Obama Is Still Commander and Chief

I don’t think the right grasps the depth of Obama’s continued meddling with the current Trump government and his manipulation of the deep state. Throughout his eight years in the White House, Obama was busy at work setting up the groundwork of nationwide cells of trained activist to keep the momentum of his policies moving forward long after he was to leave the oval office.

With the assistance of long-time aides Valerie Jarrett and Eric Schultz, Obama remains Commander and Chief of the disturbing Antifa we see so violently disrupting town halls and burning and rioting at conservative events. And it was also Obama who was instrumental in authorizing his own Department of Justice to funnel billions of dollars into a slush fund to form and back these same liberal activist groups that are now playing out before our very eyes. The very same slush fund that Sessions has vowed to shut down.

Protesters hold signs during a protest against the election of President-elect Donald Trump, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in downtown Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Long before Trump ever set foot in the White House, Obama had laid the groundwork for the deep state, adding layers of organizations that would be staffed with former congressional staffers and bankrolled through the Justice Department and George Soros groups. His own group, Organizing for Action (OFA), the grass roots network that helped him get elected in both of his presidential campaigns, has morphed several times into different organizations.

OFA eventually became an official committee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and in 2013 it boasted a budget of $20 million. But Obama’s OFA never intended to go away when the Obama presidency ended. It was sending out emails in 2015 requesting donations even though Obama could not run for a third term because it was uniquely positioned to continue to influence the DNC after Obama’s official departure.

OFA has since partnered with the group Indivisible, which has 250 nationwide offices and 32,000 organizers, all of who are required to attend a six-week training program on subversion and Ayerlike tactics. At least three of the five officers in Indivisible, Ezra Levin, Leah Greenber, and Angel Padilla, all have ties to organizations funded by Soros. Indivisible also works with other progressive groups to keep Obama’s progressive agenda on track, including the American Civil Liberties Union, International Refugee Assistance Project, and the United State of Women and Asian Americans Demanding Justice.

In his newly installed bunker just blocks away from the White House, Obama continues to curate groups to undermine the American voter and work behind the scenes by using Jarrett as his frontman and other Obama loyalist to spearhead organizations. The grip Obama has on these fascist groups is as tight as his grip over the Hollywood crowd, which is clearly still in the tank for Obama.

Always a Hollywood darling, Obama now has Jarrett firmly ensconced on the board of the Creative Arts Agency (CAA), the influential body that pushes Obama’s fascists ideals through clueless actors. Jarrett is also part of the Galvanize Program, which was launched following the first-ever United States of Women Summit sponsored by President Obama’s White House Council on Women and Girls. Galvanize is a terrible feminist front group flaming the hysteria of young women in American over imaginary threats to their equality. Joe Biden, too, has joined CAA with the intent to continue Obama’s public policy work. CAA has also signed Arne Duncan, who resigned after serving as Secretary of Education since January 2009 and was one of Obama’s longest-serving Cabinet members.

Despite the official line that Obama is not a part of the political fray hamstringing the Trump administration, Obama is extremely active in tracking issues like the Obamacare repeal fight and has continued conversations with policy influencers, such as hosting CNN’s Fareed Zakaria for lunch at his office along with former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes to talk foreign and domestic policy. He has also met with Angela Merkel and other foreign leaders as well.

Although there has been mention of Obama’s role in the unmasking scandal, there is little said about his largest scandal to date, that of masterminding and commanding the deep state of subversive and violent groups such as Antifa while actively working to undermine a sitting president. With so many Obama cronies deeply planted throughout the Washington bureaucracy, it will be difficult to overcome the sheer magnitude of the Washington treason taking place. There is a coup to remove Trump by hook or crook. Barring the timing of when they will either remove him or kill him, the deep state will continue the subversive policies put in place by former President Obama against the American people.

What is taking place in the deep state should alarm all Americans, whether Republican or Democratic. Without an honest, open government our Republic is a banana republic not run by everyday Americans but by powerful individuals and groups that seek to dominate and control our very lives. Power corrupts and absolute power destroys. Yeah, we need to resist.