State Attacks Church Rights

Freedom of religion is like catnip to totalitarians—they simply can’t leave it alone. The nasty progressives in Massachusetts don’t like the freedom afforded centers of worship so they’ve gone around the church and tampered with state law. Massachusetts has always been a bipolar state. After all, it’s Boston that revolted against the government in the infamous Boston Tea Party while burning all the “witches” in Salem.

Via Another state tells churches to shut up about transgenders, for a second time in just weeks, a state finds itself on defense in a legal action triggered by its attempt to dictate what ministers and others say inside their churches.

In America. Home of the First Amendment’s protection for freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The newest case was filed against Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination commissioners Jamie R. Williamson, Sunila T. George and Charlotte G. Richie and Attorney General Maura Healey.

It’s over a a new “gender identity” definition adopted in Massachusetts. The measure makes “gender identity” a special class, with more protections than ordinary citizens. Under the provision, the attorney general has claimed “houses of worship” are places of “public accommodation” and members therefore cannot even express ideas concerning “religious expression regarding biological sex and gender identity.”

The case was launched by the Alliance Defending Freedom after Healey and the state commission both decided to interpret the law “to force churches to open church changing rooms, shower facilities, restrooms, and other intimate areas [to people] based on their perceived gender identity, and not their biological sex, in violation of the churches’ religious beliefs.”

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