WomenStrong Releases Its Own Girl’s Club Handbook

WomenStrong, a non-government organization with board members from the CFR, World Bank, UNESCO, the EPA and other globalist and environmental organizations just announced the release of their newest handbook for girl’s groups, and it isn’t your mother’s old Girl Scout handbook.

The opening chapter of the 1963 Junior Girl Scout Handbook begins with a chapter titled The Path: “The path of Scouting is a fun filled path. Every step along the way is filled with adventure. You’ll hike in the sun, in the snow, and in the rain. You’ll explore on foot, take a bus, or a train. Camp under a tree. Learn to fix a scratched knee. Indoors, too, there’s plenty to do. You’ll cook and sew and tell stories you know. Put on a play, make figures of clay, make bracelets and rings—all kinds of things.”

The WomenStrong’s girls handbook, however, isn’t about such old-fashioned things such as appreciation for the outdoors, domestic skills or civic responsibility. According to the group’s press release, the handbook helps girls worldwide never need to say, “#MeToo.” The Strong Girls Make Strong Women: A Practical Handbook to Creating and Leading a Girls’ Club immediately wants us to know that one in three women experience gender-based violence in her lifetime. Okay then.

The contrast of WomenStrong’s handbook with the Girl Scout’s organization couldn’t be more stark. What was once a wholesome group for girls to meet others and earn badges for various achievements and that began each troop meeting with the simple Girl Scout Promise, has been usurped by a rabid group of racists, feminists, environmentalists and globalists who’s stated goal is to empower women. But at what cost?

Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try:
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people at all times,
To obey the Girl Scout Laws.

The entire WomenStrong project is based on achieving one goal—gender equality—as dictated by the United Nations. According to the group’s press release, “It [the handbook] gives girls the foundational skills they need to become the next generation of young leaders, further propelling progress towards gender equality set forth by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5.” I kid you not.

A perusal of the board of directors for the organization and those that partner with them is a who’s who of globalist meddlers, the same ones that fill academia, well funded leftist foundations and the regular troupe of activist and arrogant professors who wish to save us from ourselves. Here’s a quick summary of just who is running this group that wants to advise those that wish to lead a girls group.

George Biddle

George Biddle was the executive vice president of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) from 2000 to 2015 and still serves on its board. IRC is a group that is currently supporting the caravan of illegal immigrants headed to the U.S. border. The landing page of IRC declares, ”Families escaping violence in Central America have the right to seek asylum in the United States without being criminalized or separated from their children. Amid proposals to close the southern border, these desperate families need aid and protection.” Prior to his tenure with IRC, Biddle was vice president of the International Crisis Group, an organization that disagrees with President Trump’s economic sanctions against Iran.

Yasmine Ergas

Professor Yasmine Ergas is Director of the Specialization on Gender and Public Policy and Lecturer in the Discipline of International and Public Affairs at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. Quite a mouthful. She must be very important. She is also a Senior Advisor to Columbia’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights. A lawyer and sociologist, Ergas focuses on gender and women’s rights. Her current research addresses the ways in which the analysis of gender relations has been integrated into international affairs, the emergence of a global market in reproductive services and the impact of human rights programs and policies. Hopefully you caught the bit on reproductive “services.”

Clearly, Ergas is a died in the wool feminist of the stripe that has caused so much damage in universities across the nation. Once you strip away her fancy titles, she’s just another gender study professor. Ergas also served as a consultant to international and domestic policy organizations such as OECD, UNESCO, the Millennium Villages Project, the New York City Commission on Human Rights and CENSIS.

Beth Horowitz

Dr. Beth Horowitz is a physician in full-time private practice in downtown Washington, D.C. She has been involved with human rights organizations as a volunteer but her more obvious connection to StrongWomen seems to be her involvement in performing evaluations for refugees seeking asylum in the United States. See Bickle above.

Stephen Kass

Stephen Kass is another credentialed human rights activist and globalist and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. An attorney, Kass’ contribution to WomenStrong would appear to be his in-depth knowledge of environmental laws and his involvement in a group he founded in 1994 and helped to direct—Carter Ledyard & Milburn’s Environmental Practice Group—where he served as lead counsel in numerous cases involving the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Air Act, the National Historic Preservation Act and their New York counterparts. Scary, indeed.

