Blacks Need to Check Their Hate

Why are blacks, specifically black youths, so angry and racists? Because they have been told from the cradle by parents and those in authority that they are victims of white hatred and institutional and systematic racism—past, present and future.

From the time black children enter primary school, they are taught that they are the victims of white racism, specifically white male racism, and that as a consequence of this oppression, white people owe them something or are responsible for all of their problems.

But the facts tell us a much different story. Blacks today receive more government assistance than any other people group in the world, yet they continue the narrative that they are oppressed and that every problem they encounter in life is due to white people—directly or indirectly. Y

ou would think by the governmental policies and culture ideals perpetuated in the black community and in our educational institutions that blacks were, quite literally, just freed from slavery.

The reality is that the transfer of wealth in the form of welfare benefits, affirmative action and tuition grants takes dollars away from poor whites and distributes them to blacks. The result is that young, working poor whites, particularly males with a high school diploma, are unable to marry, obtain a mortgage or afford to have children.

Our system of racial “equity” has created horrible injustices and is systematically overlooking underprivileged whites and is depressing white fertility rates. But blacks don’t want to talk about poor whites, who often receive no special benefits specifically because of their whiteness, they just want to hate on them.

People tend to internalize their moral values and the fact is that racially motivated crime perpetuated by blacks against whites is very high, but because of the racial narrative adopted by the left for the last 50 years, you won’t see the mainstream media report on these statistics.

Contrary to what blacks are told, white people are not roaming city streets to rob, mug, murder and steal from a black person. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s 2010 National Crime Victim survey, 62,593 victims of crimes are black and 320,082 victims of crime are white.

If you adjust for the fact that there are 197 million whites, or 63.7 percent of the population, and 35 million are black, or 12.6 percent of the population, the statistics show that blacks commit 25 times more violent assaults and 200 percent more dangerous assaults than whites.

Then there is the absurd leftist idea of white privilege. During the depression era in the United States, more white people went hungry than blacks today, yet starving whites were not rioting in the streets and burning down personal property. And what of white, poor Appalachians?

Can anyone argue that these people experience white privilege. Poor white people in the Rust Belt states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, who have been left behind in the globalization of the world economy, would argue fiercely that they, too, have no white privilege.


Even the notion that this nation was built on the backs of slaves who were oppressed by white people is wildly inaccurate. Almost no whites ever even owned a black slave (less than 1.6 percent according to the 1860 Census).

Rather, most white people of European backgrounds that immigrated to the United States came as prisoners or indentured servants. Often, these poor Europeans starved to death or were routinely denied work because of their nationality.

Even after the institution of slavery was abolished, the idea that poor white Scottish and Irish immigrants, who faced great discrimination by Americans of other European descent, oppressed black slaves is remarkably stupid.

Black people will not be satisfied until they run a world without whites or one in which white people are completely in subjugation to them such as in South Africa now.

And black youths are angry. Take for instance the black college students at Evergreen State College in Washington who demanded a “Day of Absence” of white people on campus.

They were met with resistance from one lone white biology professor, Brett Weinstein, who didn’t believe he should be banned from his college campus simply because of his white skin, certainly an American ideal if ever there was one. The result?

Black students  demanded that he be punished by the college president even after these same angry black students violated campus policy by surrounding him and subjecting him to racial slurs, even refusing him to urinate in private.

But let me remind these angry black youths of what happens when black progressives are left to run their own cities absent of whites, such as Baltimore, where the mayor is black. The council is almost two-thirds black. The school superintendent is black. The police chief is black, and a majority of his officers are black. 

Following the rioting after Freddie Gray’s death, where blacks were protesting police brutality of an almost all-black police force, the city was looted and burnt to the ground. After reducing the presence of police, the city has become more crime-infested than ever.

As recent as last month, black Mayor Catherine Pugh petitioned the FBI for help in curbing the rising tide of crime, where a total of 318 people were murdered in Baltimore last year. Clearly, Baltimore’s blacks need to check their hate.

The truth is that black people are being used by the very left that are inculcating them into the ideal of victimization. Black Loretta Lynch’s Strong Cities Network, was launched under the Obama administration is designed to ultimately supplant police forces with U.N. soldiers on the street.

In order to reach their goal, they are purposely fomenting the hate and violence we see on inner city streets through militant groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter and combating “hate” and encouraging youth to “protest.”

In Baltimore, the black mayor illegally told police to stand down during the riots and allowed blacks to destroy the city, burn police cars and victimize innocent white people by pulling them out of cars and brutally beating them. 

If they can show that the inner cities are out of control and that the police can’t handle the resultant chaos, they are justified in calling in U.N. soldiers as peace keepers, particularly since the U.N. is already entrenched in Baltimore policies

There is an agenda to militarize the police, and these black progressives know exactly what they are doing. But the fomenting of all of this racial hatred is hurting both blacks and whites, particularly poor and middle-class Americans.

More affluent white people are choosing not to work or live in crime-infested and dangerous inner cities like Baltimore and are perpetuating white flight and sunset segregation, taking their white elite tax dollars with them.

It is no coincidence that these same social justice warriors that want to have U.N. soldiers on our city streets are also promoting the black ghetto culture through violent and sexually explicit rap videos. A culture that is full of rage and little about personal responsibility and individualism.

Young white people, too, are exposed almost exclusively to black angry artists and are encouraged to hate themselves for their whiteness, demoralizing and denigrating them for their skin color and culture.

But hating oneself for his race is not a virtue. Telling young white people to “check” their white privilege or to hate themselves for their skin is complete insanity.

Inevitably, young white people are pushing back against those groups who seek to stamp out their culture and are aligning with groups and political movements that celebrate European and Western values. They are reaching the tipping point of political correctness and the curbing of their free speech.

And they are beginning to ask themselves why it is that their culture, which has built the most phenomenal society in the world today, should continue to yield to those cultural groups who refuse to clean up their own backyards, who are stealing their tax dollars with almost no return and who seek their destruction.

White fatigue and anger is simmering beneath the surface and it is time to start speaking truth about racial issues in America before civil unrest erupts into civil war. And for those angry black students who are insisting they have all black graduations, be careful what you wish for.

Whites do much better in all white neighborhoods, all white schools and all white institutions. It’s not a white thing, it’s a cultural thing. And many poor young whites who are struggling to survive economically would welcome the opportunity to no longer be forced to support blacks through welfare and education and housing subsidies, perks they themselves are often denied.

The only good I see that could possibly come of a segregated America is that perhaps when the goodies of racial reparations are gone, blacks would be forced to confront their own issues in their own families and communities. And that would be a good thing. #Reignwell