Dear White People: It’s Not about Cold Chicken

It was never about the cold chicken and small portion size when black Latasha Smith and her husband, Nathaniel Eric Smith, brutally beat white Qwik Chick owner Jeanette Norris and her 15-year-old daughter last month in Georgia. Just as it was never about the chicken nuggets, slow service, or other perceived slights ghetto hardened, entitled blacks have become infamous for as we watch them time and time again jumping over food counters, beating up customers and employees, and rioting and destroying property.

It’s clear America has a black problem. A black violence problem, a black respect problem, a black morality problem, and a black hatred problem. And it isn’t enough that blacks want to kill their own, they are attacking whites in increasing numbers. Black Lives Matter,, and other fascist groups are issuing licenses to racist angry blacks to act out violence against whites—often unhampered by law enforcement, hidden by the media, and never, ever spoken of in polite circles.

Political correctness has made the very mention of black violence against whites taboo. And the mainstream media is perpetuating the black on white crime problem by sensationalizing any perceived or real police brutality against minorities, by painting them as victims, or by simply refusing to mention race when crimes against whites are reported.

The media routinely omits race in reports and headlines when violence is clearly committed by out of control blacks, such as a report in the Charlotte Observer earlier this month about two blacks who assaulted restaurant workers as their kids sat in the car. The headline intentionally left out the race of Kwadonte Dajour Lewis and Precious Aiesha Smith, simply referring to these two thugs as, “2 accused of assaulting…”

Lewis, who had been fired from the restaurant for stealing, came to the restaurant with girlfriend Smith after the owner offered to give him $200 in cash because Lewis complained that the banks were closed before he could cash his last check. To show his gratitude, Lewis and his girlfriend came to the restaurant and tore phones off the wall, took employees cell phones to prevent them from calling 911, and threatened the owner, who was holding his four-year-old son at the time, shoving both of them before assaulting another employee who tried to intervene. Lewis then threatened to come to the owner’s home to harm him and his family.

Although we know that the media is colluding to not report race when covering crimes, it is rare to actually have proof of it, so it made headlines when San Francisco’s BART system recently refused to release the surveillance video following a string of robberies, including one incident that saw approximately 60 young people board a train, rob seven people and attack others. Their reason for not releasing the video? According to BART Assistant General Manager Kerry Hamill in a leaked memo sent to BART’s board of directors, “Disproportionate elevation of crimes on transit interfaces with local media in such a way to unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports and a high level of racially insensitive commentary directed toward the District through our social media channels, email, and call centers.” So basically, we don’t want to characterize the black youths that perpetrated the assaults as criminals.

Surveillance videos are historically taken to deter and help solve crimes. A flash mob of angry youths attacking helpless train riders is a crime, regardless of whether they are black, brown, or white. Withholding this type of information from the public to “protect” minority criminals is a travesty against our society and the unsuspecting riders of BART.

Then there is this weeks headline, “Hundreds Of Teens Confront Philly Police Following Barbecue At Recreation Center,” from CBS Philly. Again, no mention that the out of control teens who turned a barbecue at a local rec center into a mob scene were black, yet police estimate 400 blacks between the ages of 12 to 17 were rioting and throwing bottles at police officers. Even more disturbing than this was Council woman Cindy Bass, who blamed this behavior on the fact that these youths have nothing to do. “It is clear that this situation highlights a serious need in the City of Philadelphia. One of the things I hear time and time again from our youth is that they do not have anything to do, especially in the summer. While the City has done a commendable job in providing a wide range of activities and programming, we need to do more. Much more. Could this have been prevented if we had extended recreation center programs into Sunday afternoon/evening?”

Are you kidding me. I recall many boring summers as a youth in my Washington, D.C. suburban neighborhood. I don’t recall us rioting. No, we were told to make friends, go to the library, get a summer job, etc. Since when is it the local government’s job to provide entertainment for restless youths? Where are these gangstas’ parents? And more important, why isn’t this criminal behavior prosecuted. According to the report, “Police commanders made the decision not to make any arrests as to not escalate the situation, and the crowd disbursed within a few hours.” This is unacceptable.

