Monumental Fail

Experience tells us that you can’t reason with madness—or trolls—yet this is exactly what the alt-right is doing with developmentally arrested rioters, purple-haired dissidents, Hollywood stars, and Hollywood has-beens, all of whom are refusing to recognize that their candidate lost the presidential election. They are in adolescent meltdown and we must regroup if we are to survive feeling so humiliated by the miscreants and millennials this nation has produced.

Ridiculing the adolescent behavior of those sold into socialism doesn’t work. Trump telling Americans he wants to unify the country doesn’t work. What does work is a operating from a complete position of power. Here are five big strategies we must master when dealing with fragile snowflakes and narcissistic stars.

 1.  Put Them in Timeout


Anyone who has ever dealt with a toddler in full meltdown knows that you can’t reason with a kicking, screaming child. No, you are the parent. You are in charge. You grab them by the arm, shut them in their room, and separate them from the family. Have your meltdown sweetheart, and when you can act appropriately, you can come out. What invariably happens is they scream, kick, and cry it out. Once they have mastered their emotions, you let them out to once again join the family.

You can’t ignore bad or criminal behavior. Want to protest? That is your American right. Want to riot, burn, and loot? That is a crime. Death threats are a crime. Prosecute them to the fullest. Once they have been in their “room” overnight at the pokey, they can join the rest of the family.

2.  Give Them What They Want


Parents of yesteryear did not play around when catching their child smoking. “Great Junior, here’s what we are going to do. We are going to smoke our brains out.” They would sit their little eight-year-old bottoms at the kitchen table with an entire pack of Marlboros and make them chain smoke all 20 until Junior was puking and dizzy. That usually cured the desire to smoke in the future.

You’ve got to call the crazies out and give them what they want. You must be shrewd. Want to move to Canada? Buy their ticket, film them going to the airport, then have the paparazzi wave bye-bye. Be relentless and give them what they want. Want to spew vile and hateful death threats on social media? Call for Twitter and Facebook to enforce their own “rules” and suspend their accounts. I am all for free speech, but not inciting violence. Spare no fanfare when holding their feet to the fire.

3.  Be an Authoritarian


Snowflakes must be told what to think and do. This is why you can’t reason with them. They have lived in a magical prism where they were tricked into thinking they can choose everything and anything, including what gender they are. And it is all about them. In reality, it was just a nasty slight of hand mommy and the school system played on them. It goes something like this, you hold out some raisins, carrot sticks, or cheerios to your five-year-old and ask them which one do they want for their snack. You just gave them an illusion of choice. The chips, cookies, and cake are in the pantry, but they don’t know that.

You must remain in absolute control as this is what these youngsters expect. They do not know that history has been rewritten for their generation or all the neo-leftist garbage they have been force fed in school is not real. They have no clue that inclusiveness does not mean we marginalize others who don’t believe as we do. Most important, they have never been taught to lose. They are winners, you hear? Winners, winners, winners! They don’t understand basic civics, it wasn’t taught. As for Lady Gaga and Cher, they must be arrested for inciting a riot. And those organizations and the government-run media promoting and inciting the violence prosecuted as accessories to the crime after the fact. Not because I am vindictive but because it is the law.

4. Cut Off the Funding


If you are sending your child to school with a bunch of thugs, they are going to turn out to be a thug. If you send your child to liberal university, he will become a victim. We must stop sending our adolescents to liberal institutions whose sole purpose is to brainwash them into communism and socialism.

When universities hand out coloring books, Play-Doh, and pacifiers, we are in deep, deep trouble. It is time to turn off the spigot and stop funding these leftist institutions with tuition money and federal dollars and put a halt to these ridiculous “safe spaces.” Millennials don’t need “timeouts,”they need to have their ass kicked. In the meantime, we need to call out these professors and university officials who are living off the government dole in their ivory towers. I want to see those who have broken laws be punished. It is time to call out every bone-headed professor and faculty member that promotes the infantilism of our young.

5. Go Underground


While the rioters (and please stop calling them protestors) who can’t accept Trump as their president believe they are a victims, they are just losers. We must help them figure this out. Have we not learned anything from the left? They are still fighting and will continue to do so as they go underground. They do not respect defeat and they are willing to do anything to push their agenda forward. Although I, too, am exhausted with refuting the madness, we must borrow this tactic from the left’s own playbook.

Saul Alinsky, and Hillary Clinton’s mentor, was a master at infiltrating institutions from the inside. Rather than demonstrating and parading around behaving bizzarely, Alinsky promoted the idea that activist on the left should clean up their appearance and behavior and capture the culture by invading its institutions by stealth from within. These rioters who are all over the media are just tools of the left. No, the real left is embedded so far up Uncle Sam’s ass it will take years to root them out. If nothing else, Wikileaks taught us that they have learned to keep their devil worshiping, pedophile, sicko beliefs on the down low.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and make America great again!