Is Google’s High Priestess Evil or Just a Conforming Bot?

Google’s Jen Gennai, head of Responsible Innovation Global Affairs, was recently busted by one of James O’Keefe’s latest Project Veritas’ undercover stings. Gennai was captured on video admitting that Google manipulates its search results and data and is actively working to stop the re-election of President Trump by manipulating machine learning (ML) algorithms.

But is Jen Gennai evil or just another conforming leftist bot? As I watched the undercover video of her, she struck me as not particularly original or brilliant, but rather just another highly credentialed “liberal” bot who sincerely believes her own convictions are the only ones that matter.

In fact, Gennai personifies the type of NPC who belongs to a certain cabal of progressive “churches” of left-wing demagoguery that march in perfect military lockstep of thought. I don’t think she’s evil, just another dutiful yet tiresome cog in the wheel of the ruling elite who believe they can save the world—among other things.

It’s fairly well established that one should not pick on others for their appearance, but stereotypes and social class uniforms are not entirely devoid of truth and can be useful. Women such as Gennai all have a certain and familiar aesthetic that is easy to spot if you are paying attention.

In Washington, D.C., they are as ubiquitous as tan trench coats and cherry blossoms in the spring. These highly educated high priestesses of progressive thought are easily identified more by what they do not wear or do not do more than anything else.

And despite being avowed feminists with multiple degrees, they conform fairly consistently to erase any semblance of their own femininity. It’s almost like they are bowing to the corporate “patriarchy” by making themselves sexless, but you didn’t hear that here.

The uniform for these overly confident feminist brain trusts are exclusively characterized by the noticeable absence of makeup, no hair style or hair dye, and the unassuming yet expensive clothes they often wear, much how Gennai appears in the Project Veritas video and in corporate photos and videos.

Their progressive, feminist uniform isn’t purple hair and nose rings, but a bland milk toast and totally unfeminine Anne KIein-type uniform—conformist and predictable—that signals her seriousness and status as far superior to say, the liberal street protester holding a sign while topless or a MAGA supporter in a red baseball hat.

Serious women have no concern for their appearance. They must at all times be only gazed at for their brilliant and articulated ideas!

Although I think Gennai, as a successful tech guru, can afford an uglier but more expensive uniform than Anne Klein, her appearance in the video does show that she conforms to a set of ideals, just as much as the Muslim woman in a hijab or the Amish woman in her long dress.

The difference is that she is so blinded by her own ideology that she is probably unaware that, just in her appearance alone, she is virtue signaling her class status and deeply held beliefs as if she was a walking billboard for Ted Talks, where the male uniform is almost always black t-shirts or turtlenecks, jeans and “cool” sneakers. By de facto, she is her own progressive NPC.

But lest you think my digression into fashion choices is amiss and distracting in this entire Google Gate, I believe it perfectly illustrates the lemming-like mindset of tech gurus on the left. And after all, they hold more power than any one person in Washington. I find them fascinating to study in their simplicity and sophomoric virtue signaling and believe it’s important for us to know what makes them tick.

Uniform is, of course, just the beginning of what it takes to become a member of Gennai’s elite church, however. Adherents must have first graduated from a prestigious East Coast university, or at least Berkeley. Though in Gennai’s case, she is Irish and graduated from Trinity College in Dublin. Even better, she’s a global, jet-setting thinker!

This type usually hatches fully incubated from two-parent households where it was always assumed that they would go to university. They have been groomed from childhood by high-achieving parents to become the next CEO or sit on the board of some worthy progressive cause. These kids passed the marshmallow test.

They also come from almost exclusively white neighborhoods and schools. In other words, they come from privilege and are locked and loaded with the guilt their professors have indoctrinated them with. I don’t know Gennai’s background, but that is how they are grown in the United States.

They also come with Big Ideas on how the rest of us should think and conduct ourselves. Women such as Gennai truly believe they are more socially conscious and more sophisticated than the rest of us. In her LinkedIn bio, Gennai writes that she is a, “Passionate advocate and leader of diversity efforts in the technology sector.”

As comedian George Carlin once said, there’s a club, and we are not in it. Like any old society club, there are rules that must be obeyed and certain premises accepted on the nature of society, culture and politics one must believe in before membership is granted and girls like Gennai are invited to the spring ball.

And the club of Google takes its membership seriously. Joelle Skaf, a Google software engineer, was responsible for circulating an in-house petition that was signed by more than 2,000 Googlers after it was announced that Kay Coles James, President of the conservative Heritage Foundation, was going to serve on Google’s advisory board. The Daily Caller reported on a fiery All-Hands Meeting in April where Google staff had a meltdown after staging an inside revolt.

