You Can Dress Up the Left But You Can’t Take Them Anywhere

A group of Democrats from a wedding reception held at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. last weekend celebrated the union of a marriage by attacking Trump supporters. As soon as guest found out that Women for America First was holding an event, A Very MAGA Holiday Weekend, adjacent to their ballroom, they immediately began verbally abusing them.

One attendee told Ann Vandersteel at SteelTruth that the guests of the wedding party immediately started to taunt women in the bathroom calling them MAGA sluts, MAGA trash and cunts.

Tracy Beanz, an investigative journalist at UncoverDC, also reported on the abuse:

The group also assaulted a former Navy Seal, FBI agent and U.S. federal air marshall before police were called and one man was arrested.

The America First group issued a report following the assault, saying, “Our event on Saturday evening was rudely disrupted when attendees from a high-profile democrat wedding in the adjacent ballroom repeatedly stalked, harassed, and both verbally and ultimately physically attacked our guests. Throughout the evening, on at least 30 different occasions, our private event was interrupted.”

Unfortunately, this violent and vile behavior from the intolerant left has become commonplace. The high-profile Democrat groom has been identified as Dennis O’Brien, Director of Operations for the Boeing Company’s Government Operations office in Washington, D.C.

O’Brien is a former aide to Terry McAuliffe, a former Governor of Virginia and supporter of Clinton. He was also the Deputy CEO for Finance and Administration at the 2016 Democratic National Convention Committee in Philadelphia. Reportedly, some top officials from the DNC attended the wedding, and there were Secret Service agents present.

The posh Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, a few blocks from the White House, is one of the most historical and beautiful tourist destinations in Washington, D.C.

Surrounded by family and friends in a beautiful ballroom, what could possible incite these morally virtuous elites to engage in such vile behavior? It’s simple. The left isn’t about actual people but victimhood. In their view, people who support President Trump are somehow complicit in fascism and bigotry. They have convinced themselves that conservatives are a threat to the victims they themselves claim to protect and so justify their own deplorable behavior.

I have watched countless assaults on reporters and Trump supporters by the intolerant left and it is clear that this upside down moral authority they have granted themselves makes them really despise Trump and his supporters. Trump supporters are routinely referred to as ignorant, Nazis, racists, etc.

But I can promise you that if I put on a party dress and attended a wedding reception with people I politically disagreed with, I could be counted on to act like a lady. As Forest Gump said, “Ignorant is as ignorant does.” The fight is real #reignwell.