The ‘Hos of MTV Video Music Awards

It is Halloween? No, it’s the whores of MTV busy flashing flesh and fetish at last night’s Video Music Awards, and it is sad. If you ever needed a reason to cut the cord with the television and modern culture, this is it. There is nothing worse then seeing women outdoing themselves to be the most pornographic in public while standing on a fake red carpet for the paparazzi to glorify mounds of fake flesh.

I find it hard to fathom that there are actual real people who support these “ladies” with real dollars. Not only would I not allow my preteen or teen to download their music or watch their “performances,” they honestly don’t have an ounce of real talent among them.

Their eagerness to appear as if they just filmed a porn flick is antithetical to everything I believe about feminism. They don’t need others to objectify them, they do it to themselves. They are their very own #MeToo movement and frankly, it is beyond pathetic.

This is what the Hollywood elites are feeding the new permanent and deplorable underclass in America. This is how they disdain and ridicule the American public while simultaneously tearing down the firewalls of moral decency. The good news is that you don’t have to participate in the dumbing down and selling out of our souls by paying homage to the hustlers and pimps that own the left-leaning media and this ridiculous sideshow of untalented ‘hos.

Rock and roll has always been full of occult symbolism, sex and drugs. The only difference today is they have added pornography and sexual sadism to the list of sins that we are expected to accept as we do all sorts of other moral depravity pimped on us under the banner of inclusivity and the weak theory of moral relativism. Sadly, in the quest to numb our sensibilities and our minds, they don’t even bother today to use people who actually possess any real talent.

In a world full of pain and poverty, there is no beauty or escapism in what Hollywood is offering. No call to a better, ethereal plane in which to sooth our tired souls or to apply the balm to our weary and hurt hearts. No call to transcend the dirt and grime of real life. There is no art in their art and there is no real beauty to aspire to. It’s a sad time in America, but you do have the power to change it.

As the godfather of the hippies Timothy Leary once said, “Tune in, turn on, and drop out.” Well I have tuned in and I am dropping out. Dropping out of the filth and depravity the music and media monsters hustle on us is true freedom. Skip the mainstream music sideshow. You might have to take the time to find the true artists out there, but they are there and they are making beautiful uplifting music. I hope you will join me. Reign well.