Time for Annie to Get her Gun: The Winds of Change Are Not Carrying Democracy

“I follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of change
An August summer night
Soldiers passing by
Listening to the wind of change”—The Scorpions

atching the meltdown of civility over the last several weeks by the progressive left, I can only conclude that what you know is only the byproduct of what you have been taught. Unfortunately for us, the last several decades are bearing the fruit of what our secondary and higher educational systems have taught millennials, and that is to hate the nation state and western civilization.

The long institutional march has finally arrived and it is at our doorstep, as well as the doorsteps of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, White House Adviser Stephen Miller and DHS Security Chief Kirsten Nielsen. No public sphere is safe. The progressive left has got their jackboots on and they are giddy with success after they went gunning for White House Press Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, running them out of public restaurants and movie theaters.

These same mindless zealots have made a hero out of the lone intern in the Capitol building who screamed profanities at the President. Rather than losing her internship over her lack of decorum, this young darling got multiple job offers via social networks for her “chutzpah.” Energized by the hateful rhetoric of Hollywood stars and Maxine Waters and other public officials, who should be bringing dignity to public office rather than spewing hate speech, the sleeping zombies of the left are triggered into action believing their behavior to be blessed by their progressive fathers and mothers.

What is so shocking about the harassment and attacks on our public servants is that it breaks with the unspoken contract that we do not attack the private lives of those who serve in government. We do not usurp the results of a Democratic election by harassing officials of the victorious team. Americans have historically fought their battles via the ballot box. And the uncivil behavior of the left has crossed the red line of what we should have been taught at home as young children—to treat others as you would be treated and to not act like a sore sport when you lose.

Pundits are wringing their hands over why we shouldn’t be better than this. But it’s quite simple. Older millennials have been taught to think they matter more than they do. They have been taught that it is not individual hard work or a reliance on God that provides sustenance, but that government will put a chicken dinner on every plate.

With no factual historical prism in which to view humanity, civilization, the nation state or the role of religion in our western nation, today’s young progressives are shooting fish at the bottom of the barrel. Rather than their lives having meaning through service, purpose and love for family and community, they blindly follow a utopian aesthetic such as open borders rather than having real empathy for real suffering Americans. The cause du jour is less personal and so the herd mentality, rallied by paid Hollywood actors, allows the sad, broken and empty to experience acceptance among their peers, who are also sad, lonely and broken.

It’s obvious to us grownups that this adrift, angry and confused generation is being used as arrows in the quivers of Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, George Soros and the Clinton and United Nations and Council on Foreign Relations cabals to bring about the New World Order via hook or crook. The deep state of CIA-owned Google Alphabet owns the thoughts, minds and bodies of an entire generation of Americans. While these progressives fight against what they call white privilege, they are, in fact, the actual foot soldiers of a Eurocentric New World Order that seeks to reshape the world and end the nation state–to their own advantage, of course.

The young professional adults that make up the Northern Virginia-District of Columbia’s well heeled corridor aspire to be elites while being used by the elites. They are serving out their indentured service of student loan debts by being employed by the same group of real elites who won’t pass legislation granting them relief from predatory student loans via bankruptcy and who keep home ownership out of reach through exorbitant real estate markets. Few, if any, aspire to be parents and to raise a family because they have been taught to believe in the lie of white privilege or they simply can’t afford to have children.

This group of Americans doesn’t believe in family, but in diversity, victimhood, identity politics and inclusivity—at all costs. They believe that individual freedom as we have historically defined it via our Constitution should be subverted for the collective, including non-citizens. They believe in socialism, not individuals. And they have been schooled that tantrums and protests is how to win the day, not the ballot box.

This isn’t a generation who remembers the fall of the Berlin Wall or when CNN was actually a 24-hour news network. This isn’t a generation who remembers or ever had intact families. Raised by liberal baby boomers and set adrift, the chicks have come home to roost, so perhaps it is apropos that this latest round of violent attacks began at the Red Hen restaurant.

And just when you think the rancor couldn’t deepen, along comes Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement with Kamala Harris, a presidential wanna-be, proclaiming that her colleagues in the Senate were ready to play “hardball” to delay President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation to replace Supreme Court Justice Kennedy until after the 2018 midterms. The Hollywood cheerleaders went into their predicable meltdown with Don Cheadle saying on twitter, “all of our rights are in the balance. urge your leadership to resist when trump attempts to appoint the next swamp thing out of the pez dispenser or kiss it bye bye.” Debra Messing, Jeffrey Wright, and John Leguizamo also urged their followers to “fight” and push back against what director Rob Reiner called “tyranny.”

This isn’t going to end well. For those of us still trying to pick our face off the floor watching the passing train wreck of a nation spiraling out of civility and into civil war, I recommend exactly what the current administration recommends, purchase a weapon, watch your back and prepare. It’s time to pick a side because there is no going back. Reign well.