War Drums: Antifa’s Call to Arms

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” ― G.K. Chesterton

Almost nothing has changed in the 60 years since liberal fascist activists first demonstrated on campuses and rioted, looted and burned city streets in the 1960s chanting, “Burn, baby, burn!” Like today’s Antifa, they wanted to destroy the institutions that stood in their way of creating their own “new” utopian dream. They wanted to burn the house down to the ground.

Today’s political divide is neither unique in American history nor new. Popular culture likes to paint the turbulent 60s as a a peaceful era, with hippies wearing flowers in their hair and flashing peace signs, but the movement was anything but peaceful. Mark Rudd, one of the leaders of Students for a Democratic Society and a member of the terrorist group Weather Underground, which made a declaration of war against the United States, was responsible for levels of violence Antifa has yet to reach. From September 1969 to May 1970, Rudd and other revolutionaries on the white radical left committed about 250 attacks, or almost one terrorist bombing a day (government estimates put that number much higher). During the summer of 1970, there were 20 bombings a week in California.

And just as in the 60s, universities have became the incubators of violent, anti-U.S. uprisings, such as the riots in 2017 at Evergreen University and Berkley. Conservatives are routinely assaulted, silenced and doxed for any opinion that doesn’t fit the left’s dogma. Just this past week, The College Fix reported on an online doxxing threat against incoming conservative students at UT Austin by an anarchist group called the Autonomous Student Network. A University of Florida student claims he was attacked for wearing a MAGA hat on July 4, and a Colorado State professor said she was ready to punch political opponents in the neck.

And we have all seen the violence that was recently perpetuated by Antifa on reporter and journalist Andy Ngo. Ngo was reporting on a rally in Portland, Oregon on June 29 when he was violently and repeatedly attacked by Antifa before being admitted to the hospital for bleeding on the brain. Not the first person to be hurt by Antifa, this latest incident nonetheless sparked a loud cry from the right to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist group in the United States. It’s about time.


One of the most illuminating symptoms of left-wing revolutionary movements is their tendency to blur the differences between common crime and political rebellion. —Jonah Goldberg,”Liberal Fascism”


Ngo’s attack has been widely covered in conservative media, but only a few mainstream media outlets reported on the event and then not until after a loud twitter crowd on the right shamed them to acquiesce and condemn the violence. However, the larger problem is that the national media is part of the #Resist movement, and rarely reports on the number of violent attacks perpetuated by Antifa, which goes under many names in different cities. And for good reason. A large proportion of “journalists” in media today either support Antifa’s warlike tactics or are actual Antifa participants. Mainstream media activists posing as journalists, such as Don Lemon, actually defended Antifa’s criminal and violent behavior.

In Portland, one of Antifa’s most active strongholds and hotbeds of violence, the mayor is also the head of the police department, an obvious and dangerous conflict of interest to law and order. At the rally on June 29 where Ngo was attacked, the police were ordered to stand down by Mayor Ted Wheeler, which resulted in officers, who stood just feet away, allowing black-clad, face-covered thugs to nearly beat Ngo to death. All of which which begs the question, when is peaceful pushback not enough? What are citizens to do in areas where law enforcement and justice has broken down?

The media’s lack of coverage means that Americans who are not tuned into political activism and what is actually occurring around the country, don’t know how serous the problem is and the speed of its growth. They have no idea of the level of anarchy and the dollars and organizations that support it. Antifa are not harmless anti-Trump teenagers getting sassy in the streets. The movements are well collated and orchestrated. Activists are educated white professionals such as professors, journalists and others in power who are filled with religious zeal against a national America. They turn language upside down, calling normal, constitutional, nation-loving Americans fascists, when they are actually the intolerant fascists. There is nothing more dangerous than religious terrorists who feverishly believe in their cause, such as jihadists.

Conservative pundits and journalist on the right are careful not to talk about the use of violence in volatile situations, fearing the actualization of civil war or of losing their livelihoods. In an article I wrote, American Treason: The Vikings Are Here, I discussed the simmering rage on the right against elites, a corrupt FBI and Antifa groups bent on destroying our nation. The American Thinker, a popular conservative online journal that had published another article I wrote on race, rejected the submission, saying they could not publish anything “promoting” violence. Never mind that I did no such thing. Rather, I wrote about the righteous rising rage of conservatives when justice is denied—year after year.

