The Total Disconnect between Islam and Feminists

The hypocrisy of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton and western feminists is stunning. For those of you who do not know who Abedin is, she is Hillary Clinton’s closest aide and was her chief of staff when Clinton served as Secretary of State—and she is married to that nasty masturbating and sexting Anthony Weiner. Abedin and Clinton go way back. Abedin interned as Hillary’s aide while she was still a student at George Washington University when Bill served in the Oval Office. She later assisted as Clinton’s campaign aide in her previous bids for president.


Huma, her parents, and her siblings all have ties to the Saudi Arabian Muslim Brotherhood and actively support the spread of Sharia law in the West through the family business—their Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs and their Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, of which Abedin served as the assistant editor for 12 years.

Abedin’s father, the late Syed Zainul Abedin, and her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, funded the family businesses by accepting money from al Qaeda financier Abdullah Omar Naseef. Huma not only served as the assistant editor for the Institute’s publication, she had a spot on the board alongside Naseef. Today, both her siblings and mother continue to work at the flagship journal.


The Institute, under the auspices of Abedin’s mother, Saleha, translated and edited the book Women in Islam: A Discourse in Rights and Obligations, which was written by Naseef. And Naseef is a nasty human being. The book supports the stoning and lashing of adulterers, the killing of apostates, sexual submissiveness, and even female genital mutilation whilst explaining that these atrocities are all permissible under Sharia law. And it is Saudi Arabian money that was funneled through the pay to play Clinton Foundation.


Despite the serious implications of the Muslim Brotherhood literally being in bed with the U.S. government through Abedin and the Clinton Foundation, I am completely flummoxed as to why American feminists are so silent on the ill treatment of Muslim women and why they advocate for a political system that clearly seeks to overthrow our republic with one of sharia law, which affords women no rights.

And if that isn’t enough to show you the depths of Clinton’s hate for American law and liberty, Politico reported today that Hillary trolled Trump and Gary Johnson by naming Angela Merkel her favorite leader. Politico might spin the trolling angle, but let’s look at what Hillary actually said about her German friend, Big Ange: “One of my favorites [world leader] is Angela Merkel because I think she’s been an extraordinary, strong leader during difficult times in Europe, which has obvious implications for the rest of the world and, most particularly, our country.” As a sharia law lover, Clinton loves Merkel’s policies of opening Europe’s borders to a Muslim invasion.

Clinton praised the German chancellor’s “leadership and steadiness on the Euro crisis,” while adding that “her bravery in the face of the refugee crisis is something that I am impressed by.” Doesn’t sound much like trolling to me. Merkel engineered the “refugee” crisis and continues to defend the absolute takeover of her country by Muslim invaders.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hands with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) prior to a meeting at the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, April 14, 2011. Clinton is in Berlin to attend the two-day NATO Foreign Ministers meetings. AFP PHOTO / POOL / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)
Photo credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

It comes as no surprise to me on hearing how Hillary feels about Muslim immigration, particularly when Abedin has been her closest confidante and sometimes nanny. According to a leaked email written by Abedin to a colleague in 2013, Abedin says Hillary was often confused when she was Secretary of State and required hand-holding through her daily calendar. There have also been unconfirmed rumors that the two have been in a long-time lesbian relationship.

The tsunami of Muslim immigration in Europe has put European women in grave danger. But this doesn’t seem to set off the feminists harpies who would rather scream over the rape culture on American college campuses, perceived sexism, and the White Male Establishment. Meanwhile in the real world, women are actually being raped and abducted all over Europe by Muslim men. As Hillary promotes the illegal immigration of Muslims under the umbrella of inclusiveness and diversity, countless American girls were attacked this past summer in community pools by “peace loving” Muslims, who see women as nothing more than vessels for their sexual pleasure.

And while real sexism in Middle Eastern countries keeps women from owning property, driving a car, or wearing anything other than a sack over their bodies, American retailers are fretting over whether your pet’s Halloween costume is sexist.

OLD WESTBURY, NY - SEPTEMBER 30: Dogs parade in costume during a Halloween contest at the Old Westbury Gardens on September 30, 2012 in Old Westbury, New York. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Photo credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A Washington Post article published this morning and written by reporter Abha Bhattarai takes to task pet owners who purchase “sexists” Halloween costumes for their pets. “National retailers have begun taking steps to eliminate gender labels from their products. Target last year announced it would stop separating girls’ and boys’ toys in its stores. Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and have taken similar measures.” In her article, Bhattarai cites that only 16 percent of pet owners are projected to dress their pets for Halloween, but Bhattarai didn’t want to waste a chance to tell you that you are sexist.

Across the pond and in the wasteland of the Middle East, the future of femininity looks grim, but the future of femininity in the West looks downright scary. While waging war against men, the new American feminists want to erase any vestige of what it means to be a female in the best sense of being a human—decorum, manners, softness, humility, etc. Rather than concern themselves with the state of women globally, feminists today want to completely erase the differences between males and females altogether, including adopting vulgar mannerisms often associated with uncouth men.


H&M, not to be outdone by maudlin Target’s war on gender, has launched a campaign to redefine the term “ladylike,” which it claims is old and outdated. It is introducing a new set of words in a campaign to define “what proper ladylike behavior could be, namely ‘bad-ass, independent, free-willed, entertaining, opinionated and off-beat.’”

Apparently H&M’s idea of ladylike includes hairy arm pits, shaved heads, and the man splay:

So while fighting word wars in the media, eradicating biological gender differences, redefining femininity, and searching for sexism under ever rock, millions of Muslim girls and women are being subjugated to lives of slavery and domination, not by the White Male Establishment, but men with brown skin. The feminist movement has been hijacked and it is time for woman in the West to speak up and and be ladylike enough to roll up their sleeves and get to work on eradicating an environment that grows oppression like a live culture in a Petri dish.  After all, no one knows how to get something done like Western women. Let’s get to work, sistas.