Netflix Stock Is Sinking Like the Titantic

On October 5, 2018, CNBC’s Trading Nation reported that Netflix stock was down by 15 percent. And while the trading market in stocks is at an all time high, Netflix stock is continuing to lose ground. “ founder Todd Gordon had previously seen a breakout coming for the streaming giant into its earnings report later this month, but the trader is now reversing from his bullish call based on what he’s seeing in the charts.”

I don’t trade in the market and I don’t analyze market charts, but I do know that Netflix will not recover given its current trajectory. I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for more than five years and, as someone who long ago cut the cord on cable, satellite and any mainstream television, I watched only Netflix and YouTube for several years. I stream everything. The vast world to explore, watch and listen to was once only a few clicks away. But that was before everything changed and Eric Clapton shot the sheriff.

YouTube became increasingly boring and blandly safe when it stopped monetizing many sites that didn’t fit its leftist progressive viewpoint, alienating its core audience of conservative and right-leaning viewers. An audience that represented more than half of its viewers. Rather than grow its strong market, YouTube executives cut out conservative talk and audio videos streaming on its channel like a cancer. Like many others, I was forced to find other outlets, some of which I now pay for.

Despite YouTube’s slow ascent into an Orwellian memory hole, I still had Netflix, a world in which original shows such as “Stranger Things” and other creative programming hadn’t fallen into the hands of the political correctness police and which could be still had with the click of a mouse. Indeed, it was so heady that my Saturday chores fell behind. I could actually enjoy original programing for no other reason than the simple pleasure of being entertained.

To say that my delight at being entertained rather than having a diversity lesson shoved down my throat is to not do justice to the dearth of original, artistic story lines depicting characters with depth in mainstream television programming. Who could have predicted that strong white women trying to kick some man’s ass had become cliche?

It was like I had discovered the secret remote Adam Sandler had in his 2006 movie “Click.” There was a plethora of acting and directing on interesting characters and shows such as “OA” and “Stranger Thing”s on Netflix that thumbed their noses at big government. And I loved it. You can read more about Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and big brother in my article, The Lights Are Coming On: Mind Control and MK Ultra.

But it was not to last, as deep in my breast I knew that it wouldn’t. “They” will never allow “us” to have access to the wild west of free speech and original ideas. Money always talks, and in its greed to grow, Netflix partnered with Barack and Michelle Obama earlier this year to produce films and series for Netflix, including scripted series, unscripted series, docuseries, documentaries and features. And why I can be so certain that the deal was the first nail in Netflix’s coffin is that Obama is firmly entrenched in the diabolical and influential Creative Arts Agency (CAA).

Always a Hollywood darling, Obama now has Valerie Jarrett firmly ensconced on the board of the CAA, the influential body that pushes Obama’s fascists ideals through clueless Hollywood actors. Jarrett is also part of the Galvanize Program, which was launched following the first-ever United States of Women Summit sponsored by President Obama’s White House Council on Women and Girls.

Galvanize is a terrible feminist front group flaming the hysteria of young women in America over imaginary threats to their equality and perpetuating a rape culture and distrust of white males. Joe Biden, too, has also joined CAA with the intent to continue Obama’s public policy work. The CAA has also signed Arne Duncan, who resigned after serving as Secretary of Education since January 2009 and who was one of Obama’s longest-serving White House cabinet members. As Obama infiltrated non-government organizations with dirty Soros money, he has long been at work to take over the media Americans watch. You can read more about this in my article, Obama is Still Commander and Chief.

Today, what’s showing on Netflix is the new series “Dancing Queens,” an entire show about transgender dancers and “Killer Women” with Piers Morgan. Need I say more? To be sure there is still some good programming on Netflix, but the progressive tone is creeping into what’s on Netflix’s lineup and it’s not good.

The bump Netflix enjoyed for several years was a direct result of the many people still cutting the cord to overpriced cable and people seeking good programming free of progressive poison. But unless Netflix remains true to allowing creative story lines by talented producers like the Duffer brothers, who won’t be censored by progressive overlords, Netflix will continue to sink like the Titanic, slowly slipping into the cold dark waters of the night. Democrats don’t just ruin great cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and Baltimore, they ruin everything. #WalkAway