It’s a Coup!

The announcement on Friday by FBI Director Comey that the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails has been reopened is a smoke signal that the inside coup against the Clintons has begun, and the rats are scrambling to jump ship before they drown.

As part of the FBI investigation into Huma Abedin’s estranged husband Anthony Weiner’s sexual misconduct, investigators purportedly found emails between Clinton and Abedin that warranted the reopening of Clinton’s use of personal servers under her tenure as Secretary of State. What has not been widely reported is that Comey has been inundated with letters of resignation from FBI rank and file and is under extreme pressure to not roll over for the Clinton cabal.

Abedin, a long-time Clinton aide and Hillary’s right-hand gal is  reported to be lawyered up and in hiding from the press. Despite her denial of using the computer in Weinere’s possession, Abedin is a Saudi plant and even outsiders such as myself are incredulous upon hearing her flimsy denials of why Weiner’s computer held confidential emails.

And what are we to make of John Podesta’s demand that the FBI make a full disclosure of what it discovered 11 days out from the election? As Clinton’s campaign manager, Podesta has been badly bitten by the Wikileaks bug and is knee-deep in the Clinton Foundation’s mishandling of funds. His demand for full disclosure looks from the outside to be a way to continue Hillary’s carnival of denial in her bid for the presidency. But Podesta will ultimately seek to save his own skin in the long-run and will no doubt flip on Hillary. It is far too late for Podesta or Abedin to distance themselves from the Clintons. They will either be killed trying or they will turn on her in a bid to reduce their own sentences.

Most telling of all that the coup is underway, however, is the media’s sudden inclination to report on Clinton’s shady dealings and indiscretions when they have heretofore chosen to turn a blind eye. If Clinton’s biggest supporter, the media, pulls the plug in the final stretch of the race, it is because they have been told to do so by Clinton operatives. Without the assistance from the media, Clinton will sink like a mafia victim to the bottom of the ocean.

There is a reason the veil has been lifted and it is likely the brokers of media don’t want to be indicted for obstruction of justice or collusion. The Fifth Estate is in shambles. Most Americans believe the media is corrupt to the core and does not provide the general public with unbiased news coverage. With their integrity in shreds and the looming take down of the Clintons, it is no coincidence that both the Washington Post and the the New York Times published damaging headline stories on the FBI investigation.Let the record show that nothing they have published has been a coincidence.

It has been vigilant Americans and government insiders who have pushed Congress to investigate the dirty dealings of the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons themselves. And I look to a protracted unveiling of the machinations that have taken place in our nation’s capitol in the last 30 years under the auspices of Trey Gowdy.

For the many Americans who have been praying for God to save America, the coup signaling is proof that, like Ninevah, God may stay his hand of judgment for a time and give ordinary Americans the chance to repent and do what is right. Whether this applies in this circumstance, God is ultimately in charge. “It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men And knowledge to men of understanding.” (Dan. 2:21)