Is Trump Gaming the Warmongers?

I could be completely naive, but I think the right is selling Trump short for his surprising overnight move to strike an empty Syrian airbase. Trump has long held the stance that he will not intervene in the sovereignty of other nations. It is one of the reasons that got him elected. In no way do I believe that the strike was meant for anyone other than Kim Jong-un and Iran as a stern warning to back down.

Both Putin and Trump are extremely media savvy, and it has been reported that Russia was given a 30 minute warning regarding the attack. If my theory holds that Russia was complicit in the strike, I think we will find out later that Putin had much more than a 30 minute warning. Trump didn’t put the message out about innocent babies in a vacuum. Putin understands that Trump must address the continued aggression of North Korea. Striking North Korea, not an airbase in Syria, would have kicked off World War III, and dealing with North Korea means dealing with China. I believe both Putin and Trump understand this. I am hoping this “retaliation” for Assad’s dubious chemical attack is the art of a really good deal.

If my theory is correct that Trump was just gaming these rogue states and Russia does not retaliate except in some small save-face way meant to distract the media, this was a brilliant strategy and a win for Trump and Putin, who obviously has a stake in Syria. The Syrian people were not hurt as a result of the air strike and it is well known that most of the airbases in Syria have already been decimated by ISIS. Further, Assad had nothing to gain at this time by launching a chemical weapon at his own people.

Another tell-tale sign that Trump may be gaming everyone in the short term is the reaction of the left-wing media, such as the Washington Post falling over itself praising the move. The left seems relieved that Trump appears to have bought the false flag narrative of a chemical weapon attack, a questionable cover story they have tirelessly worked to feed him and the American people, beginning with Obama’s infamous red line. Call me stupid, but I’m just not ready to concede that Trump missed it this bad. When Lindsey Graham and Nancy Pelosi are praising you, something is off. We would do well to remember that Trump never forgets an enemy and he knows those lauding him now are not his supporters. I don’t think Trump was seeking approval from the leftist media or any of his deep state enemies and I don’t think he is as isolated as the right believes he is. Trump has never courted the media, he’s only played them.

Also telling is that Trump used an excessive number of missiles to accomplish the airstrike. Again, this confirms to me that the move was a calculated show of force for Iran and North Korea to stand down. The false flag narrative of the chemical weapons strike was the perfect opportunity for Trump to quash Kim Jong-un’s taunting. By going big, it wasn’t likely that Iran or North Korea was going to miss the point that he will retaliate strong and act decisively.

Striking a non-target for appearance and political grandstanding is not the same as toppling Assad and the Syrian government, both of which Trump has promised not to do. Time will tell who is gaming who, but in the meantime, I remain skeptical that he has crossed over to the other side. Syria is important to Putin and we have no national interest in who rules and reigns there, however, both Russia and the United States can work together to fight our common enemy—ISIS. Trump’s real motives for the surprising strike will reveal itself in time. Ultimately, it will be Jesus on the throne ruling the nations, but the game of thrones will continue until his second coming. Stay vigilant and reign well.