White Privilege Theory Is Fueling a Tsunami of White Backlash and Race Fatigue

  The elites who are so busy painting privilege with broad strokes of whiteness they have conveniently overlooked one glaring flaw in their theory.

In this era of identity politics, the white liberal left has adopted the angry and acerbic rancor that blacks are more renown for by banning together against a new shared enemy—white people. Under the label of “white privilege,” both blacks and white elites have formed an uneasy alliance against all whites and white culture.

By citing imaginary instances of white privilege, white progressives have, in essence, hijacked the black community’s successful program of black victimization and are indoctrinating young students of all colors in racial hatred and race baiting through diversity programs such as Courageous Conversations, which was green-lighted during the Obama administration.

But blacks are way ahead of progressives in the racial hatred game, and it is unclear if progressives truly understand the depth of black hostility against whites, including those whites who denounce other whites for their white “privilege.” In fact, it is doubtful that these white elite lion tamers can actually run the circus they are selling currently tickets to. White, highly educated and wealthy elites are driven by blind idealism about what black communities need without ever having been touched by the grit of the street, ever going hungry or ever being in need. And blacks know this.

Black children are steeped in racism long before preschool begins in black homes, where it is left to percolate like sauce on the back burner. Black toddlers are taught from the cradle by those that raise them that they are victims of white institutional systematic racism—past, present and future. They are taught that all whites are responsible for their problems and failures. By the time black children enter primary school, they are already emulating parental hostility against whites, particularly whites in authority. Just ask a teacher.

According to the 2012 Census Statistical Abstract, approximately 13% of students in the U.S. are black. The data, however, suggest that 32% of school offenders are black, illustrating an over-representation of violent minority offenders.

While these new elite social justice warriors for white privilege believe they are winning the war against racism, they are, in fact, directly responsible for creating white fatigue and heightening racial tensions. White anger, which has also been simmering on the back burner, is beginning to bubble via the ever-growing list of absurd claims of white privilege.

The elites who are so busy painting privilege with broad strokes of whiteness have conveniently overlooked one glaring flaw in their theory. U.S. blacks today receive more government assistance than any other people group on the planet, and young whites have grown weary of a system that demonizes them under the feel-good banner of racial “equity.”

The reality is that the transfer of wealth in the form of EBT benefits, Section 8 housing, affirmative action and tuition grants has done little to improve black communities or improve racial harmony. It is, however, taking scarce dollars away from young poor whites and distributing them to increasingly angry, hostile, entitled and ungrateful blacks who have become an undisputed permanent underclass in America. And whites know this.

Since the 1980s, global trade policies have decimated the middle class. NAFTA and GATT essentially gutted the nation of well paying manufacturing jobs and the jobs that supported them—for both blacks and whites. If you are young in America today, you are statistically either the working poor, a welfare recipient or extremely wealthy. For those students that choose to go to the university, they graduate and begin their most productive earning years tied to student debts like modern indentured slaves.

But blacks—and white progressive elites—don’t want to talk about poor whites, who often receive no special benefits and cannot afford to marry, buy a home or have children. There is and always has been privilege in the United States, but the divide isn’t white and black, it’s rich versus poor. But blacks and white elites are completely color blind to the economic realities of the large population of poor working whites.

According to an article in The Guardian, “Marriage has become a mark of status, increasingly the preserve of the wealthy and educated. Today, 26% of poor, 39% of working class, and 56% of middle- and upper-class adults aged 18 to 55 are married, according to research  by Opportunity America and the American Enterprise Institute. This compares with 51%, 57% and 65% respectively in 1990.

“Education plays a part, too. Those without a college degree are less likely to have a spouse, analysis by the Pew Research Center shows. In 2015, 65% of graduates aged over 25 were married, compared with 50% of those with only a high school diploma. Twenty-five years earlier, the rate was above 60%, for each group.”

Despite these bleak numbers, progressive teachers and academia would have us believe that race, not wealth, is the deciding factor in achieving a stable society. The have also been complicit in rewriting American history to suit their diversity narrative because they control the publishing industry, the teacher unions and most school boards. Not one single one of these “white privilege” programs taught today in U.S. schools and secondary education ever mentions the abject poverty of early Americans or that during the depression era in the United States, more white people went hungry than blacks today.

The white privilege doctrine also fails to teach about the near nonexistent white and black middle class in our post-industrial era. It doesn’t address the poor white people in the rust states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, who have been left behind in the globalization of the world economy and are often featured in opioid epidemic documentaries.

