Our Deplorable Moral State

On the same day World Net Daily reported on a Gallup poll that looked at what Americans think of their own moral values, the Daily Mail reported that Danielle Bregoli, the foul-mouthed, 14-year-old teenager who was once featured on the Dr. Phil show on deplorable teens, was granted a $50,000 “tour” to entertain audiences and celebrities alike—by insulting them.

The Gallup poll asked Americans to rate their own morality, which historically has been consistently negative. Not surprisingly, the number has slipped to its lowest point in seven years, with more than 81% of respondents rating moral values as fair or poor.

And it appears that the poll is right on the pulse of Americans when it comes to identifying our low moral state, mirrored in such miscreants as Bregoli, who shot to social media fame precisely because of her immoral behavior. How else can one explain how a disrespectful delinquent teen received more than 1 million views on a YouTube channel and is reported to have 11 million followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined.

If you don’t know who this tween is, she received her 15 minutes of fame after appearing on a 2016 episode of the Dr. Phil show on unruly teens where, at just 13, she challenged the audience with violence when they disapproved of her behavior by infamously telling them, “Cash me ousside, how bow dah.” Rather than eschewing this type of behavior, she became an overnight social media sensation known as the “Cash me Outside” girl.

According to her mother, Barbara Bergoli, Danielle’s bad behavior included running away from home and stealing her credit cards. And it is clear from her appearance on the show that she has absolute disdain for authority figures. Police officers have been to the teen’s former Boynton Beach Florida home for lewd and lascivious behavior, general disturbances, fraud, and obscene calls. In fact, it has been widely reported that police were called an astonishingly 51 times last year alone for stolen cars, verbal threats, and domestic rifts with her mother, Barbara.

This delinquent, middle school dropout, who now lives in Los Angeles, is said to be making upwards of $40,000 for public appearances and receives money from an emoji app created with images of her and her catch phrases, which has remained in the top 40 of most downloaded apps on iTunes since its release. It has also been reported that she recently signed a deal for a reality show.

As long as Americans reward bad behavior with entertaining gigs, lucrative apps, and reality shows, our society will continue to sink into depravity. In fact, Danielle Bergoli’s mother unwittingly said it better than anyone in an interview she gave to the  Palm Beach Coast in April, “Danielle didn’t make herself famous. You guys, the public, they made her famous.” God help us all.

Fast forward one week later, and we were subjected to Kathy Griffin’s grisly parody of holding up the bloodied head of President Trump the way Isis holds up the heads of the innocent victims it slaughters in the name of Islam. This went well beyond poor taste and was yet another red flag that our nation’s morality is in the tank.

It is always okay to criticize politicians, it is never okay to evoke violent, sick acts toward the leader of our nation. No matter who is president, respect for the office makes us all better citizens. The bottom line is Griffin thought this was acceptable. Let that sink in. Worse yet, after issuing a public apology for her stunt, she now claims that Trump is bullying her. You can’t have it both ways, Kathy.

Rudeness is epidemic in our culture and, although Bertoli and Griffin represent the worst end of decorum, we all encounter narcissism and rudeness in daily life. The crudeness of our society has continued to spiral downwards, and I am assaulted daily by people who seem to have no concept of politeness, common decency, or pride in their appearance.

A generation of people have been told they can be whoever they want to be and that they are the center of the universe and the chickens have come home to roost. It has come home to roost in the nasty nose piercings, unicorn hair, tattooed, sloppy, pajama-wearing public I am forced to interact with, albeit unwillingly.

But it isn’t just their appearance. It’s their “revenge body,” “revenge porn,” and their frat partying into their 30s, when people used to be considered adults. It’s grown women wearing cartoon leggings talking loudly into their cell phones, oblivious to their three-year-old creating havoc waiting in line at Starbucks. It’s the clueless drivers on their cell phones, the pop porn of Kylie Jenner, the smug hipsters, the deplorable Hollywood stars, and the rudeness to drive-thru employees. It’s just fries people. The retiree or teenager working the window is trying to make an honest living.

Unless America cleans up its own backyard, the downward spiral of morality will continue. Whether or not you believe in God, the moral ethos that once governed this nation made for a more civil society. The 50 years of tearing down our institutions, our families, and our moral behavior has resulted in a country I no longer recognize or can be proud. But we can turn it around. Start in your own family, one child at a time and, like Antifa, resist. Reign well.