P&G Suspends Reality for the Fire-Breathing Dragons

In order to appease an extremely small but vocal group that purportedly speaks for transgender “women” and non-binary people, Procter & Gamble suspended reality when they agreed to remove its Venus logo, the circle-and-cross female symbol, from their feminine hygiene packaging for brand Always.

Men who wear dresses or men who are bisexual, don’t have menstruation. Women who say they are genderless or don’t identify as female are, nonetheless, women. Barring any health issue, they or Ze, also menstruate. The move by P&G marketing executives defies comprehension in that it’s akin to agreeing with your seven-year-old child that he doesn’t have to attend to school because he believes there are fire-breathing dragons in the hallways. Wishing to be a butterfly does not one make.

The trend of multibillion dollar corporations capitulating to a minority of marginalized social justice warriors is disturbing. In this case, it wasn’t a group of activists but one 17-year-old teen. According to Snopes, “A single teenager named Ben Saunders reached out to Always in June with concerns that the female symbol on the company’s wrappers was alienating to trans and non-binary customers who menstruate but aren’t women. Other random Twitter users had voiced similar complaints online. Always’ marketing team responded to Saunders in October, saying that the brand will ‘use a new wrapper design without the feminine symbol’ starting early next year.'”

Saunders, is a 17-year-old activist who received a “Young Campaigner of the Year” trophy from a British LGBT group after he produced a film featuring trans young people speaking on the challenges they face at school that “highlights the importance of other pupils learning about diverse LGBT identities.”

The Young Campaigner group is a byproduct of the powerful LGBT lobby, financed in this case and in part by Lloyds Banking Group, to run LGBT events in schools, which I would argue is an abuse of the education system to recruit and propagandize children into accepting the all-powerful LGBT agenda, which is far less about homosexuality today than it is gender confusion.

According to the New York Times, only 0.6 percent of American adults identify as transgender. So why are corporations allowing this movement of tiny marginalized or gender-defying people to control the majority, or actual paying customers, and why are they going after the youth? Just follow the money.

Lloyds Banking Group was named the United Kingdom’s most inclusive employer in 2017 by LGBT Stonewall. The bank works with trans youth charity Mermaids, elder LGBT organisation Opening Doors London and the Albert Kennedy Trust, for homeless LGBT youth, volunteering over 1,000 hours and raising £30,000 for them throughout the year. Its 2019 Helping Britain Prosper Plan dedicated £3.8 million for its charitable fundraising.

In 2009, shortly after his inauguration, former President Obama approved the Secretary of Education’s appointment of Kevin Jennings to a top position to influence school policy. Jennings, a gay man and the founder of the group Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), heads up one of the largest LGBT activist organizations in the nation and is devoted to promoting homosexuality in schools. Its 2018 fiscal year income statement showed a stellar $8,244,175 in funds.

GLSEN also received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control in 2011 for $1.425 million over five years to promote the LGBT agenda in public schools at taxpayers’ expense. Another CDC grant of $285,000 was given to another LGBT group, the GSA Network in California. This group is an alliance of hundreds of homosexual school clubs in the state and was formerly the California chapter of GLSEN, which spun off as an independent group.

Jennings push to encourage homosexuality in schools is more disturbing as it flirts with encouraging pedophilia. According to WND, “Jennings and GLSEN are also known for the explicit, highly inappropriate reading recommendations listed for many years on its ‘Book Link’ site. Among the books GLSEN thought were excellent selections was the graphic ‘Rainbow Boys,’ where a teen has homosexual sex on his first ‘date’ with an adult male he contacts over the Internet. Also, ‘Queer 1’ describes a 13-year-old boy’s anonymous sexual bathroom encounter with an adult man, leaving the impression this is just a typical coming-of-age incident. And in ‘Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian,’ a 15-year-old who has a homosexual father describes in glowing terms his ‘wild’ sexual encounter with an adult male friend of his dad’s. In another chapter, two 10-year-old boys have explicit homosexual sex.”

Most conservatives are content to allow homosexuals to do what they have always done and have ceased to pass any religious or moral judgment against the homosexual community or have any interest in denying them their civic rights, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to appease the activists who want to promote homosexuality at the expense of heterosexuality or biological facts. There is a vast difference between acceptance of homosexuality and the promotion of it. This author for one couldn’t care less what you do in the privacy of your home, but I am completely over the whole agenda being jammed down my throat or taught in schools. Didn’t we just finish “celebrating” other people’s sexual preferences for an entire month?

When big money controls what is taught in schools, however, we strip parents and local communities of having a say in what is being taught in their own communities and are, in affect, asking them to suspend their duty and responsibility to guide their own children in understanding their own sexuality. Schools should not be teaching about sexual inclinations or proclivities or creating “safe spaces,” but rather focusing on teaching students history, geography, art, reading, writing, science and math.

Look, as a conservative, I don’t want to see any child bullied or made fun of, but let’s be real. We don’t need to build an entire curriculum around homosexuality or have big government control what we are and are not allowed to say about human sexuality. What we need to do is teach and enforce classroom behavior that shows respect for others and their ideas. This has always been thus. Respect, manners and inclusion are not new ideas but virtues that were once taught in schools, homes and institutions.

Corporations, too, need to get out of the appeasement business. As long as we play along with the suspension of gender-based facts, we allow the absurd to be elevated to a serious matter. When a 17-year-old LGBT activists is able to get a corporation to remove a logo aimed at female customers he finds offensive, I’m afraid we have ceased to be the adults in the room. Let’s slay some dragons, or a math computation, shall we? #Reignwell