Pathetic, Self-Hating Democrat Presidential Hopefuls Are Giving Whites a Bad Name

The racial hatred against whites from the left, stoked by socialist university ideology that promotes the myth that America is nothing more than a colonial system of government enacted by an evil white patriarchy, is now the talking point of pathetic Democratic presidential hopefuls. Racial hate speech that used to be reserved for Hollywood actors, the media or university professors is now being actively used by presidential candidates, as is the phrase white nationalism being conflated to mean white supremacy.

Robert “Beto” O’Rourke’s mea culpa came when he was forced to apologize for his “white privilege” after the left-wing mob attacked him for his comment that he only sometimes raises his children, meaning as most sensible people understood, his wife is the primary caregiver of the family. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough disparaged O’Rourke for the apology. “Do not apologize every time a blue checkmark says something mean about you, because I guarantee you the guy that you want to run against is a white supremacist and he doesn’t apologize for that, so you don’t have to apologize for putting out a self-deprecating joke.”

Notwithstanding this groveling by O’Rourke, CNN’s senior political reporter, Nia-Malika Henderson, issued a scathing critique of former Rep. Beto O’Rourke saying his continued popularity after losing last year’s Senate race to Ted Cruz “drips with white male privilege.”

In a rant about changing the current culture in the Russian Tea Room in New York this month, Biden suggested that work places are full of white male predators, citing the Anita Hill hearings during the Justice Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. This was, of course, before Biden was caught up in his own “creepy Uncle Joe” sexual impropriety accusations. Biden told the audience, “A white man’s culture. It’s gotta change.”

CNN’s political analyst Joan Walsh reinforced Biden’s white-hating comments. “If former Vice President Joe Biden wanted to change the white man’s culture he complained about yesterday, then he should not run for President in 2020 and instead support one of the female candidates.”

The media has long called President Trump a racists and considers his base white supremacists. Earlier in the month, Joe Scarborough said on his program “Morning Joe,” that Trump is a white supremacist who will never apologize for being one.

But the rhetoric has moved to the dangerous, as it always does with the left. AP reports, that “Facebook is extending its ban on hate speech to prohibit the promotion and support of white nationalism and white separatism. The company previously allowed such material even though it has long banned white supremacists. The social network said that it didn’t apply the ban previously to expressions of white nationalism because it linked such expressions with broader concepts of nationalism and separatism — such as American pride or Basque separatism (which are still allowed).

But civil rights groups and academics called this view ‘misguided’ and have long pressured the company to change its stance. Facebook said it concluded after months of ‘conversations’ with them that white nationalism and separatism cannot be meaningfully separated from white supremacy and organized hate groups.”

This is extremely dangerous. When the masters of the universe say they are going to lump white people, who happen to care about their nation, with actual white supremacists, they are denying a very large portion of Americans their voice in public discourse. They are cutting free speech off at the knees. And the self-hating Democratic presidential candidates who bow to the racists bullshit, should be ashamed of themselves. I can’t name anyone who would want to elect a self-loathing, navel-gazing man as the president of the free world. If “Beto” O’Rourke and Biden bow to the outrage mob, who needs them. I don’t think America is ready for a Justin Trudeau.

So what is the end game here? Why is the media so desperately pushing the white male annihilation agenda? It’s really as simple as the fact that a socialist global agenda cannot be enacted as long as the majority of men in the United States stand in the way. And although we are fast becoming a nation of illegal brown immigrants, that means white men. The Democrats are also losing the black vote, which is why it is so important that they continue to stir up black resentment toward whites. Democrats don’t care about reparations any more than they actually care about the black population. It’s also why we see an increase in racial hoax crimes, such as the Jussie Smollett case, being pushed in mainstream media.

So yes, Democrats believe white men should just stop breathing already. All the more reason conservatives must fight harder to shut down the racial hatred by exposing the racial lies, closing the border, and fixing immigration. Slurs against whites is racism. It must be called out, no matter how wearying it is. The left will scream like petulant toddlers that conservatives just want to keep America white. But the reality is that conservatives just want to preserve a nation that isn’t sold out to globalism, lest we end up like the poor Brits, who are stuck in the European Union and who have no say in the sovereignty of their own country.

Conservatives care about preserving the United States Constitution and individual freedoms. Unlike the left, conservatives don’t see color, we see Americans. However, allowing millions of illegal non-American Central Americans into our nation who do not share our ideals is going to change our nation forever. There’s much too much at stake to continue fighting nicely. Disparagement of whites in any form by the media, politicians or any other group, is no more acceptable than the disparagement of any other groups.

Hijacking the term nationalism to mean white supremacy is an old ploy of the left. Let’s not let them get away with it. #Reignwell