The Extermination of the American Male

espite the media’s attempt to blame President Trump for the fake bombs and even the killing of 11 Jewish worshipers at a synagogue in Pittsburgh this past weekend, the push by activist groups and the media to turn Americans against Trump appears to not be affecting his approval numbers. Of particular note is Trump’s successful engagement of black Americans, as evidenced by last week’s Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House and the #WalkAway rally organized by gay activist Brandon Straka—two minority groups that have, until now, been firmly claimed as property of the Democratic Party.

The #WalkAway movement encourages Americans of all races and marginalized groups to embrace the Republican Party and leave the divisive group identity culture of the left while the Young Black Leadership Summit encourages black voters to stop voting Democrat based solely on their racial identity. Both groups are rejecting the herd mentality of an increasingly militant Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party has always used racial identity to sow discord among voters, but their time is almost up on playing this card because the country is yearning for racial unity and has grown weary of the term “racist” being indiscriminately thrown around. Even slightly sensible people know that not everyone can be a racist. Notwithstanding this ace up the sleeve, the Democrats are falling back on their now fully weaponized feminist movement, such as the one it rolled out during the Kavanaugh hearings, to continue to rile up their base and attack their favorite enemy—males.

Although the Democratic Party has used different avenues of law, policies and cultural forces to destroy black and white families, the one central tenet their methodologies have in common is the shared goal of extinguishing the American male from the family. Despite the avowed rhetoric of inclusion, the Democrats have historically never believed that black and whites are equal or that men and women are equal, which can be seen in their very different, yet foundationally similar, approaches to tearing down both black and white families and in creating gender divisions. They also militantly agree on the power of men, rather than women, as the center support beam of the family, as evidenced by the sheer force of Democratic organizations and U.S. policies deployed to devalue and exclude men in their role in the family and in public discourse.

The Democratic Party was successful in annihilating the black family unit and keeping black women on the plantation through programs such as Planned Parenthood, removing fathers from the home by restricting the amount of welfare a woman could receive, elevating government as “daddy” and provider and increasing incarceration rates of black men through life-crippling prison sentences. As Margaret Sanger, the Democratic activist once so infamously said, “Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated.”

Young Black Leadership Summit attendees in the White House on October 26, 2018. The future generation of young black Americans are rejecting the Democratic talking points of racial identity and embracing a Make America Great Again mantra for all. Photo credit: Pete Marovich/Getty Images.

For white women, feminist propaganda urged women to leave the family, put education first and join the workforce. And not coincidentally, it was also Sanger who coined the term, “birth control,” ostensibly freeing up women to leave the kitchen for the greener pastures of the office cube. “Have it all” was the mantra and message repeated ad nauseam to women beginning in the 1970s. Women were made to feel “less than” if they did not leave the home to work. The result has been the disintegration of families and several generations of women who now eschew the value of having and raising children.

Black children who survived the womb were herded into the US Health and Human Services Department’s Head Start program for early indoctrination while white children became latch key children and daycare babies, far removed from the family institution where values, expectations, personal responsibility and discipline is taught. The school system became the inept babysitter for black children in poorly run and funded inner city schools. Government provided their breakfast, lunch and the family check at home. While black women raised on government subsidies became increasingly more unhappy, drug-addicted and stressed out, their children fell prey to ever more increasing government control and crime.

It was President Lyndon B. Johnson who started the Head Start program under his “War on Poverty.” The very same President Johnson who also said, “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” According to Joe Klein, a Times columnist, the program is a multibillion-dollar failure. Klein wrote, “There is indisputable evidence about the program’s effectiveness, provided by the Department of Health and Human Services: Head Start does not work.” It did, however, succeed in having generations of black adults believe that the government, rather than the individual, was responsible for the outcome of their lives.

The result of all these policies? Empty, broken and morally deficient individuals—black and white—who believe they are owed something by the state and who latched onto the Democratic teat more than they did to their own mothers. Which, of course, was the idea all along. You can’t brainwash small American children until you get them into the educational system, which had no vested interest in teaching them to value individual strengths and weaknesses over diversity. Meanwhile, these wards of the state went home after school to broken and drug-addicted single-parent households. Rather than being angry at a system that had used them and duped their parents, they became angry at men, particularly white men, or hunted phantom sexism.

And the decades-old feminist ideology of “having it all” hasn’t turned out well for American women either. Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers paper, “The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness,” concluded that in the 1970s, women exhibited higher well being compared to men. They found that today, despite being more educated, earning more money, and having greater levels of autonomy in society, women are more miserable than ever. White, middle-aged rural women are also dying faster than any other group in the United States, which I reported on in my article, Poor and White in America.

