American Treason: The Vikings Are Here


s a tumultuous 2018 grinds to a close and the ever-present investigative menace of Russian “collusion” continues, so too is the cup of wrath beginning to boil over in the breasts of Americans, much like the yellow-vested citizenry in Macron’s France, and I predict that it is not going to bear the fruit of a prosperous new year.

Perhaps a latter day historian will identify the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back to treasonous former FBI director James Comey’s second testimony in just two weeks before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees—where he continues to defy Congress and the American people in his own game of thrones. Or it may be the failure of Congress to fund the southern U.S. border wall, the Federal Reserve insisting on raising interest rates and crashing the market or an unconstitutional takeover of a U.S. presidency by a deranged and lawless Congress salivating over the removal of President Trump from office.

Conservatives have thus far been willing to seek justice and attempt to right the listing ship of a treasonous government through the democratic and systematic powers that be, but when justice becomes mere pageantry and high crimes of government officials are never met with swift punishment, what are Americans to do? Justice has been left to bleed in the streets, trampled upon by arrogant and evil men such as James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, Adam Schiff and Barack Obama. Lady Justice has been ravaged by raiding deep state Vikings and she has no clothes.

FBI agent Peter Strozk tells FBI lover Lisa Page in his text message when asked if Trump will ever become President, “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”

But I sense a sea change coming. The anger of Americans is so hot, so molten, it cannot yet be whispered lest a bird overhear it and it break out like an uncontrolled California wildfire, carried along by the winds of a population long denied justice under the current laws and running out of patience. Independent pundits and publishers alike are afraid to put into words the growing disappointment over Trump’s inability to build the wall or render justice to the corrupt deep state players. To give digital ink to the growing disappointment would put them in the crosshairs of an increasingly hostile press and a ruthless technological oligarchy. PayPal and Google can erase creators livelihoods overnight, wiping out their content and audience with impunity and cutting off their revenue streams.

The established media would have us believe that the progressive left has the upper hand as the new Congress is poised to convene in 2019 and they would be right. But do not be fooled. Fly-over Americans and Trump supporters are well aware that Republican leadership is weak. They, too, are the swamp of which the silent majority speaks of. Rather, what Americans were looking for in Trump was another Ragnor Lothbrok, their very own Viking king. A real junk yard dog who was to protect their land and their coffers from the raiding hands of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the deep state officials running the country. But a junk yard dog with no teeth cannot stop the thieves from breaking in.

Trump supporters have been let out to sea by weak Republican leadership, and Trump’s base is finding there is equal parts despair and anger seething beneath the barely rippling waters of legislative concessions and mafia-like take downs of anyone who stands too close to Trump. It is being carried along in the fast-moving current of the continuous deplatforming, defunding and civil persecution of those on the right by social media technology tyrants. It is in the roiling whitecaps of bleached and smashed computers, FBI agents whose phones are wiped clean, heavily redacted FOIAs, lost emails, immunity deals, tarmac meetings and pay-to-play schemes. It is in the swirling eddies of unprecedented voter fraud, runaway illegal immigration and sexual perversions pushed on American school children. It is in the riptide carrying out to sea protected whistleblowers, whose homes are invaded with impunity by marauding FBI agents. It’s Paul Manafort and his wife staring down the weapons of FBI agents in the early dawn hours of bucolic Alexandria, Virginia. It is General Flynn and the shakedown of 72-year-old Dr. Jerome Corsi. It is in the relentless derision of late night comics such as Jimmy Kimmel, who believes Americans outside the two coasts are toothless, uneducated rednecks high on meth.

“I had forgotten that, while Thor hurls his Hammer from storm-clouds, Odin prefers his strike to come out of a calm sky.”
Robert Low, The White Raven

Republicans and government officials should be taking careful note of populist movements throughout Europe. Make no mistake, the real danger of a civil war erupting won’t be ushered in as a result of the thuggery and misguided idealism of Antifa, but the rising up of a silent majority that will no longer remain mute because their words have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears and their vote made not to count. President Trump was right when he said his base would rise up should they try to remove him from office illegally. And their voices can be heard across the Atlantic in Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders and Viktor Orban and in the signed letter earlier this month of a former French Minister and 16 military generals accusing President Emmanuel Macron of treason if he signed the U.N. global migration pact.

Their letter is instructive in that the same could be said to our own Republican leadership: “You can not give up this new part of the national sovereignty without a public debate whereas 80% of the French population considers that it is necessary to stop or regulate drastically the immigration. By deciding alone to sign this pact, you would add an additional reason for revolt to the anger of an already battered people. You would be guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation.”

Turns out women really do like a fighter. The fiercest Trump warriors are Republican women, with 93 percent supporting him over Republican men. Wall Street Journal editorial writer Daniel Henninger calls this distinct and dedicated population of women “America’s most determined political outliers.”

It is often difficult to recognize history while in the midst of it, but anarchy may be all that is left if Americans are subjected to yet another year of endless investigations and a blood thirsty deep state fueled by a relentless press. If illegal immigration continues unabated and Trump is unable to facilitate the passage of meaningful immigration reform, our country will be overrun by invaders who do not share our values.

It is imperative that Clinton, Comey and others are punished for their high crimes against the American people. To not do so would make us like the French. We, too, would be guilty of the “denial of democracy or treason against our nation.”

The Democrats plan of attack against the American people is to continually persecute Trump until he is no longer in office or they are able to remove him. Already the incoming Democrats are preparing plans to investigate almost every aspect of Trump’s private life. Progressives are well known for their passive-aggressive behavior and they are practiced at keeping the long game in view, which is why the courts are stacked with progressive judges who rule at every turn against any effort of the Trump administration to enforce current immigration policies and tamper with executive power. It’s why our Justice Department, FBI and CIA are filled with deep state players. Failing to hold the reigns of power, the Democrats may yet still win. They have only to wait for us to all die as Oprah so infamously said of older white baby boomers.

America’s youth will not fight the progressives but rather go as sheep to the slaughter. They are physically and mentally weak. Brainwashed by a lifetime of academic propaganda, confused about their sexual orientation, addicted to entertainment and soon to be brain damaged by a lethal 5G network. They will offer no resistance. Indeed, the bogey men of the West—the sleeping dragon of China, Putin’s Russia and the jihadists of Islam—will be waiting to take down our children like ravenous wolves.

As we move into the virgin days of 2019, I can only hope that the new Congress remembers the age-old sailor’s warning: Red sky at dawn, sailors be warned. A tempest is building across the globe. Let us be ready. #Reignwell

“Vikings, it seems, make their own way.” ― Helen Russell, The Year of Living Danishly: My Twelve Months Unearthing the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country.