Maxine Waters and Michael Moore Issue Fatwas Against Conservatives

“Just because your ratings are bigger doesn’t mean your better.”—CNN Founder Ted Turner


he media is spoiling for a bloodbath, which means that if a news event doesn’t fit the “it’s all Trump’s fault” narrative, journalists are still happy to throw his name in the ring while trying to remain sanctimoniously above the schoolyard brawls they incite.

For instance, Reuters editor John Cox tweeted that Trump had blood on his hands when speaking about the shooting that occurred this week in Maryland at the Capital-Gazette: “This is what happens when @realDonaldTrump calls journalists the enemy of the people. Blood is on your hands, Mr. President. Save your thoughts and prayers for your empty soul.”

Cox has since deleted and apologized for his statement after it turned out that the shooter had a long-held grudge against the Gazette and the legal system, not journalists in general. But it wasn’t just Cox that had the knee-jerk reaction to blame Trump for a tragic shooting that had been building since 2011.

Donald Trump has repeatedly and angrily branded the press as a threat, as the enemy, as a danger to America. Someone just shot up a newsroom and killed journalists. He has blood on his hands.

— Mike P Williams (@Mike_P_Williams) June 28, 2018

We don’t know the motive for the Capital Gazette newspaper mass shooting in Annapolis, but sincerely hope how Trump and the far right incite hatred towards journalists had nothing to do with it. Regardless, this should send a message that rhetoric is dangerous and unacceptable.— Adam Best (@adamcbest) June 28, 2018

A shooting in a newspaper office after years of journalists being called the enemy of the people. I’ve heard so many Trump supporters call for murdering the press. Now they’re celebrating all over the Internet. We’re heading somewhere very dark.

— Jared Yates Sexton (@JYSexton) June 28, 2018

The president of the United States has been actively promoting hatred of journalists since the first day he took office

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) June 28, 2018

All this sanctimonious pulpit preaching from a platform that is more than happy to pen or pontificate on camera for violence against Trump, his family and his supporters and who routinely and willingly provide a bully platform for the dangerous rhetoric of Maxine Walters and her ilk.

Is this what we have become? One group of Americans seeking to destroy and even kill their fellow Americans.

And let’s be clear. It wasn’t Trump that started a war on the media. It was the American people. By the early 1990s all the big news outlets made a perceptible shift to the left that many of us found disturbing and unpalatable.

As traditional newspapers folded and cable networks were bought up by corporate conglomerates, alternative news outlets such as Drudge, PJ Media, Breitbart and the perennially hated InfoWars, among others, were launching their first baby steps into cyberspace.

The audience for alternative news sources was already there and eager to leave the plantation, but it would take technology to ultimately eliminate the maligned dial-up internet connection and for pioneering websites to launch successful alternative news outlets. Streaming podcasts and internet radio programs are more popular than ever because Americans are literally starving for information.

Trump has given the silent majority a voice to express the scorn many Americans feel towards the paid-for mainstream media.

I haven’t personally watched any mainstream media in more than 10 years because it simply no longer informs, and I am not alone in this assessment.

What’s different about Trump is that, unlike the silent American majority that has no platform in which to give it back to them, Trump is in the unique position of having microphones pushed under his nose all day and reporters screaming at him. And he doesn’t disappoint us. He calls out the lies, hoaxes and attacks of the media in the way us armchair citizens can only fantasize about behind our computer screens.

Like millions of other Americans, I abhorred the presidency of Obama and the media’s red carpet treatment of his socialist policies, but in my most frustrating moments, I would never have called for the kidnapping and torturing of his children or that he be assassinated. I would never have called for the harassing and doxing of the thousands of administrative staff that worked for his government agencies. And unlike Michael Moore and his fans, I would never have called for physical violence.

These talking heads of the left espousing dangerous rhetoric and calling for violence has had the unintended effect of sparking the #WalkAway movement, where long-time Democrats are calling the party out for what it has become—a dangerous communist cabal—that no longer represents their values as Democrats. And they are walking away in droves.

Photo courtesy: AP.

Maxine Waters has shown an appalling lack of civility. Both Waters and Michael Moore’s call for bloodletting against those that serve a president they disagree with is alarming and irresponsible. It’s also just mind-numbingly stupid.

Progressive and hostile liberals are a small percentage of voters and don’t represent the vast majority of Americans—independents, Democrats and Republicans—who do not support open borders, amnesty or mounting a civil war against their fellow Americans.

The media is master at whipping up hysteria and mobilizing the unicorns of the left but their unpopularity outside of progressive strongholds in cities such as D.C., Portland and San Francisco has caused them to cross the line into fanaticism and zealotry as the same sort found in Islam.

They are calling for a conservative jihad and and the thugs of the FBI and CIA are more than ready and equipped to carry out the dangerous fatwas of the left. Never forget that the media’s unrelenting hatred of Trump is really just their unrelenting hatred of conservative Americans—the only bulwark standing in the way of their Utopian dream of socialist communism. Stay woke, America and #WalkAway.