Domestic Abusers Are Ruining Our Lives

Like a typical domestic abuser, the progressive left is in a rage because the victims of their long-term abuse are speaking out and running for the hills of freedom. The battering, demeaning, contempt of the left is no longer an unspoken family secret and therefore, there is no longer a need to sugar coat their motives in sweet words or cloak their agendas in do-good dogmas to appease the right.

America was never that great they snarl at us as they smash our statutes, our institutions, our churches, our heritage—our very identity. How dare you block the doorway as I try to run illegal migrants into your communities, your homes and your jobs. How dare you talk about the dead victims of illegal immigrants when we have more important, pressing issues, like open border immigration and sanctuary cities.

With knife in hand they chase their victims past the tent cities of San Francisco and the dead black children slain on Chicago streets screaming at us that we must give up our guns and submit. In their blinding rage, they leap over the homeless shelters that house countless American families who must awaken every morning from a thin mattress in the basement of a church and hit the streets with their belongings on their backs.

They long for the days when they could make us cower for using the “wrong” words or stating historical facts, stripping us of our livelihoods and ruining our reputations on social media. It’s your own fault they scream at us with hate. You are a bigot, a homophobic a RACIST they rant as the slobber runs down the side of their mouth and their eyes twist back in their heads with pure hatred.

And when we refuse to answer the door and the non-stop phone calls and texts, they stalk us into restaurants where, like an out of control abuser, they brandish their hate in public spaces, verbally abusing us as we try to enjoy a meal or a movie. No longer caring how foolish and evil they appear, they vow that they will never give us a moment of peace because we have betrayed them. We have said no to the abuse and the crimes they commit to get what they want.

Completely devoid of reason now, our deranged abusers do the unthinkable. They begin to attack our friends, our families and our associates. They send the FBI on predawn raids into the homes of our associates where they haul them to solitary confinement for crimes that have nothing to do with us, but hurt us nonetheless as we watch them helplessly abuse the system from afar. They enlist their friends in the media to taunt us, twist the facts, show half truths and demean us anew. But we have grown too strong from our taste of freedom. It no longer works. They attack the protectors of our communities and at our borders.

As our circle grows ever smaller, they employ the big tech companies to erase us from tech platforms and silence our voices. They must have complete power over us and they cannot lose. And like most abusers, they inexplicably send us a flower in the midst of the abuse. A reprieve from the battery abates for a few days. Our shoulders relax, we take a walk in the sunshine.

They have teased us into thinking that perhaps, after all, they might still care about us. They might still care about the past we once shared. A past where freedom of speech, civility, mutual respect, and love of country bound us together. But we have been lulled into a lie. The lie that our abuser still loves us and still needs our welfare and Social Security dollars. But we are wrong. They have moved onto another lover, an unskilled woman from a corrupt country who is happy to remain our abusers prostrate lover. She will do exactly as he tells her because he is better than the thug she has escaped from.

I shake myself from the warm lie and face the facts. They had a camp in the New Mexico desert where they were training children to take out our own children. They had a judge in a city and big league friends in high places who let the perpetrator out of jail.

We bend over in grief and keen and, in absolute clarity, we understand that this is never going to end. We understand that we can no longer rely on pieces of paper to save us from men bent on our destruction. No law and no badge works against our abuser because he has paid them all out of his own pocket. But we will not go down without a fight. Now that we know how our enemies operate, there will be no reprieve for them. We will hunt them down like the mad dogs they are and we will take back our lives. It’s the only way.