Press Blames Trump for Fake Pipe Bombs

It is a surprise to no one that the mainstream media is blaming Trump for what has turned out to be fake pipe bombs, all ostensibly “mailed” to CNN, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros and others. For two years, the Democrats have been funding and backing violence against Trump supporters and Republicans, yet we are now to believe that Trump is the cause of the violence.

From brawling with Trump supporters outside of rallies to chasing public officials out of public spaces, the far left have called for unrelenting violence against Trump supporters. Eric Holder advocates kicking them, Maxine Waters advocates for continuous harassment and Hillary Clinton says there will be no civility until Democrats are elected. And if that were not enough, Hollywood crazies like Rosie advocate for the military to remove President Trump from office in some sort of far-left coupe.

But Americans know all this. At least, flyover Americans. They’ve had to endure this circus the Democrats have made out of public elections and public officials, including the daily insults to our intelligence by the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN. And once again, the media attacks our intelligence by asking us to believe that it is Trump who is whipping up extremists and inciting dangerous acts of violence.Despite Trump’s unequivocal denouncement of violence, the media is moving full steam ahead in their narrative that the attacks were some how his fault. Rather than treating the pipe bomb threats as acts of terror as true journalists would and trying to find the actual Barabbas or group responsible for the stunt, the media is crying for Trump’s head.

To show just how out of touch the media is with Trump supporters, they are now pronouncing in lockstep that the rallying cry of conservatives to “lock her up”—when referring to Hillary Clinton’s crimes—is an act of violence being perpetuated by Trump. The long-time popular chant at Trump rallies refers not to acts of violence as the media supposes, but the populist longing to see justice done regarding Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, her stealing of the election from Bernie Sanders and the bribery of pay-to-play schemes involving the Clinton Foundation during her tenure as Secretary of State. What the media gets so wrong is that conservatives don’t want to see Hillary Clinton harmed, they want to see her actually in prison. One twitter user said it best when she tweeted:

The American media absolutely hates middle America. They talk down to non-coastal voters from their flickering ivory towers, demeaning nationalists as racists, calling voters Hitler and Trump supporters deplorables. Is it any wonder then that Americans are calling this orchestrated failure of fake bombs a false flag? Obviously, the fake explosives were politically motivated. But blaming the stunt on conservatives doesn’t make much sense.  Why would some deranged Trump fan want to blow up the lead Republicans are gaining in the final days leading up to the election? Of course, there is always a possibility some psycho living in a trailer on the back 40 with no running water and a collection of Trump MAGA hats is to blame. I’m just having a hard time buying that as a legitimate scenario, particularly when it has been the left employing violent tactics.

Today, CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets are no more than paid advocacy groups, and they should be treated as such under the law. Until real journalism returns, the media farce is, by far, the real lie perpetuated against the American people. An unbiased press that actually searches for truth in reporting has created a huge vacuum around the globe and there is only one way to change it. Congress must enforce antitrust laws rather than climbing in bed with multinational, global corporate media. Until then, I don’t believe the press anymore than most Americans.