Sheer Embarrassment

I know that what I am about to say about Cher’s recent performance at the Billboard Music Awards may seem ageist, but it isn’t. I love older beautiful women and I aspire to be one. And there is nothing more aspirational than seeing fit, talented women remaining viable in their professions, and Cher is no exception. But at 71, it may be time to put away the overtly sexual attire and dress like a grown woman. Nothing screams more desperate than nipple pasties and see-through tops on a grandmother.

Cher has long been a sex symbol from her very first appearance on the Sonny and Cher show in the 1970s, and as a young girl at the time, I was fascinated with her beauty and stunningly revealing outfits. Today, not so much. And in a youth-obsessed society, someone hasn’t gotten the memo on how to be sexy with your clothes on. Take Polish-born model Joanna Krupa, who looks absolutely stunning in her stroll around Warsaw—with everything covered.

I would much rather see Cher in something form fitting and feminine such as Krupa’s flirty and feminine outfit. Cher has a stunning figure for a woman in her 70s and she should be proud of her physique. Perhaps the bad reputation baby boomers have for always trying to push the boundaries of normal decency rings true in this case.

For those of us who grew up watching Cher and seeing her evolution from sexual siren on the Sonny and Cher Show to solo performance artist, we are growing up and getting older as well and we want you to evolve along with us. And not in a catty, come be old and dumpy way like us.

Rather than Cher’s performance inspiring me, however, I found myself feeling embarrassed for her. I was disturbed and distracted watching her parade around almost nude. The same can be said for Madonna’s steadfast and ghastly adherence to dressing like a 20 year old. As Piers Morgan said, “At what point do Cher’s outfits become inappropriate? She’s 70,” he said. “That one in particular, come on, Cher, for goodness’ sake, love.”

Cher did get one thing right, however. She stuck to entertaining rather than using her platform to preach her political ideals, which is quite special and refreshing. As reported so eloquently by Breitbart News, “The singer steered clear of politics in her acceptance speech, focusing instead on the advice she received when she was younger and on something her mother told her before she became famous, that she would never be the “smartest,” the “prettiest” or the “most talented,” but she would be “special.” And so she is. Reign well.