Just as blacks are trapped in crumbling cities, poor whites, particularly rural whites, are isolated in economically depressed areas where factories shuttered and livelihoods disappeared several generations ago. With little access to educational opportunities and jobs that pay enough to support them, these whites are cut off from mainstream society and are unable to qualify for programs and subsidies that now favor minorities.

The white privilege lie. According to the Social Security Administration, 71% of Americans earn less than $50,000 per year; 51% of Americans earn less than 30,000 per year; and 38% earn less than $20,000. These numbers are for working individuals, not welfare recipients.

Even the widely held belief that this nation was built on the backs of slaves who were oppressed by white people is wildly distorted in text books written and printed by white elites. Almost no whites ever even owned a black slave (less than 1.6% according to the 1860 census). Rather, most white people of European background immigrated to the United States as prisoners or indentured servants.

Often, these poor Europeans starved to death or were routinely denied work because of their nationality. And in a perverse way, it could be said that slaves often lived better than the indentured servants and prisoners that worked along side them because they were fed, clothed and housed. Even after the institution of slavery was abolished in the United States, the idea that poor white Scottish and Irish immigrants, of whom many starved to death because of racism, were part of a class of whites that oppressed black slaves is remarkably dishonest.

Aged just ten years old, Norma Lawrence would head to the fields to pick around 100 to 150 pounds of cotton each day in 1916 in Texas. Photo courtesy: Media Drum World.

But like black crime statistics, white privilege theory distorts the data to fit the narrative. Black people today don’t just want a government handout, they want to run a world without whites or one in which white people are completely in subjugation to them even though they make up just 17% of the U.S. population. The cry for separatism among black youth is simply mind blowing to older Americans who fought so hard for desegregation.

And despite their overwhelming black privilege, black youths in the United States are angrier than ever today. Take for instance the black college students at Evergreen State College who demanded a “Day of Absence” of white people on campus. They were met with resistance from one lone white biology professor, Bret Weinstein, who didn’t believe he should be banned from his college campus simply because of his white skin, certainly an American ideal if ever there was one. The result? Black students demanded that he be punished by the college president even after these same angry black students violated campus policy by surrounding him and subjecting him and others to racial slurs, resulting in many of them being charged with assault and battery.

Fact check: Segregation doesn’t improve schools for black university students seeking all-black environments. Blacks benefit most by attending mostly white schools while children of white working poor families do less well in mostly black schools. Exclusive, mostly white schools cost more, so students who attend these power schools are generally the offspring of wealthy elite parents. The tuition costs alone bar most blacks and poor whites from ever reaching this class of high achievers.

More recently, Washington Times columnist Jessica Shasmar reported on what happens when an Air Force supervisor, Sgt. Geraldine Lovely, dared to speak out about the hostility of her black female subordinates in a video rant that went viral on social media. In the video, Lovely says, “It pisses me the f– off that they have no f–ing respect and constantly having an attitude,” she said in the video. “What the f– is up with that?”

And following the now familiar racist playbook, Lovely was promptly removed from her position while officials “investigate” her conduct. But Lovely is really guilty in the court of public opinion for speaking about what most of us know but are afraid to acknowledge: black people are hostile to white people in positions of authority. Believing that whites are the cause of all things wrong in the world, black behavior, including criminal behavior, is justified.

But these angry black youths who are demanding separatism and who exhibit hostile behavior towards whites should be reminded of what happens when black progressives are left to run their own cities absent of whites, such as Baltimore, where the mayor is black. The city council is almost two-thirds black. The school superintendent is black. The police chief is black, and a majority of his officers are black. The result? Chaos, crime and bedlam.

The fomenting of all of this racial hatred among blacks is hurting both blacks and whites and is directly fueling the cultural of race fatigue in whites. White people who have not drank the progressive Kool-Aid or who were forced to endure it in school, are choosing not to work or live in crime-infested inner cities and are perpetuating white flight and sunset segregation, taking their scant white tax dollars with them.

Whites are also growing weary of the promotion of black ghetto culture through violent and sexually explicit rap music and videos. Young white people today are exposed almost exclusively to black angry artists who are encouraging them to hate themselves for their whiteness, demoralizing and denigrating them for their skin color, “privilege” and culture. They are weary of the media, educational institutions and government officials promoting racism to the exclusivity of whites.

Gen Z, who are coming of age in a politically correct era where whiteness is systematically devalued are beginning to ask themselves why it is that their culture, which has built the most phenomenal society in the world, should continue to yield to cultural groups who are hostile to them and seek their destruction? They are recognizing that accommodation has now become capitulation and exploitation.

