Why Mainstream Media Is Weaponizing Alyssa Milano

The media is weaponizing feminists like Alyssa Milano in the lead-up to the midterm elections by continuing to cover their movements and granting them air time, but the question is why? Hollywood actresses such as Amy Schumer and Milano didn’t stop Justice Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed, but it did move a lot of never Trumpers to change their mind about the Democratic Party. And that’s not just the imagination of right-leaning conservatives and Trump supporters.

According to a Rasmussen Report released on Monday, “A lot of voters don’t like it when candidates in their state finance their campaigns with money from outsiders, and they aren’t moved much by celebrity or political endorsements from out-of-staters either.” In fact the survey found that 45 percent of survey participants said outside campaign contributions have no impact on how they vote.

So what’s in it for the media? It’s been said by many in conservative media that what is fueling the hysteria of the mainstream media and ginning up the far left is being done only for the sake of ratings, which could certainly be at least partially true considering the major media outlets are owned by mega corporations, except the numbers just don’t support this. Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report consistently beats out media giant Washington Post in the top news and media websites rankings.

The other theory on why the media is fueling B-rated Hollywood actresses is as simple as the mainstream media is extremely biased to the left and the left’s talking points, as witnessed by CNN’s Don Lemon’s racists remarks following Kanye West’s appearance at the White House. The disparaging of West runs contrary to not only a core of their base—black Americans—it also did little to route a populist movement and a populist president.

However, when you have Milano making absurd statements to media that women are “scared” when discussing the doubling down of the feminist effort to get out the vote, as she did in an interview with Variety, you have to wonder what the network heads are thinking.

Nothing is ever as it appears, and the network’s all-in support of fascism has me shaking my head on whether the networks truly understand how the image of the shrieking mob banging on the doors of the Supreme Court and screaming throughout the Kavanaugh hearings has moved the needle more toward voting Republican than energizing what is left of a demoralized Democratic base. It wasn’t just Republican voters who were appalled at the uncivil behavior displayed in our nation’s most revered institutions. Many independents and never Trumpers took one look at this crazy aunt and said, “Not today.”

The answer to what is ailing the media may lie in the steady and stealth takeover of social media platforms YouTube and Facebook by mainstream media corporations who are all too well aware that television is a stagnant and dying platform. In an interview with Ad Age, Viacom CEO Bob Bakish said, “I’m focused on something that we said 10 years ago, which actually never happened, which is to make the company truly a global, multiplatform brand and IP-driven content company. We’ve had a series of brands that people have said should be a bigger player in this space, but we really weren’t.” Viacom, one of the five largest global media corporations, seemed to make good on that vision when it acquired media giants Time Warner and AT&T.

In 2015, Viacom also invested in Roku, the hardware web streaming rival of Apple, Google and Amazon that had 8 percent of the stream-connected television market. Prior to this, Viacom made another digital investment in Digitour Media, the company that brings us YouTube and Vine stars on tour.

Unfortunately for those of us who are trying to find the Wizard in the media land of Oz, Facebook does not disclose its investors to the SEC, and its executives rarely talk about how much money individual clients spend on Facebook campaigns. In 2012, Business Insider, reported Facebook collected $1 billion per quarter in advertising revenue. And not surprisingly, it found cable TV company Turner probably spent more on Facebook ads than most other companies due to its heavy promotion of its channels, such as CNN.

Disney invested heavily in social media as well, plunking down $1 billion in 2016 in streaming tech. This deal followed on the heels of the $66 million it invested in virtual reality startup Jaunt in 2015. Currently, Disney is in negotiations in a $71.3 billion merger with 21st Century Fox. Ironically, it may be the Chinese government that evokes their antitrust process to frustrate the ambitions of America’s corporate giants. Ironic because U.S. shareholders and the U.S. Department of Justice didn’t blink and approved the deal. The Disney-Fox deal requires antitrust approval from a number of national regulators around the world, but China has let the time to green light the deal to run out.

Obviously, big media is moving behind the scenes to control what is streamed and received on the internet. All of which helps to explain why Facebook and YouTube censorship is continuing unabated. As in other matters, corporations don’t see people, they see dollars. And the stakes for these big players is global. When they can control what the world watches, we will all truly become citizens of Oz.

The media moguls that own what is seen, heard and reported on in the news have a vested interest in pushing the agenda of clueless actors such as Milano because it has a huge investment in seeing fascism succeed, not on the television, but on the internet. It’s a classic ploy. The Zuckerberg’s don’t care about the small investors, such as conservative veteran Brian Kolfage, who was recently blacklisted by Facebook without warning after he reportedly spent $300,000 on Facebook advertising. This is chump change to the billions big media is spending in the online news wars.

For those conservatives who believed that the internet was free of corporate control and that they had the numbers to back it up, it’s time to face the reality that we cannot compete with billions of corporate dollars. Mainstream media is without a doubt being propped up at a loss until the takeover of the internet is completed. Conservatives have always shied away from using government to control industry, but they are wrong in this instance. This isn’t about interfering with a company making washing machines or who wants to build a manufacturing plant on a river. This is about news and media freedom for generations to come.

Should conservatives gain control of the house and senate, they need to move quickly in filing anti-trust suits and enacting an internet law that stops arbitrary censoring for political ideals. Those status quo Republicans who have been approving these mega media mergers must be exposed and stripped of power. In the interim, we can expect to see a media that continues to support violence against those who hold nationalism and conservative ideals and a continued breakdown of civility. A media that is vested in censorship of dissenting voices and platforms that, at least to-date, remain free of government control, will be rewarded with total internet domination in the years to come.

Should America fall to the massive corporate takeover of media platforms over the internet with a socialist government at the helm, we will no doubt end up like our European neighbors, who are massively censored for free speech and who have only the BBC to spoon feed them “information.” Go vote and #ReignWell.