Education as Propaganda

The deplorable state of our education system must be changed if we are to turn around the decay in both intelligence and moral values in our country. The U.S. educational system was originally designed to raise productive industrial workers who could graduate and perform for the corporate elite. Thus, desks were arranged in rows and bells were used to mark the change of class, much as a factory setup. Students were taught to remain in their seats for long periods of time and to view the teacher as an authoritarian.

In the year 2017, little has changed in the classroom except that now we are teaching children to be good little Marxists. Children are brainwashed by administrators to question serious human issues, such as gender identity, while never being taught the skill of critical thinking. Children are not taught concepts or methods that equip them to grow into responsible and civic-minded adults, understand history and their place in it, or how they can contribute their talents and skills to a world that so desperately needs them.

Instead, today’s students graduate within a paradigm that is void of any virtues or moral compass to guide them on their human journey through life. They are never taught the importance and necessity of learning how to temper vice, how to delay gratification in order to make good moral decisions to plan their lives, self-discipline, or how to recognize and overcome personal shortcomings—all worthwhile endeavors and wholly necessary. Rather, we have raised several generations of youth who are narcissistic, selfish, unloving, lacking in empathy, and unable or unwilling to shoulder the responsibilities of life. We have stolen their map.

Great thinkers and philosophers, as well as Biblical literature, is ignored and never studied in the educational system. Art, music, and critical thinking have been dumbed down to appalling base levels that appeal only to our worst human proclivities. All the while, these students are being fed the lie that they can be or do anything they like while the system downplays the realities of biological differences, racial differences, IQ, values, and other inherent realities. Everything is relative and nothing is real. History is systematically rewritten and statutes removed from the public square that don’t fit the narrative of the ungodly utopia the progressive left seeks to create.

And our youth are so hungry for information, meaning, and sense that unlikely and rising YouTube stars, such as the intellectual psychology professor Dr. Jordan Peterson in Toronto, whose lecturers are available to anyone online, have exploded in popularity with young people. Peterson has awakened an entire generation to questioning what they are being taught, who they are, and what the meaning of their lives may be. His message to millennials on how to change the world, has more than a half million views.

Stephan Molyneux, another Canadian and prolific common sense speaker on politics, culture, and nation-state ideals is also a generally acknowledged YouTube star that students can’t get enough of. In fact, his Freedomain Radio podcast listeners are often accused of being cultlike due to the number of his fans and followers. He has been described by the Washington Post as one of the alt-rights biggest YouTuber stars.

Whether or not you agree with either YouTube star is not the point. Both of these Canadian men are tapping into the vast intellectual void left behind by a deplorable educational system that seeks only to brainwash students into a particular world view. Therefore, I applaud their efforts even though I may not personally agree with some of their conclusions. Our culture, our very country itself, is waning because of the intellectual and spiritual void left behind by the progressive left’s control of academia and denial of a higher power.

If you are looking for something important to aspire to in this world, turn your sights on academia. It’s an absolute cesspool of failed ideas and failed social experiments. It may be too late to save this current generation, but we have an obligation, a duty even, to sound the alarm and wake up the next generation to the madness of propoganda, exploitation, and future-stealing that these soulless bourgeois have perpetuated on us. It’s time to take the reigns back and return the royal diadem to the proletariates: “You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God.” (Isaiah 62:3)