Black Lives Do Matter

A 12-year-old white girl was recently viciously attacked in a Louisville, Kentucky school by a black student. The girl, a Crosby Middle School student in Jefferson County, was severely beaten and left bloodied with a severed shoulder. The child’s parents, Shawn and Hollie King, are filing suit against the school for what they say is intentionally allowing a bullying atmosphere to continue unabated at the school. And their assertions seem right on target.

A report by Louisville’s WDRB-TV uncovered 336 harassment and bullying incidents registered at Crosby alone in 2015. Crosby students have also expressed concerns about bullying. According to the results of a JCPS survey, just 27 percent of Crosby students believed verbal bullying at school was not a problem and another 39 percent said physical bullying was not a problem.

Another parent, Bethany Littlefield, one of five parents and a grandparent representing seven other students also attending Crosby Middle School, filed a federal lawsuit in December 2016 against Jefferson County and Crosby school administrators also alleging that district officials failed to confront the school’s known bullying and violence. And it has been reported that the King’s attorney will join this suit on May 1.

Rebecca Hargrove, the grandmother who filed suit against Crosby, said her grandson was hospitalized because of the emotional trauma he endured at the school. Hargrove said, “He was also pushed into a locker, he was picked up and thrown down on the stairs, he was punched in the stomach, he was tripped, and this was repeatedly on a daily basis he was being teased and tripped, and just treated badly.”

None of the reports I have read identified who is responsible for the bullying, but the lawsuit points to the school system’s student assignment plan, alleging it is illegal because black students are assigned to Crosby Middle School solely because of their race. A review of the racial demographics at the school shows that almost a third of the students are black even though Crosby sits in a mostly white area. But it seems the elephant in the room nobody will name is race. Not one single local Louisville report named race as the issue or acknowledged that it is almost entirely black students bullying and physically attacking white students.

The liberal Democrats who enforced school busing in the 1970s have obviously not learned anything from 40 years of forced integration. Rather than admit the policy of forced integration is a failure, these social justice warriors continue unabated in pushing this decades-old failed agenda forward by continuing to draw and redraw community district lines to deal with what essentially is a black problem.

It takes a belief in unicorns and fairies to believe that putting angry black preteens into a mostly white school will even the playing field for these students when research has shown that the black community has problems that the government—or white people for that matter—cannot fix. Until the black community cleans up its own house, there will be no real progress.

The culture fomented in the black community by government policies and media is one of oppression, victimization, and hate. Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about black lives or it would focus on cleaning up the morally bankrupt landscape of broken black families, where 72 percent of black children are raised in single households and one out of every six black men is in jail. Black Lives Matter should care that 93 percent of black homicides are black on black crimes according to the Bureau of Justice.

Not acknowledging that these statistics are real or refusing to say there is a real problem in the black community because of political correctness is the same as putting your head in the sand. That being said, it is liberal policies that are, in large part, to blame for the condition of the black family. Policies beginning in the 1960s that encouraged black women to rely on the state to raise children rather than a father in the home have done incalculable damage to black men, black children and black women. And the Clinton’s War on Drugs program has increased the prison population exponentially. Entire cities are missing their black men. This is a travesty.

And the liberals who are suppose to care about black students? Rather than put forth policies that address the issues, they remain silent on race while using black children to enrich their own pockets. The Louisville Courier-Journal reported April 14, 2017 that Superintendent Donna Hargens, who is named in the parent’s suit, is set to resign July 1, 2017. According to the report, Hargens failed to address the race issues at Crosby Middle School but still managed to work out a sweetheart deal to earn her salary of $276,000 for a full year until her resignation.

The Board also agreed to contribute $60,000 to a tax-deferred annuity plan or another investment plan for her. And if that wasn’t enough, the Board agreed to pay Hargens $48,000 cash in lieu of what she would have received in healthcare benefits through June 30, 2019, which is when her contract would have concluded. It also agreed to pay Hargens for up to 90 accumulated unused sick days, at a discounted rate, and for up to 60 accumulated vacation days. This is an absolutely absurd system to fire a non-performing white liberal administrator.

The entire educational system needs to be reformed. It is corrupted with liberal ideology from the ground up and refuses to do the mature and intellectual thing, which is to admit that liberal policies can’t fix the race issues facing our nation but are rather exacerbating them. Race issues being pushed by Black Lives Matter, failed government policies, and other social justice groups will only continue to encourage the hate and anger of a young generation of black children. I dare say anyone watching this video of this 12-year-old girl being viciously beaten by a black girl would doubt the hate this black student feels for her.

I want to see all Americans succeed, and it breaks my heart to see that we have allowed the media, culture, and our government to turn our children on one other. I want to see black and white families heal and prosper, because we are all Americans first. But until we are willing to say what isn’t politically correct, it won’t happen. Let’s keep repeating truth in the face of the haters and take back our nation. These young students in a Kentucky school system are the canaries in the coal mine, and they are clearly telling us that we must change course. The propaganda of the left is winning the battle but it is destroying our all of our youth. #Reignwell