Trump’s Immigration Fun House

The right is warning Trump that his base is not going to be happy about his seemingly overnight compromise on DACA and his attempt to reach out to Democratic congressional leaders. They’ve got it wrong.

Although I lean right on almost every single issue, DACA isn’t worth fighting over, it is just one small piece of the immigration pie. Rather, I’d like to believe that Trump knows that if he can get the swamp creatures in Congress to fall on their sword for DACA, he’s going to get a wall. And more important, the overhaul and update of an immigration system that is fair to Americans and keeps the worst of humanity on the other side of the border.

DACA is an issue that can be thrown out like a piece of steak for the junk yard dogs to fight over. If immigration is seriously reformed and criminal offenders are ultimately deported, it’s a win for Americans and, ultimately, Trump. Most Americans don’t want to see Mexican nationals that came to this country illegally as children deported, even if those “children” are now grown. They want to stop the bleeding.

The only pitfall to compromising with the Democrats is that they never, ever play by the same rules as conservatives. Do them a favor, but know you won’t get one in return. They hunt in packs and revolution is their day job, but something tells me that Trump, of all people, surely know this. He knows the Schumers have to throw their deplorable constituents something, and as he said in his own words, “I’ve got a big heart.”

For all the conservative pundits wringing their hands over a perceived Trump concession, take a breath. DACA was the dog whistle Trump used to call the pit bulls out into the yard. Trump is well aware of his base, and I think he nailed this one. Like any great football game, you move the ball down the field and gain a few yards at a time. But when your opponent is strong and it’s the third down, you punt. But the game is far from over. Every fourth down, we get to play offense.  Reign well.