Why Gays Need to Move to the Right

As New York and the West Coast prepare for gay pride weekend, police officers and the media are preparing for violence, and it’s not from homophobic fly-over Americans in beater tees. Progressive gay leftists have a new problem to contend with—minority LGBTs who are complaining that white gays have hijacked the “movement” with their white privilege and corporate sponsors.

Over the last several decades, homosexuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicity united for recognition and pushed for inclusion in wider society through agendas such as gay marriage. But now that the movement has matured and gays have won on many fronts, it is the more subversive “victim” groups within the LGBT community, who by their very nature of being a victim, are now left to eating their own. Brown and black people are complaining that they are being left out of the LGBT community because of racism.

It is interesting to see the same baseless name calling attached to white gay parade participants as conservatives, that is that these white gays are racist, misogynist, and not diverse enough. And according to Isaiah Wilson, director of external affairs for the National Black Justice Coalition, “Black queer and trans folks have always been there, but our contributions have been devalued.”

The black and brown members of the LGBT community say they want the movement to focus more on economic inequality, policing, and incarceration. But what these gay “victims” are overlooking is that the movement was never about economic or policing issues for minorities but the acceptance of homosexuality at large in a mostly Christian nation. And by all measures the movement was widely successful in normalizing homosexuality in wider society.

Race and economic issues will never be solved by the LGBT community and it is unrealistic for those such as Wilson to think that it can or it should. Wilson and his ilk are biting the hand that fed them. After all, it was white gay dollars that produced television and movie roles normalizing the gay lifestyle. And it was white dollars that greased the palms of those in a position of power to push for gay marriage.

These same brown and black snowflakes in the LGBT community are the same as those found on college campuses demanding separate graduations and a day without whites. They have been indoctrinated into a world view that they are all victims of whitey and that salvation is only going to come when white people are marginalized or eradicated. Personal choices, accountability, and hard work are not part of the discussion when it comes to inequality.

Ultimately, white gays will abandon the movement when they, too, tire of being called a racist. The leftist progressive movement must continue the narrative of victimization in order to thrive. Its very Marxist lifeblood is dependent upon taking any injustice in life common to all humankind, putting a collar and leash on it, and taking it home with him where it can feed it as a favorite pet. The oppressed must find an oppressor.

The black genie has been let out of the bottle and even groups who should be immune to the name calling and accusations that they are not diverse enough, such as the LGBT community, will leave the sandbox and find new friends. In fact, it is already making new friends on the other side of the aisle. It is no coincidence that many gays have already moved to the right where they are finding that, not only do conservatives not want to throw them off of buildings because they are homosexual, they will protect their right to be openly gay even if they don’t religiously believe in the gay lifestyle.

The terrorist shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida made many a believer out of gays on the left when it was the conservatives who were publicly outraged over the slaughter of unarmed gays by an Islamic terrorist. And there is no progressive explanation as to why straight young college conservatives love Milo Yiannopoulos, that dangerous faggot on the right, who has attracted a wide audience on campuses across the nation because of his stance on free speech.

Milo has made it his mission to call out the absurdities of the progressive left and dares to poke the bear of liberal darling ideas. Gays open minded enough to listen and who paid attention to what was going on at Pulse know that the real exponential threat to their way of life isn’t going to come from some Trump supporter in Pennsylvania who just wants a job, but by radical Islam.

Another indication that gays are moving right is the recent dust-up that occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina where gay pride organizers told one of its own that they could not have their Gays for Trump float in the parade because it didn’t support their political ideals. The tolerance of the left does not include tolerance of any political ideal they don’t subscribe to.

The left has lost its way, which is why Democrats can’t win an election. The violence, the hate, and the gender-bending nonsensical pronouns have wearied Americans who care more about securing our borders, employment, and terrorism than being politically correct and having to defend their right to an original thought. The fight for equality was once about leveling the playing field, not controlling the outcome of individual’s lives.

Contrary to the constant whining on the left, the playing field has long been leveled and the ball is in the hands of the oppressed, but rather than taking the ball down the field and scoring a touch down, they want to cry about how they might get hurt running for the goal. Someone needs to tell these snowflakes of color that life is pain. No one is immune to disappointment, unfairness, and harm—no matter their gender, race, or sexual preference.

The tolerance from whites, both gay and straight, is growing thin with the constant whining and victimization. My advice to white homosexuals growing weary of the progressive left is to get off the losing team and stand for the rights of all people. Trust a conservative on this, you will never, ever make a leftist happy. And contrary to popular belief, true liberals really don’t care what you do in your bedroom or with whom as long as you return the favor by not trying to take away our guns, our religion, or our world view.