Democrats Kill Amendment to Protect Women Athletes

The internet is abuzz about the recent bill that would have blocked transgender men, or men who claim to identify as a woman, from competing in women’s sports. In a stunning move, not one single Democrat voted to protect girls.

In May 2019, the House voted in favor of the Equality Act, which would require schools to include male athletes who identify as transgender girls on female sports teams.

Republican Florida Rep. Greg Steube introduced a last-minute amendment to the ERA bill that would have preserved Title IX’s protections of female athletic teams.

The bill, which went through the Judiciary Committee, was resoundingly rejected by Democrats and would have prohibited schools from receiving Title IX federal funds to support women sports if biological men were allowed to compete with them.

Rather than move to protect female athletes, the Democrats chose to sacrifice them to the nebulous “inclusiveness” ideology. But how inclusive is it when biological men are out-competing women solely because they are biologically male?

It is ironic that Democrats, who purport to champion women, have instead thrown them under the bus by denying biological facts over actual real young women, particularly those who are competing in college athletics, where scholarships and careers are at stake.

Rep. Steube told Tucker Carlson, “I filed pretty much what my bill is as an amendment on the ERA legislation that went through the Judiciary committee and not a single Democrat voted for it.”

Inclusiveness and tolerance are the poisonous cult religion of the left that keeps so-called feminists from speaking out against women being forced to wear hijabs, deny them driver’s licenses or other repressive practices against women.

It is a sad declaration against the left and true feminists everywhere.  As tennis great Martina Navratilova and LGBT activist said, “Allowing transgender women in women’s sports is cheating. ‘Identity’ is the totally subjective self-definition of gender identity while biological sex is, well, biological sex and all the genetic and biological stuff that comes with it.”