A must read to even begin to understand the rampant systemic black racism that is rising faster than interest rates is Colin Flaherty’s book on racial violence,Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry’: The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it.” Liberal ideologies to appease and make special exceptions for blacks historically have been proven not to work. U.S. blacks receive more government assistance and subsidies than any other people group on the planet, yet they are unwilling or unable to acknowledge that their out of control violence is not a result of white discrimination but a product of their own upbringing. And we must talk about it.

Government programs cannot fix what is essentially wrong with the black community, which is taking responsibility for their own problems and their own communities, such as reversing the number of single mother households, the objectification of black females as only sexual objects, and the glorification of violence and gangster life. And they certainly can’t eradicate racial hatred employing the same tired programs of appeasement and reparations through government subsidies. It doesn’t work.

The current trend of blacks wanting to live their lives completely free of white people is equally absurd. Blacks make up just 13.3 percent of the U.S. population according to the U.S. Census Bureau, yet you have completely brainwashed idiots such as April Hathcock, a Scholarly Communications Librarian at New York University bemoaning that she has “racial fatigue in the presence of white people.” As reported on in Campus Reform, Hathcock said in her own blog that she was suffering from “serious race fatigue” after attending an academic conference for librarians in Chicago. Hey Hathcock, you are just one of the 13.3 percent. It’s a simple math thing. You would think any black woman whose title is Scholarly Communications Librarian had the brains to figure this out.

But in defense of idiots like Hathcock, even if you manage to rise above the mentality of the jungle and actually get out of the inner city and go to college, you will still be caught in the net of the same liberal policies that keeps your black brothers and sisters in the ghetto poor—the relentless mantra that you are a victim and government is there to serve you. Black youths who do go to college, such as Hathcock, are indoctrinated in anti-white rhetoric to ensure they don’t forget their victim status and dislike of white people. Hathcock, like so many minorities, is just a product of liberal academia that today is demanding white professors be fired, safe spaces, a day without whites, and separate graduations for black students.

If Hathcock and others of her ilk are fatigued by living in a majority white country, let them move to Haiti, Africa, or some other hell hole nation that is comprised of mostly blacks. Which comes full circle back to my point of black violence against whites. The atrocities, including genocide, being committed against white people in South Africa is appalling, but you won’t hear blacks or mainstream media speaking out against the violence and brutality of blacks who now hold the power over their white fellow citizens. It simply doesn’t fit the cultural and academic narrative of blacks as victims.

Rather than sending black youths to liberal colleges that teach them that white people owe them something, never mind that they have been paid reparations for 50 years in welfare, subsidies, and affirmative action, Hathcock and others should be going to colleges to actually get an education and contribute to their own communities by running black owned businesses and becoming black leaders. But the sad truth is that most of these young college educated blacks won’t return to their own communities and hang out that sign. Why? Because they know about the high rate of black on black crime and the fact that police are afraid to crack down on rampant gangs and drug crime in many of their neighborhoods for fear of making a mishap and being labeled a racists.

Like Islam, there is a mindset to the negative and angry black mentality that no government can fix. When children are inculcated into a cult at a very young age, it is almost impossible to quash any contradictory or self-destructive thinking. They know no different. Blacks will continue to believe the world owes them something and blame whites for their own poor choices, such as continuing to have multiple children out of wedlock in crime infested neighborhoods, until they themselves change the narrative. They must put away the neanderthal, knee-jerk reaction that every black person who wants to lift themselves out of the jungle and live a more prosperous and happy life is an Uncle Tom or a coon.

The outrageous treatment that black men such as Thomas Sowell, Tommy Sotomayer, and others receive when they call out the broken mentality in the black community will continue as long as liberal progressives are allowed to continue to use them as pawns in their big government social schemes. We must address the very real crisis of hate and self-loathing in the black communities by first talking about it. We must address the violence of blacks against whites if we really want to heal our nation. Finally, we must dismantle programs that reward young black women for having multiple children out of wedlock by taking away the check that replaces fathers in the home. You can put the crazy aunt out on the porch but the neighbors can still see her. There is an elephant in the room and she is black.