I’m Back and I’m Disturbed

Moving after a certain age is not an endeavor for sissies. I have moved often in my life but my recent long-distant move just about killed me. I hope it will be my last one before they cart my body away for disposal. Gone are the days of moving on a Saturday and showing up for work on a Monday morning. A month in and I still can’t figure out where my clothes are or why my body hurts in strange ways and new places. Thus, my absence from participating in the information wars and weighing in. 

But it isn’t just me who needed some recovery time. My two “boys,” Harley and Rudy, turned 16 this August and the move has been tough on them. Harley is blind in one eye and losing sight in his other eye. We moved into a new place that is three levels and because their little dachshund backs and legs can’t do that many steps, they are now confined. They are not happy about being locked away from my lap and following my every move. There is a lot of whining going on. Can old dogs learn new tricks? I hope so.

Harley and Rudy were completely unprepared for this move, but they remain as cute as ever.

Our move to the panhandle of wild, wonderful West Virginia has been a test, but I can say that the surrounding countryside is like a balm to my weary soul. The scenes all around me are breathtaking and the location is fantastic. Just a two-hour drive from D.C. and a world away from the swamp, sits some of the most beautiful and historical landmarks to be found. Our new little town is just miles away from the borders of Maryland and Virginia and the historical Civil War battlefield of Antietam. 

Of course, I continue to follow the news, as it is my obsession, however, my break from twitter, Minds and Gab has left me more disturbed than ever. The breakneck pace of political shenanigans, the culture wars and the war against the sexes has escalated to new and dizzying heights. My self-imposed sabbatical has shown me that I have been unconsciously waiting for sanity to prevail across the land while all the while not realizing I haven’t exhaled since 2016.

There are too many rebuttals to the insanity swirling around in my head to put them all down in one post: Procter and Gamble moving Venus from their feminine hygiene packaging so as not to offend transgenders, a jury overruling a Texas father’s right to stop the transitioning of his son into a daughter, Adam Schiff’s kangaroo court of impeachment, the demise of Drudge, Zuckerberg’s lastest lies on free speech, Bed, Bath and Beyond’s capitulation to the SJWs not happy with racist Halloween pumpkins (or something), and so much more. All for another day. Suffice it to say that the madness has reached peak levels and I’m glad to get back into the fight. After all, we’ve got a nation to save.  #Reignwell