Hollywood Handlers Can’t Contain #Metoo

The sheer enormity of reports in the media of women jumping aboard the #Metoo train is mind numbing. And it appears that no man is safe, from celebrity chefs, newscasters, producers and congressmen to models and actors. It’s like a dog whistle was blown and the sexual harassment accusers were let off the chain—and my bullshit detector went straight up. And for good reason.

Soon after the Harvey Weinstein allegations broke, both the #Metoo activists and the media began fomenting a culture of fear and treating any sexual advance or teasing from a male as a potential crime. Worse, it gave leave to liberal pundits to attack white males, the left’s latest target of annihilation in the public sphere.

In my article Obama is Still Commander and Chief, I reported on how Obama ensconced his right-hand gal Valerie Jarrett on the board of the Creative Arts Agency (CAA), the influential body that pushes Obama’s progressive ideals through Hollywood. Jarrett is also part of the Galvanize Program, which was sponsored by Obama’s own White House Council on Women and Girls.

Galvanize is a feminist front group known for flaming the hysteria of young women in America over imaginary threats to their equality. Other loyalists tapped to serve on the agency and continue Obama’s public policy work include Joe Biden and Arne Duncan, who served as Secretary of Education and is one of Obama’s longest-serving cabinet members.

Peeling back the layers of these groups that were sowed during the Obama administration is a lot like trying to pick apart the layers of a blooming onion, it’s messy but delicious. It’s also the key to understanding the players who are behind the sexual misconduct tsunami. Let’s start with Alexis Jones, founder of I Am That Girl. Jones was named in a 2009 White House press release with a number of other feminists as an advocate for Title IX, the legislation that bans sex discrimination in schools and that was spearheaded by Valerie Jarrett. It’s also the same bit of toxic policy that is convicting university students in kangaroo courts and stripping them of their right to due process.

More recently, Jones was asked to speak to the 18 most influential high school quarterbacks in the country for an ESPNU television show called “Elite 11.” Her goal? To broaden the narrow definition of “manhood” and instill in young men, “the importance of respecting the girls and women in their lives through ProtectHer, a curriculum designed to eliminate the ‘epidemic’ of sexual assault on college campuses.” You get the picture.

Then there’s the group United State of Women (USW), an organization dedicated to, “being the megaphone for the gender equality movement.” Because, as we all know, western women haven’t yet won the right to own property, vote or attend university. One of USW’s resources is Barri Rosenbluth, who started the program Expect Respect in Austin, Texas for an organization called SAFE Alliance, which features Aditi Juneja, the co-creater of The Resistance Manual, a guide to civil disobedience, on its blog and who laud’s Juneja as basically a feminist savior.

Juneja also collaborated with the group StayWoke. Other man-haters featured on USW’s blog include Olga V. Mack, founder of the Women Serve on Boards movement, which “holds companies with all-male boards accountable.”

Then there is the announcement that Anita Hill has been tapped to chair a new Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace. For anyone who does not know who Anita Hill is, she made national headlines in 1991 when she came forward with accusations of sexual harassment during the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a black conservative Regan nominee.

The Commission was reportedly the brainchild of Lucsafilm president Kathleen Kennedy, attorney Nina Shaw, Nike Foundation chairwoman Maria Eitel and venture capitalist Freada Kapor Klein. And these feminists are teaming up with Hollywood in spades. Some of the most powerful executives in film, television and music will participate in the Commission’s efforts, including the heads of Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount and Netflix, as well as talent agencies WME, UTA, and CAA, AMPAS CEO Dawn Hudson and Atlantic Records CEO Julie Greenwald.

Obviously, Hollywood has a feminist problem. And the hordes of starlets jumping on the #Metoo train are not heroes. These women are complicit players in a system that they directly benefited from. They chose to remain silent, some for decades, about a cult of sexual harassment and sexual favors for the nebulous rewards of fame and money. Starlets now being triggered by the CAA and other feminist Obama groups to further their own progressive ideal of destroying families and men isn’t heroic behavior, it’s deplorable.

Hollywood hasn’t produced good films that benefited anyone but their own for decades, but they have taken this opportunity to use the sexual harassment flag to dial up the heat in their fight against males, particularly straight white males. And they’ve got plenty of entrenched Washington players in Obama, Biden and Jarrett to teach them how the game is played.

Hollywood has been dying a slow death for years but its demise has been accelerated by the success of emerging giants Netflix and Amazon, who dared to produce films that were actually entertaining. Netflix has debuted more talent and stories that explore our humanity in meaningful ways than Hollywood has in decades, at least until the Obamas were welcomed on board to produce propaganda pieces.

Hollywood has failed to recognize that America has long tired of stars who show up for red carpet events to piously tell us who to vote for or who is the latest social victim. The one-note universal message of Hollywood is terribly boring and decidedly unglamorous. We don’t believe in Hollywood icons anymore than we believe these #Metoo women who want to strum our emotional strings in a game of victimhood.

As for real victims, and there are real victims in Hollywood. I can only get behind those that actually filed a police report at the time of the incident and opted to not play the game of sexual hedonism for the sake of fame and fortune but rather sought to prosecute real sexual predators under the law.

The monster engine of feminist outrage created by Obama’s propaganda machine is now running off of its own momentum, and it will be interesting to watch the train wrecks that follows. The hysteria has reached such a peak that any sense that this is all real has long since been dispelled by thinking people. The locomotive has jumped the tracks, and I’ve got my popcorn ready because—it’s going to be a blockbuster performance. #Reignwell