Evil White Males Save Houston

Following the rescue efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey safely behind my computer screen, it struck me how so many white males were photographed selflessly saving flood victims in Houston. It got me wondering whether the aggressive feminist and race-baiters would see the irony in their own sick ideology of white male oppression and foolish microaggressions.

I wondered what they thought of the many white men in helicopters, the first responders, the Cajun Navy, and just average the average Joe’s who were digitally captured sacrificing their safety and comfort to serve the weaker among them.

I wondered if the social justice warriors would finally go silent over the hundreds of photos showing white men rescuing blacks and Latinos, not seeing race but a person in trouble. Most of all, I wondered just how many of these same hateful social justice warriors would have just rode by a white person in need because hey, they are privileged and hate all black and brown people. Sadly, I think a good many of them would so vitriol is their hatred.

After reviewing hundreds of photos capturing the tragedy in Houston, it was confirmed that there were no photos of women in pink pussy hats groping their vaginas while rescuing the needy and helpless. Nope, just a bunch of men in boats doing what real men do—helping the weaker among them. I also didn’t see one single Antifa terrorist or Black Lives Matter protestor with faces covered in black scarves reaching out a hand to pluck a drowning citizen into a boat. But I did see them on twitter robbing and breaking into abandoned homes.

While thousands of people awaited rescue, black lives that don’t matter were busy robbing and looting abandoned businesses, unable to pass up the opportunity for free TVs, games, or just a bag of chips. They filled their Twitter feeds showing themselves proudly pissing on the tires of white people who had evacuated their property for higher ground. To see what their up to, just follow the Twitter hashtag #HarveyLootcrew. I promise you will be as disgusted as I am.

Clearly, these able-bodied black men are not a part of the rescue efforts going on around them though many minorities were an integral part of the rescue operations. No doubt, professors, SJWs, and the media will tell us all in the coming days that these black men were just lashing out against the white privilege and oppression they face on a daily basis. But the reality is, given the chance to help their own community, these inner city black men chose to loot and rob instead.

But back to those pussy hat-wearing feminists. Where, I wondered, were Ashley Judd and Madonna? Why, with all their money they could have gotten a flotilla of rescue boats and been busy virtue signaling as they saved all the brown people in Houston. Except facts are funny things, and it turns out that physical strength isn’t just a social construct after all. Perhaps some jobs are best left to men. I can’t see Judd or Madonna carrying a flood victim to safety on their backs in alligator-infested waters. Better to stick to berating airport workers who compliment you, talk of blowing up the white house, and screaming into a microphone about oppressive white males.

The many images coming out of the rescue efforts in Houston do renew my belief in the goodness of mankind and what it means to be an American, but they also reinforce the belief that bad people, particularly bad people with bad ideas, don’t rise like cream to the top as these men do. Despite their belief that they hold the moral high ground on social issues, these images prove once again that the alt-left are just losers. Americans of all colors helped one another and, for once, the media couldn’t spin the images.