Risky Sex Has Consequences

When two consenting adults choose to engage in sexual activities outside of marriage, it stands to reason they are aware of the risks, which can include unwanted pregnancy and disease.

Quantisha Sharpton, who also goes by the social media name Angel Valentino, a 21-year-old mother of three, was recently in the news because she claimed that she had unprotected sex with singer Usher when she was 19 and is one of three people filing suit against the star because he failed to disclose that he had a sexually transmitted disease.

First, it’s obvious that Sharpton doesn’t make very good sexual decisions. If she was just 19 at the time she encountered Usher and now has three children in the span of a few years, I think it is fair to say she isn’t into protected sex.

So I was stupefied as to why this young woman was so eager to sully Usher’s name without understanding the irony of her own bad behavior, which is that Sharpton clearly opens her legs to just about anyone.

The mystery was soon solved, however, when it was disclosed, in her own words, that she needed money.

If Sharpton is going to publicly put Usher’s moral behavior on trial, then that leaves her open for us to judge her character. Responsible women discriminate with whom they engage in sexual intercourse.

In the hive mentality of the left, people such as Sharpton, who is black and self-described poor, are deemed a victim and we are socially forbidden to judge them. Good thing I’m not part of the left.

More than 72% of children in the African-American community are born out of wedlock.

I have no sympathy for a tatted-up, hoody-wearing Sharpton and the legions of other women like her, both black and white, who conduct their lives with no thought to the children they bring into this world and represent the worst of our society in terms of actually planning their life and the children they bring into it.

Sharpton wants to capitalize on her sexual act with Usher even though she did not contract herpes. She needs money.

I refuse to dole out sympathy lollipops to people who are morally bankrupt and make bad decisions. There are consequences for our choices.

No doubt, there are those who will say I am blaming the “victim.”  Thing is, I don’t see Sharpton as a victim but a predator hunting her next meal.

I don’t respect the fact that she is trying to sue a man for what might have happened but didn’t. Her real motivations are crystal clear—money. Though she says she uses the alias Angel Valentino because her real name, Quantisha Sharpton, sounds ghetto, it’s painfully obvious that this grab for fame and fortune is classic ghetto. Quantisha needs money.

Single mother households are poor, Quantisha, and you willfully brought three children into the world that you couldn’t afford. Rather than trying to chase the coat tails of someone such as Usher, you should have been planning a future that brought you up in life, not becoming the cliché that you are.

And Usher and other men who have vaginas thrown at them with seemingly no effort on their part should understand that sex is not free.

All these black women who self-profess to be queens and their white riff-raff welfare peers, need to start acting like they know how to reign well over their own lives, and a good start would be keeping their legs closed. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

These young women should be taught that to control your sexual desires and practice delayed gratification produces a better life and a better chance at finding a suitable mate.

White college-educated women wait to have a ring on that finger before they start a family. They value what they have to offer, which is fertility, smarts, desirable social character traits and fertility.

It may be 2017, but men still desire a life-long partner who has some control over her emotions and impulses and is smart enough to raise his offspring. They also want a woman who actually brings something to the table.

While more educated women have the highest chances for a long-term marriage, college educated men also stand out. Roughly two-thirds (65%) of men with a bachelor’s degree could expect that, if they marry, their first marriage will last 20 years or longer, compared with 50% of men with a high school diploma or less.

Frankly, these young women like Sharpton—black and white—may not realize it, but the sex they so freely engage in is just a byproduct of what they are actually seeking, which is attention, affection, security, and validation.

But sex outside of marriage never produces the bonds that are required to raise a family or for a woman to have financial security, including those that pursue a career. Motherhood means time away from the workforce and even career-minded women need someone who is going to invest in the family long-term while she is caring for the young.

Young women like Sharpton chase the cheap imitation of free sex with devastating results for not only the children they produce, but themselves as well.

No where in all of the buzz and gossip covering Sharpton’s legal suit with Usher is there ever a mention of a father in the home. We can do better America, and it starts by holding women to higher standards and expecting them to exhibit personal accountability. And engaging in risky sex outside of marriage with unsuitable partners is just, well, ghetto. #Reignwell