Why the West Is the Best

In the recently released World Happiness Report 2018, the United States came in 18 out of 156 nations that were measured for overall happiness. And it turns out that the old adage that money doesn’t make you happy turns out to be true. That’s not to say that abject poverty makes people happy. Certainly, having enough to eat and a roof over your head accounts for a lot of happiness. And out of those country making the top 25 in the list, individual wealth was significantly higher than those nations ranking in the bottom. The title of the report is also a bit of a misnomer because the report actually measures happiness in direct correlation with migration. The report should have been named the World Migrant Happiness Report 2018.

Not for the first time, Norwegian nations ranked at the top of the list for overall satisfaction with Finland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland making the top five and Canada coming in at a close #7. So what makes these nations that spend much of the year shrouded in darkness and cold, so much happier than the rest of the western world? Interestingly, one of the factors measured was whether or not citizens considered their government corrupt, among other factors such as freedom of choice, social support and generosity. But there is a glaring factor that ranks these nation’s the happiest that the study does not address.

If diversity is a nation’s greatest strength, as we are all told ad nauseam here in the United States, then it sure didn’t show up in this study. Finland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland are all most exclusively homogeneous white societies. People are living with their own race and with people who share similar values. Not exactly politically correct to point out, but certainly true if one dives into the data. And it certainly isn’t politically correct to point out that it is western nations that experience the most overall happiness. This despite academia and politicians attacking our western values as evil, empirical, patriarchal and predatory.

Findland ranked overall the happiest in the World Happiness Report 2018.

And when immigrants migrate to western nations, the study found that there was no evidence that their happiness improved. Rather, there was evidence that second-generation migrants are no happier than their immigrant parents. For those of us who pay attention to such things, this comes as no surprise. Most of the radicalization of London’s Muslim immigrants are from second generation migrants. Unable or unwilling to adopt western culture, large numbers of immigrants are unemployed and isolated from their social support and national norms. Nothing could be worse for a society than a large population of fighting-age men with idle hands and nothing to do but brew on their plight in a nation they don’t see themselves a part of. I wrote about this extensively in my article, Diversity Is Not Our Strength and Other Lies of the Progressive Left.

But facts are funny things and Democrats, and especially progressive leftists, have bought into the diversity lie like a Jehovah’s Witness riding a bicycle with the latest Watch Tower in hand. The left has invested far too much in this zealous ideology that warring factions makes for strength to concede that such ideas as nationalism, built on a shared history, ideals and values, make for a more happy, prosperous people. Unfortunately, people are so afraid of being called a racist or a Nazi by pointing out facts, the left goes unchallenged in pushing clearly debunked ideals that lead to disastrous policies, including immigration. Good thing I don’t care what any leftist calls me. #Reignwell.