Catherine Lee

Lee is the founder and manager of Lee International Business Development and is a climate change activist. She meddles in climate change policy, projects and programs domestically and internationally. An attorney, Lee advises clients on all aspects of greenhouse gas emissions trading under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the California Cap and Trade program, the Verified Carbon Standard and other emerging carbon standards. In other words, she’s a serious nuisance and a buyer and seller in the phantom market of carbon emission schemes.

Geeta Mehta

Dr. Geeta Mehta is an adjunct professor of architecture and urban design at Columbia University in New York, where she teaches seminars and design studios that have worked in India, China, Austria, France, Ukraine, Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, Ghana and Kenya. Professor Mehta is the founder and president of the non-profit Asia Initiatives, where she has developed the concept of Social Capital Credits (SoCCs), a feel-good system that trades in carbon credits and airline loyalty programs and was no doubt hoping her program will one day be used as a prototype for a global carbon tax scheme. 

Mamphela Aletta Ramphele

Dr. Mamphela Aletta Ramphele is a an old activist from the 1970s. Ramphele is a physician, community activist and anti-apartheid leader, and is one of the founders of the South African Black Consciousness Movement, a militant group that promoted racial identity to the exclusion of whites. She later went on to found and lead the Agang South African Party. She also served as one of four directors with the World Bank for South Africa. And if that wasn’t enough, she founded the Open Society Foundation for South Africa.

Peggy Shepard

Peggy Shepard is a grassroots environmental organizer. A leader within New York City and the national Environmental Justice Movement, she is co-founder and executive director of WE ACT For Environmental Justice, which has a 27-year history of affecting environmental and environmental health policy and practice locally and nationally.

Shepard is a serious environmental fanatic, helping to enact federal policy and legislation on diesel retrofits, air quality regulations, pesticides, toxins, climate change and environmental justice and worked with the EPA. She serves on scores of other activists groups too many to mention. She’s generally a nightmare for those of us who love the earth, but don’t believe government meddling is the solution.

What we do not need are more women who believe they are oppressed in America. Despite the fact that women vote, own property, are educated, and have successful careers, third wave feminist believe every man is a potential rapist and that they are oppressed by a patriarchal system.

So that’s concludes a brief summary of the gang of eight of the WomenStrong organization. For anyone who doesn’t think that feminist groups have been weaponized, a cursory look at just one of the many NGOs aimed at women should be enough to convince you.

Americans tend to believe that organizations are made up of accomplished and civic-minded smart people who serve the greater good out of some altruistic motivation. And to be fair, this is often true. The board members of WomenStrong no doubt believe they are working for the greater good. Problem is, we don’t always believe in the same goals or that goodness is something that can actually be achieved.

The fundamental difference between these NGO groups and conservatives is that conservatives recognize that man is inherently capable of both good and evil and this, after all, is why no single man or group has ever been able to “save” the world. Where there is power and financial gain to be had, there will always be dictators and exploiters of the system and of people.

Contrary to what the left believes about conservatives, we actually do care about women and the environment, but our belief isn’t centered around any good that may hide in the breasts of men but in a God who will judge us all for our deeds. It is incumbent upon us all to remind leftists that we, too, want to drink clean water and have chemical-free food for our children and ourselves. Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, which is why I have always thought it highly unlikely that we are the citizens throwing trash from moving vehicles and into recreational waterways. We may believe it is important to use scrubbers in factories, but not require citizens who live in the Appalachian Mountains to stop burning wood or coal for fuel.

And as for this third wave of feminists, their desire to empower women has come at the cost of marginalizing men, particularly white men. Feminists, like the progressive left, believe strongly that white men are the real reason they don’t rule the world, because essentially it is power that they seek. CNN’s Don Lemon doesn’t believe he is wrong when he recently said that white men are all bad and neither does his audience.

The left has shifted it’s focus from minorities to attacking a shared enemy it has with feminists and other racists, which in this case is the majority of white people in America. It’s also why there is no media outcry over the slaughtering of white farmers in South Africa. The only way to win this war against humanity, is to continue to call out the racism of the left and refuse to participate in the psychological methodologies it employs such as refraining from using words such as nationalist because it insists on redefining the word to mean white hate speech. So the next time the progressive left tells you that you can’t say a particular word, get a little salty like Senator Lindsey Graham and just tell them, “Kiss my ass.” #Reignwell