The election of Donald J. Trump was the direct response to conservatives angry at a system that no longer recognized or valued them in any meaningful way. Trump supporters were considered lowly prolatariats by the elite left, the media and Hollywood. A basket of deplorables. Flyover America. No matter, it is understandable why any conservative publication must self-censor against even the whiff of “promoting” violence when there is no real freedom of speech left on Google platforms and the risk of doxxing is so very real. I, too, must make a living. Fortunately for me, Royal Diadem doesn’t butter my bread and I am free to vocalize the growing frustration I see simmering on the right.

I am carefully watching the continual, violent manufactured crises by Antifa, the banning of free speech on big tech platforms, the refusal of Amazon to sell certain conservative books, the doxing, the hate, the accusations of Nazis and racists, and I believe it’s irresponsible not to ask what we must do to save our nation. Our country is under siege by globalist radicals who want open borders, with millions of illegal and uncounted immigrants overrunning our country and institutions from as far away as the Congo, putting our healthcare, education, law enforcement and Social Security systems under enormous pressure. Our Congress is filled with anti-American politicians from Muslim countries seeking to move the needle toward Sharia law, race hustlers, corporatists and traitors.

Our political institutions, media and universities are all overrun with communist revolutionaries while conservative individuals and think tanks lose their ability to express their God-given right to free speech, free assembly and free association. In light of this assault, I have to ask whether it is time for conservatives themselves to say, “Burn, baby, burn!” We are being pushed into a corner in our own country and if the totalitarian takeover continues at its current pace, Americans who have not been radicalized by Marxists will be quashed. In light of this, I don’t think it is irresponsible to ask the question, “When is enough, enough?” Will we continue to be led like sheep to the slaughter as outspoken conservative leaders are put into the social media Gulag, de-personed by Google and forever silenced.

There is an over-reliance on President Trump to hold back the relentless wave of socialism by white heat supporters of his base. Unfortunately, this short-sighted fervor is misplaced. Trump will not be in office forever and we are racing into an abyss of totalitarianism Americans have not yet experienced. Can we afford to allow Antifa to continue to grow their strongholds in Portland, Austin and other leftist enclaves? Portland’s Antifa group has grown so large, so radical, that it has spawned a corrupted law enforcement and local government. And do not be fooled, the same can be said of other Antifa strongholds throughout the nation. What happens when there is no leader such as Trump in the White House?

Over the Independence Day holiday, I watched several hours of documentaries on the civil war. In my own personal time, I wanted to reflect on the meaning of this country. Where we have been and where we are going. One thing is crystal clear, the human cost of life was devastating and the injuries atrocious. War is ugly and should not be undertaking lightly. Still, I am afraid that we don’t have the luxury as the communist left in America did of undertaking a long march into the institutions as proselytized by Saul Alinsky. The exceleration of global surveillance and technology is not going to afford the right the time to do the same. Our voices are being silenced enmasse.


The infamous Bloody Lane on Antietam Battlefield in Maryland. The cost of human life in the U.S. civil war begs us still today to ask whether Lincoln’s war to keep the Republic intact was worth it. Whether some ideals are worth fighting for is still a question for our time. To deny this reality, is to remain asleep.

When sanctuary cities for criminals proliferate against our own national laws. When presidential candidates who run on skin color and not issues walk illegal immigrants over the border for cameras. When congressional representatives say in public speeches they want to criminalize anyone who makes fun of them. When city halls and police departments won’t cooperate with ICE or want to eliminate it. When the U.S. Justice Department covers up presidential spying and the unmasking of hundreds of political enemies. When the IRS and healthcare are weaponized against conservative citizens. When driver licenses are handed out in sanctuary cities by progressive mayors like candy. When politicians refuse to fund a border wall. When congressional despots grow rich running drug gangs and human trafficking. When attorney generals run guns to Mexico. When U.S. militias at the border are criminalized. When children are sexualized by drag queens and at LGBT parades. When servers are bleach bit. When clandestine tarmac meetings happen. When is it finally enough?

Conservative news pundits and podcasters take pains to repeat the mantra that they are not calling for violence. They are not beating any war drums, and I get that. But does anyone seriously think we are going to stop the slide of the moral decay and institutional crime without a physical coup? Does anyone really think well meaning, responsible talking-head conservatives are going to change the progressive left’s march to fascist socialism? I don’t think so. I feel a coming civil war in my bones, but I am begging you, change my mind. #Reignwell