Are Democrats a Party of Demons?

Actor John Voight, who received a National Medal of Arts this week from President Trump in Washington, D.C., told a Daily Mail reporter, “The Democratic Party’s been undermined, overtaken by Marxists, and, you know, and atheists. They took God out of their platform. Can you imagine that?”

Voight was referring to the uproar that occurred on the floor of the 2012 Democratic National Convention after party activists purposely omitted ‘God’ when they drafted the quadrennial platform document.

Also this week, the Rev. Franklin Graham discussed on the “Eric Metaxas Show” whether or not Democrats are demons. The son of Rev. Billy Graham said there is a “demonic” origin to the resistance to President Donald Trump and that there was a spiritual root to the situation:

“Well, I believe it’s almost a demonic power that is trying,” Graham said. “I would disagree,” Metaxas said. “It’s not almost demonic. You know and I know, at the heart, it’s a spiritual battle.”

Newsweek also reported on comments that evangelical pastor Perry Stone made when he said Democratic lawmakers “have demons in them” and are “trying to place hexes and curses” on President Donald Trump.

And so they have, gathering around certain dates and cities to perform their occult rituals. The gatherings have been widely reported on in mainstream media, all of which I discussed in Witches Set to Bind Trump before Halloween and Spiritual Wickedness in High Places and the Rise of the Witch.

Today, you can even purchase a tee shirt claiming Democrats are demonic from Amazon:

Rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West has been much maligned by the established media following his recent conversion to Christianity.

In an interview with podcaster Big Boy, West claimed that Democrats have “brainwashed” black Americans into voting for them and force them to “abort their children.” He also said of the Democratic Party, “Thou shall not kill.” 

He then took aim at hip-hop culture. “The culture has you so focused on fucking somebody else’s bitch and pulling up in a foreign [car] and rapping about things that can get you locked up and then saying you about prison reform…C’mon, man. This a free man talking.”

Not exactly your normal Christian language, but I hearyou, Ye.

Kanye West also declared that Los Angeles is run by Satan in his latest album, Jesus is King, and the Church of Satan wasted no time in calling him out in a tweet:

According to Dazed, the comment by the Church of Satan is a play on the last of the nine satanic statements that appear in the 1969 Satanic Bible: “Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!”

In a twitter storm last October, Kanye denounced politics, saying he was being used. Although he stopped short of calling Democrats demons, it was his very public breaking from the monolithic progressive left and his support of President Trump that, unarguably, caused him to be at the center of a demonic shit storm.

And much press was expended on whether or not his previous mental breakdown that resulted in his hospitalization was a result of him breaking from his Hollywood handlers. Just think Brittney Spears, Winona Ryder and Amanda Bynes, among others.

And let’s not forget New Age guru and Democratic nominee for president, Marianne Williamson. According to an article in the Independent, “Supporters of Marianne Williamson have claimed they have set up an ‘occult task force’ to boost the celebrity spiritual adviser’s presidential campaign. A member of the Reddit group ‘r/Marianne2020’ said they have 13 ‘chaos magicians, witches and energy workers’ prepared to help the presidential candidate secure more airtime in the Democratic race.”

In a report by Pew Research, more than 54 percent of Democrats listed no religious affiliation, making “no religion” the biggest belief system of any other group in the party.

It does appear to Republicans that not only do many of the current Democratic presidential contenders appear to be areligious in the traditional sense, but that many are actually hostile to Christianity.

Consider presidential nominee Beto O’Rourke who called for revoking the tax-exempt status of religiously affiliated groups if they did not support same-sex marriage.

And of course, there’s the self-professing gay Christian presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg, who compared Christians to extreme Islam.

He has also denounced Christians on multiple occasions, calling Vice President Pence a fanatic because of his evangelical beliefs. Buttigieg’s form of Christianity, however, isn’t very recognizable to most of those outside extremely liberal mainline denominations.

I would stop short in saying Democrats are demons, but there is a spiritual force behind a party that believes in after-birth abortions, calling on witches and magicians and attacking Christians.

And laugh all you want, calling Kanye crazy, but every single released from his album Jesus is King made it to Billboard’s Hot 100. #Reignwell