Pass the Healthcare Bill or Else

Am I fundamentally missing something when it comes to this mad race to pass the health care bill pushed by House Speaker Ryan? I have read multiple articles detailing its shortcomings as well as Trump’s enormous pressure on the GOP to pass the bill, but what, after all, is the bum’s rush?

Isn’t this false urgency that the bill must pass now or the sky will fall exactly the same rhetoric we heard when Obama was in office? It’s as if I am watching a replay on CSPAN of the same narrative used before to make Americans swallow something unsavory before we can fully comprehend the details. As Nancy Pelosi so infamously said, “We will find out what’s in the bill after it is passed.” This is not how to govern.

Even more concerning to me is that Obamacare just be repealed. Millions of Americans want this, and it was a keystone campaign promise of Trump. Also perplexing is why on earth Ryan was allowed to spearhead the bill. This is the same man who, at his very core, is against everything Trump purportedly stands for and has a contempt for the laws of our nation. He is a globalist shill.

Numerous sources, including Trump, were warning that the system will implode if Ryancare is not passed. Let it blow up. I work for small businesses and lost my health insurance coverage nine years ago. I can’t afford Obamacare and I can’t afford the penalty. And I am not alone. There was already a system in place for the destitute, it’s called Medicare. There never was anything for those Americans such as myself who hold a job but don’t make enough to purchase exorbitant private health insurance or pay the $5,000 and higher deductibles on top of Obamacare premiums. The whole system is a disaster and I, for one, want it to go away as promised.

I am bone weary tired of struggling through sickness while countless illegal immigrants receive benefits that I am unable to get in my own country. I am bone weary of simple MRIs, x-rays and doctor visits costing thousand of dollars for machines that have been been paid for four times over. I am bone weary tired of being taxed for a system I can’t even partake in. Can I get an antibiotic, anyone?

Health care in the United States is run by enormous insurance industry professionals whose CEOs earn multimillion dollar salaries. Obamacare and Ryancare never were and never will be for the health of everyday Americans, the program is an Agenda 21 plan to control lives from conception to death. It is about taking choice out of you and your doctor’s hands and giving it to government controlled bureaucracies. It is another expensive and demoralizing instrument to enforce globalism on a subservient population, and a very sick one at that. The projected lifespan of American children today is less than those of previous generations. Instances of cancer in children are higher than ever before, as are autism, allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Our own government agencies, such as the FDA, EPA and the USDA are all in collusion with the billion dollar global drug and chemical industries to force feed us GMOs, mandate dangerous vaccinations, fluoridate our water and allow toxins in almost everything we consume, wear and breathe. I don’t trust this government to provide me with health insurance and frankly, I never will. We don’t need a replacement for health care, we need government and powerful lobbyist out of the health care system.

Trump has always been an outsider. The GOP now in power did not support him in the campaign and are not a party who cares about independence and liberty. Trump never should have trusted them to put together a bill that would do the average American justice. A house divided against itself will not stand. You cannot serve money and God—you will have to choose. I applaud those lawmakers who said no to the bill. Forget the art of the deal and let’s get this done the right way. Reign well.