White fatigue and anger is finding its voice on countless internet boards, pod casts and blogs. While groups such as Black Lives Matter and Moveon.org demonize them for their skin color, young whites are building sometimes dangerous alliances with white supremacist groups because it is often the only public platforms where they are being validated.

And for those angry black students who are insisting they have all black graduations and wish for a world without whites, be careful what you wish for. Whites do much better in all white neighborhoods, all white schools and all white institutions. And many poor young whites who are struggling to survive economically would welcome the opportunity to no longer be forced to support hostile and racists blacks through reparations in the form of welfare and educational and housing subsidies with their meager tax dollars.

Blacks also do better when whites remain in power, such as in South Africa. According to an article in the National Review, “When the scourge of apartheid was finally smashed to pieces in 1994, the country seemed to have a bright future ahead of it. Eight years later, in 2002, 60% of South Africans said life had been better under apartheid. Hard to believe—but that’s how bad things were in 2002. And now they’re even worse.”

Under black rule, the South African corrupt government normalizes rape and murder and the genocide of white farmers. (Photo credit: The Trumpet.com, Gianluigi Guercia/AFP/Getty Images)

And for those stubborn white elites who minimize or don’t report on black hostility against whites, I would draw your attention to South Africa, where today they are slaughtering whites at the hands of the ruling ANC government, the Economic Freedom Fighters party and individual anti-white aggressors. More than 4,000 thousand white farmers have been brutally murdered after being tortured, raped and mutilated.

What angry blacks who are demanding separatism and angry white youths who believe in white supremacy fail to see, however, is that both groups are being manipulated by educated, wealthy white elites who are stoking the flames of racism in order to enact government policies of which they benefit. Even the left-leaning Salon gets this right:

“Whether pitting laborers of different races against each other, stoking racial fears through a sensationalistic and profit-driven media or politically scapegoating entire nationalities, America’s white elite have successfully modernized age-old strategies of using racism to prevent the formation of a broad coalition of people along class lines.”

But what most left-leaning publications get wrong about white fatigue is the belief that young whites long for the days of Jim Crow or that the majority of them are adherents to white supremacy. This is lazy thinking on the part of cultural and social pundits, in which most of them are card-carrying white elites who are pushing these morally bankrupt ideas of separatism and reparations.

By blaming Trump or lumping the racial fatigue of whites under the broad umbrella of white supremacists is to miss the point entirely. The media hysteria that whites are forming Klu Klux Klan groups in order to terrorize blacks is so far removed from the essential truth of white fatigue as is the distance from Mars to Earth.

Millennials, GenXers and Gen Z have no collective memory of Jim Crow or the Klu Klux Klan and have grown up in a world that respects and recognizes that our nation is a multicultural society. If anything, young whites today are more sensitive to cultural bias and are more color blind than any previous generation before them. What they are tired of is the consistent, relentless drum beat by academia, media and culture that they must view everything through a racial lens.

Despite the attempted brainwashing by the left, what progressives fail to get is that Generation Z, defined by Forbes as those born in 1995 and later, are the most conservative group in America today. They believe in the power of individuals, not labels. They believe in equity for all races, not reparations for a group of Americans. They believe in free speech and the right to think for themselves. And Gen Z is going to be formidable. They make up 25% of the U.S. population, making them a larger group than even the Baby Boomers or Millennials.

Gen Z, having grown up in the era of Islamist terrorists, school shootings, and staggering student debt are growing up, and like any rebellious teenager, they are eschewing the left’s rainbow multicultural dystopia because it hasn’t borne out to be true.

Having taught Gen Z that race is incidental, they actively resist the very same labels progressive leftists now want to pin on them. Consider that Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse generation in U.S. history. According to Jaclyn Suzuki, creative director of Ziba Design, Gen Z is comprised of 47% ethnic minorities, so telling this group to view everything through the lens of their white privilege is not likely to be successful in the long run.

The real diversity lesson is this: white fatigue is real and it is growing into one of the biggest populist movements that is sure to sweep this nation over the next decade. Politicians, pundits, academia and culture are going to succumb to the most epic sea change since the 1960s following World War II.

The true adherents to white privilege theory have already lost the culture war but are holding on to their meager power via ever more deranged ideas and trying to criminalize free speech and control the internet. The regressive and oppressive regimes of media are fighting for their very existence by banning free speech they don’t like on Facebook, twitter and YouTube. If they can continue to successfully divide Americans by race, it buys them more time to enact draconian barriers to free speech.

Ultimately, it will be the sleeping giant of Gen Z and the white “underprivileged” who will wrest control from the the dictators of academia and government power and hand it back to the people. And to that, all I can say is “reign well.”