for the record, I don’t actually like him. We want him, I want him, because he is the strong, alpha male telling us that he going to listen to the American people on what matters most to them. And we quiver in delight every time he sets the PCs monsters atwitter. Did I just say we love this?


Happy hunger games! May the odds ever be in your favor.