In emails obtained by The Daily Caller, Meredith Whittaker, another petition sponsor who heads up Google’s Open Research Group, flatly disparaged the idea of including people with conservative points of view:

“I would note that the argument for viewpoint diversity was at the core of [James] Damore’s [diversity] memo, and has been used by the alt-­right to argue against diversity efforts that focus on historically marginalized communities. … This appointment undermines all of the work we’ve done to push for more ethical processes, from organizing against Maven, to our ML Fairness work, and beyond. It’s extremely disappointing that this Council is offered as an answer to the pressing questions so many of us have been raising for a long while.”

That’s a shocking admission only if you haven’t been paying attention, as well as a lot of hand-wringing over one elderly conservative black woman. Mind you, the Heritage Foundation President wasn’t accused of any high crime other than being a conservative, but Google staffers revolted nonetheless, mocking Gennai’s defense of the appointment at one of their April 2019 All-Hands meetings, forcing her to admit, “We didn’t get it right.”

But high achievement is but one such price of omission to today’s elite society clubs—and big tech. Gennai and her ilk love to brag that they don’t own televisions or live in bland commuter towns. They are almost exclusively city dwellers who don’t eat anything that isn’t organic. Gennai herself lives in San Francisco, but I have no idea whether she owns a television or eats organic. You be the judge.

Regardless, their purchases are thoughtful environmental decisions, not just dinner or a new dress. Above all, however, these elites must hold a belief that they are anointed individuals with a mission to lead others, in one way or other, toward a better life. For Gennai, that is making life “fair” for everyone as she jet-sets around the globe.

To illustrate further how righteously religious Google staffers are, one developer sent the following message to Gennai the day after the tense meeting: “Would we even consider having a virulent anti­-Semite on the advisory board? How about an avowed racist or white supremacist? Would we use diversity of input as justification for including someone with those extreme views? I don’t think we would. This seems like a double standard where anti­-LBGQ positions are tolerated more than other extreme discriminatory views.”

Thomas Sowell, a well known black intellectual scholar and economist, points out this characteristic of calling anyone a conservative a racist or white supremacist because they don’t hold the identical views as the elites in his book, Intellectuals and Society:

“The vision of the anointed—that is, the preference for surrogate decision-making, inspired by intellectual elites, over systemically evolved mutual accommodations among the people at large—need not require a commitment to a particular view of a particular issue such as race even though whatever view happened to prevail among the anointed at a given time was often deemed to be axiomatically superior to conflicting views held by others. ”

For those who are not an economist like Sowell, this means they are smug in whatever victimization they deem trumps another. In this case, Kay Coles James is black and a woman, but she’s an ignorant Christian!

All of which reminds us that Gennai’s occupation with Google isn’t to produce one single tangible product, such as what an engineer or carpenter might, but to manipulate and manifest an ideologically driven idea that the group approves of.

Gennai and her fellow parishioners seek to create a climate of opinion in which current events are discussed and acted upon only by those who hold their same approved ideas. They also think we are ignorant.

Gennai published her own rebuttal in Medium after she was caught speaking about how Google is interfering with an election and the free flow of information. It was certainly informative. As an obedient NPC, she immediately attacked the ethics of Project Veritas rather than actually refuting what she said on video. But what she said is as clear as a Montana sky.

“We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’re rapidly been like, happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again. We’re also training our algorithms, like, if 2016 happened again, would we have, would the outcome be different?,” said Gennai.

Jen Gennai is just another progressive non-playable character in a game she didn’t set in motion. The indoctrination of the progressive left has effectively used the brain trust to do their dirty work, they just don’t know that.

But to borrow from the left, the proletariats on the right are “woke.” We understand that terms such as Nazis, fascists, racists and other epithets by the left is the inversion of well established political labels. We understand that news is manipulated by ideologues like Gennai. We understand that theirs is a global movement to suppress free speech and to silence any voices that don’t adhere to their religiously righteous views.

Yet despite all of this, we are to believe that Gennai “misspoke,” in the ever-increasing ways in which progressives twist and mutilate language to mean the opposite of what they mean, such as the group Sleeping Giants.

No, the Sleeping Giants are not the oppressed, but are dangerous progressives masquerading as the silent majority. It’s the upside down world of fascists calling themselves “progressive.” No matter, Gennai and others only talk to one another so they haven’t gotten the message that we have a copy of their playbook and we know exactly what they are up to.

Gennai isn’t unique in her conformity to the university-driven indoctrination she has been steeped in for all of her formative years. When they all wear the same “hijab,” they begin to look alike. Despite that the lady protests too much, Gennai is slated to speak in July at the machine learning conference, Transform 2019, an AI event presented by Venture Beat for executives and business practitioners from, in their own words, “innovative brands, leading service providers and disruptive emerging companies.”

Sounds like fun, and from the look of the lineup of speakers, will be an eye-opening event we will surely not want to miss. We at least have Gennai to thank for that. #Reignwell