Ugly Women Are Proliferating Like Dandelions

There is a huge sucking sound in America caused by the the number of young women pulled into the vortex of feminism and then spit back out as ugly women. Each day I am appalled and disgusted anew by their illegal, immoral and criminal behavior. They are spiritually empty, hedonistic, vapid and cruel.

They are the army veteran who tied her own service dog to a tree and shot him while laughing as her boyfriend took video of the atrocity. They are the epidemic level teacher-mothers that appear almost daily in headlines across the nation for having sex with underage boys. They are the reality star mothers parading around with their asses hanging out and sleeping in their own vomit while posting half naked photos on Instagram.

I feel violated by their ugliness and cruelty and can’t help but feel depressed about where all this is going. Our culture is bereft of any true feminism and I fear for the type of society these monster women are creating.

Feminist shriek about wanting to be equal to men, but they have embraced the worst behavior typically found in men left to their own devices and dare anyone to challenge their bad choices because, hey, they’re women. They have their Girl Power and they can do what they want. And so here we are.

But there are serious consequences for what we have allowed to bake in our society. It is the leavened bread of pride, greed, selfishness, irresponsibility and entitlement that has produced these women in our culture. These same women who are raising the next generation of our children and grandchildren. And frankly, they are pathetic.

I don’t want to be a part of a culture of women who spend their time getting manicures and breast implants but don’t know how to cook other than by pressing start on a microwave. Many of these women don’t know how to sew on a button, point a country out on a map, grow their own food, or read a book to their child.

They disparage men and moan about “where are all the good guys,” but do nothing to make themselves marketable except dressing immodestly, cursing like sailors, and out-drinking their men. They have sex with multiple partners, bed hopping and making porno videos with their lovers as sport, but can’t understand why they are so emotionally wrecked. They are full of anxiety and depression medications and are bitter and entitled. What exactly do these women think they are bringing to the table?

Men—and women for that matter—crave beauty, and not just the type found on the outside. Beauty embodies a serenity and a softness that answers the world’s brevity and harshness with quiet dignity, resourcefulness and an attitude of service towards others. Softness, kindness and thoughtfulness are powerful attributes that serve our society and nurture our spirits, ourselves and our families.

For too long, American women have embraced the most fundamental flaw of feminism, which tells them that women and men are equal in all areas while ignoring biology and what the sexes naturally and collectively contribute to society. Today, the pendulum has swung so far that women not only aspire to be like men, they routinely disparage them as being useless, oppressive and patriarchal. The paradox of their flawed thinking is appallingly stupid. Where would these women be without the roads, buildings and power plants men have built?

I can only take heart in the many young women I see fighting back against this theology of oppressing men and exhibiting true feminism. Outspoken young bloggers and YouTubers who are learning new “old” skills each day to better raise and nurture their families and who are proud of their roles as mothers and wives, working hard to raise productive, thinking and moral children.

These women who, despite the enormous peer pressure to bow to the feminist religion, embrace supporting their husbands and their families through skill, diligence and intelligence and reject the ugliness of today’s vulgar pop music, piercings, green hair and hedonist ideals. Everything about modern culture is as ugly as the twerking drama queens we see everywhere in the media.

And it is a religion. These radicalized women coming out of our universities are hard, crude and completely misinformed. They routinely attack their peers who reject the idea that women in America today are oppressed and who are shamelessly stealing the future of our young men through entitlements, promoting rape culture where none exists and sentencing both themselves and men to isolation and loneliness because young men don’t want to date them.

The real rebels today are those women who are opting to pull their children out of school and home school them. They are the young women who forego the new car for the used one so they can stay home with their children and actually raise them as productive citizens. They recognize that new clothes, fancy homes, dining out and prestigious careers are short-lived material rewards that won’t actually bring them pleasure and contentment.

I am disgusted by the Lena Dunham’s, child-raping teachers and cruel women who self-identify as “bitches.” It is time to take our society back. We can no longer afford to continue letting these ugly and weak women dilute virtue and values that have long-lasting effects. Our enemy is already seeking to devour us and is firmly seeded throughout our fruitful plains (and universities) waiting for just the right time to act.

While these misguided and indoctrinated feminists believe the big bad wolf waiting outside the door to devour them is men, in truth it is Islam, which seeks to destroy and dominate them. And radical Islam is not going to respect them or protect them the way western men do. So let’s clean up the ugliness ladies by boldly exposing the lie of feminism that seeks to divide and conquer our sons and daughters. It is time to fight for our civilization, our families, our God and future generations.

Don’t waste your money on a tanning session this spring. Instead, buy a history book or two and dust off your Bible. Dig a small plot for growing tomatoes and peppers and, rather than wasting your money on gym clothes, get dirty in the garden, wash your own car and take your children on weekly hikes. Buy a bike and really sweat—out in the real world and wearing your real world old faded bike shorts. I promise you, you’ll find the path to lasting well being when you gain control of what you are feeding your mind and your spirit.

It’s time to grow up and live for something other than yourself, and wearing a pussy hat while holding up a sign about how you want equal rights for women isn’t going to do it. You already have the right to vote, own property, go to university, work in any career you excel at and choose to live out your beliefs. The question is how will you honor these rights you have already been granted by a society that already values you? Integrity isn’t just about doing what’s right when no one is looking, it’s about owning up to your responsibility in upholding what others have already fought and died to give you.  Reign well.