Hollywood Just Doesn’t Get It

I didn’t watch Hollywood’s Harvey-Irma relief fundraiser. Like many of you who have taken the red pill, I don’t watch television, so it was with some amusement when I read through the articles and scanned the pictures of smiling, filthy rich celebrities schilling for money. Does Hollywood really think they are fooling anyone with this calculated display of moral virtue signaling?

The lineup of A-listers was a fun house of abject liberalism on full display. “Don’t watch the left hand, boys and girls, watch the right hand.” The propaganda was heavy-handed and astoundingly condescending. Like Washington, Hollywood just doesn’t get that Americans are through with being preached at by people who own multiple homes and fly around the globe on private jets. Still worse, the message was that if you don’t believe in climate change, you are astoundingly stupid.

Since the election of President Trump, Hollywood has been on a relentless attack against Trump, calling for his impeachment and assassination like zealots on the cusp of world annihilation. Working like wolves in a raiding party with the media, they tried to crush us in their endless water-torture resistant movement, forgetting that we, the people, voted POTUS into office. From their anointed high horses, Trump supporters are redneck, white supremacists or too stupid to find their way out of a box, but wrapped in red, white, and blue, they assumed it was okay to look down their perfect noses at us and preach their deified ideology on climate change. If this relief effort was meant to show that Hollywood is with the little guy, they missed it by a mile.

Notwithstanding their immense ethical superiority and the fact that hurricanes have been hitting the eastern United States for hundreds of years, the smiling visage of George Clooney and Oprah was just too much. Clooney is a leftist elitist and Oprah one of the biggest racists to ever have had a long-running television program. Are we to buy the glad-handing spectacle of stars pretending to care about Americans as Jennifer Lawrence’s scathing remarks about climate “deniers” still rings in our ears? But as Rahm Emanuel so infamously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

One only need recall the vulgar, pussy-hat wearing starlets screaming their secular scripture on abortion and open-ended immigration and the aging stars inciting violence against a sitting president to be reminded of why we have all tuned out the shrill hysteria of liberal Hollywood. And let us not forget that the left owns entertainment in America.

Always a Hollywood darling, Obama now has Valerie Jarrett firmly ensconced on the board of the Creative Arts Agency (CAA), the influential body that pushes Obama’s fascists ideals through clueless actors. You can read more about just how powerful the CAA is in my article Obama Is Still Commander and Chief.

There is only one way to get Hollywood’s attention and that is to stop purchasing anything they star in or produce. Just as Americans pointedly ignored the polls and the media and elected Trump over the fever-pitched roar and foot-stomping of the left, starving a few Hollywood actors will be a cake walk. Without an audience, they will be left to play like the entertainers on the Titanic. I’m content to let them rearrange the chairs on the deck as the ship sinks by continuing to tune out. Reign well.