Jihad in the Classroom

It isn’t news to those of us who have been watching the infiltration of Islam in public schools and universities that the likes of Areeje Zufari, the Florida professor who teaches Middle Eastern humanities at Rollins and Valencia colleges, has been free to spout her hatred of Christianity in a paid university position.

Zufari’s Christian-phobic behavior only came to light after she was recently outed by one of her students, Marshall Polston, who called her out over anti-Christian remarks she made in the classroom. Zufari retaliated by giving Polston, a grade A student, bad marks and went so far as later accusing Polston of harassing and stalking her. And just like the playbook calls for, Polston was subsequently suspended from the University because Zufari said he made her feel “unsafe.”

Following a police investigation of Zufari’s claims and after Polston lawyered up, all charges against Polston were dropped. The police concluded that Zufari had lied about Polston after video surveillance proved he wasn’t anywhere near the school at the time of her accusations. Polston was reinstated but urged the university to discipline Zufari.

Lying about a student that resulted in expulsion and a police investigation initiated for a crime not committed—which could certainly wreck havoc on a number of young people’s lives—should have been grounds for Zufari’s firing, but rather than Rollins College President, Grant Cornwell, firing Zufari, he issued a statement about her resignation that I find even more disturbing. According to an article by The College Fix, Cornwell told the Orlando Sentinel that Zufari, “resigned this semester because of the hateful threats and emails and phone messages she was getting. I think it’s a terrible injustice, but I do respect her decision.”

This infuriating statement about injustice from the president of the college. A college president who did not care if one of his student’s reputation and academic record was unjustly destroyed by a bigoted liar. Worse, Cornwell took no issues with Zufari’s obvious close ties to radical Islam, including her close ties to former boyfriend/husband Maher Ghawji, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a violent extremist Islamic group sworn to defend Islam with their blood. Rollins College had either not properly vetted Zufari before offering her a teaching position or we can conclude they didn’t care, particularly troublesome after her history with fanaticism was widely reported on when the Polston story broke.

In a report by Dr. Rich Swier, who uncovered a court deposition in a family court matter from 2004, Zufari’s husband Ghawji admits that he is an adherent to Wahhabi, a Saudi Arabian fanatical Islam group. Zufari, who was also named in the custody suit by Gwawji’s former wife Rose, accused them both as acting in tandem to indoctrinate the pair’s two sons to hate Jews and glorify suicide bombers.

It is only due to the public outcry from those of us who care about our nation and what is being tolerated in our higher institutions in the name of learning that Zufari was pressured to resign from her teaching position at Rollins. And let us not fail to praise this strong young man who stuck up for what he believed to be inappropriate behavior from a college professor. We need more Marshall Polston’s and less snowflakes. I am disappointed that Zufari remains at Valencia College as a professor, but our work here is not yet done.

We must all continue to push back against those seeking to impose sharia law and those college presidents who bend their knees to Islam, radical feminism, and political correctness. We have but one legacy to leave our children and grandchildren. How about we start by re-educating these students by teaching them civics and Western values rather than “Middle Eastern humanities.” Reign well.