Kavanaugh Has an Accuser and I Don’t Care

I don’t think there is one single Trump supporter who is surprised by Diane Feinstein’s stealth last minute ploy to besmirch Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with a roll out of an unsubstantiated claim of sexual deviance from his high school days. It’s so predictable a novice could have written this plot to the pulp fiction sideshow the Dems turned the Kavanaugh hearings into, which I wrote about in my article, Capitol Hill’s Bread and Circuses of Justice.

Not only did we have to endure the hysteria of the left for an entire week, we now have to endure another Stormy Danielsesque #Metoo campaign push from the left. I am tired, folks. Really. Notwithstanding the credibility of this “witness,” as a woman I have to say that I just don’t care. If any sexual deviance did take place and you have remained silent for more than three decades and never filed a police report for assault or rape, it means nothing. Nothing. We have laws in place for sexual assault.

I have no sympathy for this so-called Kavanaugh victim any more than I did some of the Harvey Weinstein “victims.” You can’t claim to have been raped nine times by the same man, as Netflix producer Alexander Canosa did. Canosa says she was raped nine times over a nine year period by Harvey Weinstein. Rape certainly does happen and by all accounts Weinstein is a despicable human being. But nine times? Unless you were tied up and held in a basement, you were a willing participant in at least eight sexual acts with a predator.

Again, there are laws for that. I wrote about what is really behind the #Metoo movement in my article #Metoo Isn’t Just Bullshit Virtue Signaling, which for all accounts and purposes is an attack by the progressive left on the big game they really want to bag—straight white males. Even socialist Sean Penn has come out against the validity of the movement, saying it divides men and women.

I understand the Democrats are desperate but it takes a certain evil to smear a person’s reputation and family for the sake of political gain alone. My patience has worn thin for government officials who seem to be completely devoid of any moral compass and who behave so unseemly as Booker and Harris did during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Feinstein’s glaring duplicity in sitting on this information while the confirmation hearings were taking place is just another lapse in judgment and a power play by the old guard. We have endured the smears, lies and duplicity of the Deep State against Trump for two long years and the pot on my patience has reached its boiling point.

In the end, I will be surprised if these recent accusations against Kavanaugh will have any affect on his confirmation because the progressive left has cried wolf so often that they are no longer heard except in their own circles. Notwithstanding this, Trump was elected President despite having been married three times and the release of the damning, “Grab them by the pussy,” tape recording. The public is not interested in the grandstanding and hysteria of the left. There are countless officials other than Kavanaugh the Democrats are refusing to confirm as they wait to try and impeach Trump, leaving the administration vulnerable and ineffective. Clap back if you are as tired as I am. #Reign well.