Blacks Are Escaping the Democratic Plantation

merican blacks are waking up to the fact that the Democrats have never cared about them and are speaking up on social media platforms like never before, bravely risking the name calling and social approval of their own families, friends and the media. Every day, I am witnessing more and more young black Americans surfing the crest of the #WalkAway and #BlacksForTrump wave on Twitter, and for the first time in a long while, I have a glimmer of hope that the abysmal state of black Americans can improve.

Black Americans who were disappointed in Obama’s ability to make any progress in improving their communities, where urban crime, gangs, drug cartels and criminals are making the lives of poor black Americans trapped in urban areas dangerous and miserable, have come to understand one thing: They are no longer the darling of the progressive left. Hispanics, the largest immigrant group in the United States, voted 70 percent for Hillary Clinton.

This number clearly illustrates why black, Democratic-controlled governments in Chicago and Baltimore really don’t care if youngsters are gunned down at the bus stop or walking to the store. They are not interested in attracting employers to inner cities or providing any type of meaningful employment for inner-city blacks or improving schools. They no longer need the black vote, which is why I found it particularly disturbing watching the Democratic cronies of black America shamelessly pontificating at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson are three of black America’s biggest race pimps in modern history. They have done nothing to improve the educational and job prospects for black Americans in the last 40 years they have been in power, but have served as reliable mouthpieces for division and grievance for their Democratic masters.

Predictable black Democratic mouthpieces wasted no time in exploiting the death of Aretha Franklin to further their agenda. Photo credit: Scott Olsen/Getty Images.

The reason why Kanye West’s public statement about liking Trump was so huge is that it not only defanged these last scoundrels in the community, but in black urban areas where there are no fathers in the home and Democratic handlers keep black Americans firmly on the Democratic plantation, a successful, black rapper may be the only message young black Americans ever hear. Any meaningful change must come from within the black culture to take root.

For far too long, the black culture has derided its own young students who care about their education as “acting white.” Blacks denigrate other blacks for speaking proper English and told they are sellouts to their race. This, too, has been a carefully crafted agenda used by the Democratic elite left who never wanted them to experience any success. Rather, they promote a cultural narrative of black identity that does not serve blacks but keeps them uneducated, glorifying “black power” through violence and ghetto culture and by promoting such ridiculous ideas as Ebonics, Kwanzaa and retribution.

Speaking of Obama, Trump said, “He has done nothing for African Americans. You look at what’s gone on with their income levels. You look at what’s gone on with their youth. I thought that he would be a great cheerleader for this country. I thought he’d do a fabulous job for the African-American citizens of this country. He has done nothing.” Photo credit: Associated Press.


In Thomas Sowell’s book, Black Rednecks and White Liberals, he speaks of Eric Hoffer’s account of a mass movement’s need for unifying elements, classifying hatred as one of those elements. He quoted Hitler as saying that if there were no such thing as a Jew, “We should then have to invent him. It is essential to have a tangible enemy, not merely an abstract one.”

By making white hatred the cause and reason for failures in the black community the number one reason for their lack of success, the left has successfully shifted the narrative to a unifying element—that all whites are racists enemies. But for the millions of white Americans such as myself, this is simply a false narrative.

I have never grown up in a world where Jim Crow laws were in effect. I went to school with black children and worked and lived among them. And with candor, I can say that I resent illegal immigrants as much as I do the term African Americans. There are no African Americans, only Americans. Blacks are my fellow Americans, unlike the illegals who are swamping our welfare system, refusing to speak English and displacing blacks in jobs and available housing. I want to see black Americans do well—as do millions of other white Americans.

In Sir Thomas More’s fictional society, Utopia, he said, “Has a sense of special grievance helped any people—or has what happened in centuries past been a distraction and an incitement to counterproductive strife, much as territorial irredentism has been?”

Al sharpton, CEO and Godfather of black grievance, may be losing his grip on black America.

The old English idea of colonization required that the poor had to be dumped somewhere. In the left’s attempt to “fundamentally transform” the United States, it has used everything from indoctrination to fabrication to achieve this same end. By making racism the cause du jour, the left has successfully manipulated an entire group of people not out of any concern for their well being, but in order to gain their votes and keep them trapped in inner city poverty where they are easily managed.

Candice Owens, the fiery black young spokesperson with Turning Point U.S.A. is among one of the top young black Americans who has done her homework on the agenda of the left. She has been fearlessly speaking out and waking up a generation of young blacks on how they are being used by the progressive left. When Kayne West tweeted that, “he likes the way Candice Owens thinks,” it sent out ripples in the black community and immediately set the media sloths against both West and Owens.

BuzzFeed and other media immediately attack Candice Owens and Kayne West for “coming out” as Trump supporters. The outrage industry predictably went into overdrive.

Call me hopelessly optimistic but the crack in the racist agenda gives me cause to hope that black Americans will reject the racial narrative and break free from the Democratic chains of the left. All Americans have suffered under the hand of the Democratic elite—black and white.

A recent report released by economist Eric D. Gould of the Institute of Labor Economics reveals the extent to which white and black men in the United States were harmed by the country’s manufacturing collapse. His study found that the collapse of American manufacturing was a direct result of decades of international free trade agreements that acted as a catalyst for the economic decline of white and black working class Americans.

It seems, then, that we truly are brothers and sisters who have both been harmed by a meritocratic elite that seeks their own agenda of global wealth at the expense of all Americans. If the left can succeed in keeping the racial hatred alive within the black culture, they will succeed. Politics, after all, is down wind of culture. Here’s to all of those beautiful young black people rebelling against the narrative and changing the culture from within. They truly are our best and brightest hope for a prosperous America for all. May they reign well in the information battle for the truth.