By believing the lie that women could have it all and do it all and, that if a woman were unhappy, she not only could divorce, she should divorce, has produced incalculable societal damage and personal pain. This cultural drum beat resulted in divorce rates peaking in 1980 at around 40 percent, and women, not men, statistically becoming the initiator of divorce proceedings, this according to an often cited 2000 American Sociologist Association survey that showed 70 percent of divorce proceedings were initiated by women. Men once anchored to our most stabilizing institution—the family—were cut adrift, separated from their children and their role as provider and often materially losing everything they had worked to achieve through no-fault divorce laws.

Adding insult to injury, workplace success was becoming more illusive as the result of the large number of women entering the workforce at a time when manufacturing jobs were disappearing from the national landscape. Men became increasingly marginalized in media and were often portrayed in ads and movies as bumbling, inept and insensitive. Young men who had found themselves competing for coveted spots in universities and on the job, found they were being passed over for government policies that financially rewarded institutions that promoted women over men.

The biggest target of the Democratic Party is the elimination of men in society, culture and the family. Hard core feminists like to say they bathe in white male tears.

The creator of one of the most successful ads ever aimed at women, Pat Martin, died this past summer. Martin created the wildly successful feminist slogan, “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby” for Virginia Slims’ cigarette ads. The Chicago Sun said of Martin’s ads, “The ads contrasted sepia-toned images of women trapped in the domestic drudgery of past eras alongside supermodels like Beverly Johnson, Cristina Ferrare and Cheryl Tiegs who held up their Virginia Slims as if they were ‘torches of freedom’—the cigarettes puffed by debutantes in the 1929 New York City Easter Parade.” Obviously, the message was that women were to consider domestic life a life of drudgery.

In the black community, women were left to their own devices when the amount of government assistance a woman received depended largely on whether there was a man in the home and how many children she had. As a result, single-headed households of black women increased exponentially. Black men, also cut adrift from the family and unable to find meaningful employment as manufacturing and construction jobs dried up, often turned to drug crime as their source of income. The black man was tossed away in society and conveniently incarcerated when caught going south of the law.

Through the enactment of bad prison reform laws passed during the Clinton and Bush eras, such as the “three strikes law,” “War on Drugs” and the privatization of federal prisons, the prospect of securing meaningful employment upon release was bleak. And what were these men to come home to, after all? Their children had grown up without them while they languished behind bars serving draconian sentences for substance abuse and possession.

Where are all the black men? According to the NAACP, between 1980 and 2015, the number of people incarcerated in America increased from roughly 500,000 to more than 2.2 million. How does this benefit black families? It doesn’t.

What used to be the subtle pushing out of men in society, family and culture has now become the driving force behind the feminist anger and grievance culture against an entire class of people—males. Many of these young children, now young students and adults, are caught up in the feminist and Antifa movements because they never experienced the love and care of a father or had any connection with masculinity. Rather, they are taught from a tender age that masculinity is “toxic,” and is to be avoided at all costs.

The good news is that the blackout on the data of how the war against men has been instrumental in the disintegration of the American family is creeping into the light. Sociologists and health professionals are paying attention to the damage caused by U.S. policies and the anti-male cultural winds of academia and Hollywood, and they are sounding the alarm. Movement’s such as Turning Point USA’s Blexit campaign are also waking up the black community to the damage that has been wrought by failed Democratic policies.

Ironically, it isn’t just American boys and men suffering under the heavy hand of anti-male rhetoric, but women and girls. The poisonous lie propagated on the younger generation is that there is little to no difference between the sexes and that sexual differences are a social construct, not a biological fact. Problem is, this theory doesn’t have much science to back it up. Despite not being true, sexual homogenity is preached as absolute doctrine in the corporate college education system.

A nation without strong, mentally stable and dialed-in males is a nation on the brink of annihilation. When has it ever been beneficial for America to ostracize an entire group of its own people. Certainly Jim Crow laws were a blight on our history, as was denying women the right to vote or own property.

Never before in history has a nation allowed a small group of think tanks, feminists and socialists to destroy hundreds of years of wisdom and common sense for unproven social experimentation in a handful of decades. A small vocal group of zealots who believe they have the moral and educational high ground has been allowed to gerrymander and tear down our civic and public institutions, the family unit and established biological science to enact their own idea of a perfect society. It is time to stop the left from turning black and white Americans on one another and pitting male and females against one another. Most of all, it’s time to stop the extermination of the American male. #SavetheAmericanMale #WalkAway #Blexit