Google CEO’s Pants on Fire Following Testimony

Perhaps it was fitting to hear this morning that Google’s tech office in China was on fire following Google and Alphabet board member Sundar Pichai’s appearance on Capitol Hill yesterday. At least that would explain why his pants were one fire. Pichai’s testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday to answer questions of alleged political bias, among other things, was without overstating the issue, the biggest waste of congressional time that I have ever witnessed, though former FBI director Comey’s “I don’t recall” farce comes pretty close. Pichai’s nose should have been longer than Pinnochio’s due to the lies and doublespeak he dished out in response to the absolutely inane committee questions he was asked. But we knew that going in, didn’t we?

Google is cooperating with totalitarian governments worldwide to take away freedom of speech and individual autonomy, such as its recent approval of Smart Pakem, the app launched in Indonesia last month in cooperation with the Indonesian government that will allow users and government officials to enforce Sharia law and target and report people with “misguided” beliefs. The release of this Orwellian app was just recently picked up in the western press following on the heels of the announcement that Google was deep under the sheets with the Chinese government in developing its social scoring system and the arrest of Chinese heiress and spy for Huawei. Yet, despite these facts (and absurd denials) we are to believe that Google, and by extension, Pichai, holds no bias against nationalists and conservatives in particular—it’s all just business, or algorithims built by no one ever, according to Pichai.

Google’s tech office in China’s silicon valley erupted into flames early Wednesday morning. Photo Zhang Lucy/Twitter, via Daily Mail.

Pichai, real name Pichai Sundararajan, does hold a political view, as we all do. He has publicly tweeted about his disappointment that Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, saying “Disappointed with today’s decision. Google will keep working hard for a cleaner, more prosperous future for all.” Pichai was also the top chief and bottle washer CEO when Google software engineer Jame Damore was infamously fired last year as a result of his anti-diversity memo, which he aptly titled,Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”

Damore was certainly right when he said Google is an ideological echo chamber. Google employee and design lead Dave Hogue tweeted anti-GOP messages following the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court:

According to the Daily Caller, another employee, Julia Ferraioli, a senior developer advocate at Google, quote-tweeted a statement from Mitch McConnell in reference to the Kavanaugh confirmation. McConnell said, “These things always blow over,” and Ferraioli added, “We will prove you wrong.” And in case anyone forgot about the leaked Google staff meeting video of Google executives consoling the troops after the victorious election of President Trump, I’ve included it below for posterity. These are Google LEADERS, including our star congressional witness Pichai, who even self-identifies in the video as a “refugee.” Not exactly accurate. Pichai came from a middle-class family in India and studied metallurgical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur where he was successful enough to win a scholarship to Stanford.

The doublespeak on the Hill was not really all that clever for a wunderkind. In prepared statements, Pichai actually said, “We have invested an enormous amount of work over the years to bring choice, transparency, and control to our users.” Okay, I’m going to be sick now. He really does believe we are that stupid.

What is needed to reign in google is an antitrust suit. Clueless congressional committee members who know nothing about tech are not going to solve the google problem and are not going to reign in a company so intent on working with communist regimes and controlling human behavior. It’s going to take some smart, tough technical know-how to bring this dragon down. To pretend that google is a completely blind corporation is to believe twitter, Facebook, YouTube and PayPal also don’t have an anti-conservative bias. Tell that to the thousands of conservatives who are getting deplatformed daily. I’ll wait. #Reignwell