Nike Gets Its Own Woke Moment

For those patriots like me who got their panties in a knot over Nike’s decision to pull their American flag sneaker because of one outspoken social justice warrior, take a deep breath. Left-leaning vlogger Tim Poole actually made a very good point on the fate of Colin Kaepernick in his July 2, 2019 TimCast video. Poole astutely pointed out that Kaepernick, the has-been NFL player and Nike spokesperson, has sealed his own fate as a corporate pariah with this latest demand. Multimillion dollar corporations can afford to go out on a limb for a little social justice feels, but at the end of the day, their goal is to make money.

Kaepernick’s tyrannical overreach on calling the early Ross flag “offensive” may have just signaled to the rest of the corporate world that they had better tread carefully when embracing social identitarians. Nike may want to remember that it was Kaepernick’s same contrary and militant attitude that led to what is conjectured to be a multimillion dollar settlement against the NFL after he claimed a group of owners had conspired within the league not to hire him after he began kneeling in protest to the National Anthem. The settlement amount was undisclosed, but it is no secret the league chose to pay him off rather than let his antics continue to hurt their brand. It was worth more to them to be rid of him than to allow him to continue to kneel on Monday night for another season. I predict Kaepernick will go gently into the good night of corporate sponsorship after his deal with Nike ends.

But it isn’t just this latest social justice warrior move to bite corporate sponsors on the butt. Reuters reported on June 29, 2019 that gay marchers were protesting New York’s commercialized pride parade. According to organizers, the alternative Queer Liberation March in downtown Manhattan was designed to be a return to “a people’s political march” without corporate sponsorship and police barricades.

“I prefer to walk in a pride march rather than a parade, as it’s more linked to the grassroots movement.” But what these organizers have misunderstood is that the riots that began in 1969 in Stonewall, a gay bar in New York, sparked a national LGBT movement that has made queers anything other than mainstream today, due partly to its enormous success of lobbying corporate America. Indeed, T-Mobile, Mastercard, and HSBC Bank were among the NYC Pride corporate sponsors. All of which illustrates my point that corporate sponsors, like individuals, are happy to use virtue signaling if it makes them more visible or pads the numbers. But corporate pandering to minority social justice groups maybe waning. In this case, corporate trolling for prospective customers and pandering to LGBT customers has actually backfired with purist participants, who long for a time when the movement was less about corporations and more about “the struggle.”

Tonight, Britain will take on the United States in the women’s semi-final World Cup, but in a shocking move today, the U.S. team announced it was dropping their captain, Megan Rapinoe, ahead of tonight’s game. Rapinoe has made headlines for her shocking anti-American stance while playing on the women’s U.S. soccer team. Her kneeling, like Colin Kaepernick, has led many in the alternative media in the United States and patriots throughout the nation to say they hope Britain wins, that they won’t be rooting for the team. Unlike Kaepernick, Rapinoe is playing on a national team and to degrade the National Anthem and national flag is considered by many a sorry lack of protocol and judgment.


No one has explained why she won’t be starting, however, one news outlet said it was not disciplinary, though Rapinoe has come under close scrutiny after being the recipient of some very scorching tweets from President Trump after she said she won’t visit the White House. While the media celebrates her brazenness against a president they don’t like, it will be interesting to see if she receives corporate endorsements or whether the corporate world has learned its lesson with social justice warrior Kaepernick. Either way, I’ll be keeping a keen eye on corporate overtures to minority social justice groups and watching the World Cup. #Reignwell